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Spirit Clock vs. Earthly Clock

Have you ever wondered how a loved one who has passed knew you were going to be in some accident and saved your life? Perhaps there was a life and death situation and your guardian angel were there protecting you. How did they know to be there? Spirit is all around us this is true, but it’s a little more complicated than you might think. Perhaps you had a visitation from spirit weeks prior to you going on a paranormal research trip. How does spirit know you are the one appointed to help? How do they know you are a medium perhaps coming to help them cross over? These are all great questions and I will explain this in greater detail.

Recently, I had a conversation with a colleague Dr. Patricia Barber who is also a friend of mine. She works with holistic medicine and also negative energy removal and is wonderful at her craft. During our conversation she had a gentleman who was earthbound appearing to her days before she had to visit a client’s house. She was not sure how he knew she would be coming and why would he be waiting there. This brought us to both discussing this topic further.

You see once we pass into the spiritual realm it doesn’t matter if our soul is earthbound or has already crossed over to the other side. Once our physical body dies that earthly time we are governed by which is a 24 hr cycle stops to exist and matter to us. Our souls and spirit don’t operate on that time. In fact, their time is very accelerated. This explains how spirit knows things that are coming up or that will come to pass. How can they know. It’s like a movie to them playing on the other side. They are very aware of our destinies and path and while we live out of lives, they will be there to help guide and protect us. Now they cannot interfere with our exit points, meaning we all choose a certain time our soul will leave the physical earth. However, if we are in danger, our loved ones will step in or our guardian angels and they know.

If they have an important message and you are the person destined to help cross them over or relay the message to a living person, they can appear in your home, in your dreams, weeks or days before you relay the message. They recognize your energy and probably have seen it already on the other side. Think of this reality as a tv show to spirit. Each person has their own show and spirit watches our episodes. Quite funny right? But it makes sense the more you think of it.

Earthbound spirits also pick up on an energy of a medium or channeler and regardless of where you are, they see a light almost like a halo surrounding your body. They know who can see and help them or hear them. You cannot hide this from them. This is why you may be somewhere random and get multiple spirits coming through or even being in a large crowd and spirit coming to you. The strongest souls will come through.

Going back on subject, when people have a Near Death Experience (NDE) they often lose track of time and when they return to their physical body, they usually say it felt like they were on the other side for months or years. It’s because our soul frequency is already programmed for earth and when we step into the spirit world, our true frequency and time is activated.

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