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Are you a Natural Born witch?

People can identify themselves as witches because they either practice witchcraft or can identify themselves as either pagan or wiccan. However, how do you distinguish someone who was innately born with mystical powers or abilities? This article will be providing you with a list of characteristics that can help you determine the possibility you were born a natural witch.

Many also believe that the term witch relates to just a female but what do you call a male who was born a natural witch? The answer would be that there is no specific gender to be called a witch so the term can be used synonymously for both females and males.

Here’s a list of characteristics that you may display if you were born a natural witch:

  • Night Terrors – You could have been afraid of the dark as a child. The reason was that either you saw spirit from an early age or new that there were other worldly creatures that exist. However most adults would dismiss this as an active imagination, most kids who are gifted from a young age know better.

  • Alienation/Isolation – In elementary and throughout your schooling you may feel different than other kids your age. You might find that in isolation you feel happier and you learn to increase your awareness of the things around you. Able to find comfort in your own power without following the in crowd. Most natural born witches don’t crave popularity as they honor their uniqueness.

  • Bullying – Most natural born witches experience some form of bullying through their childhood and even adulthood. Others who fear you, manifest their fear as anger or hatred. Those who burned your ancestors or come from a family that burned your ancestors who were fellow witches or magical may have reincarnated into this life time and their soul still remembers your power. Most bullies feel your power and bully you because they know you are special.

  • Affinity to Black Clothing – As cliché as this sounds, yes it’s true any witch can wear other colors other than black but most witches find black as powerful. It can absorb negative energy and then dispel it. Black is not only slimming and a universal color but it’s magically powerful. Some prefer getting their toe nails or finger nails painted black as well.

  • Cats – You may notice your favorite animal is a cat. However, you most likely love all animals, but you find cats are attracted to you and find your energy calm and soothing. They most likely gravitate towards you. Other pets may feel very alert when you walk into a room and may be quiet.

  • Moles/Birth Marks – Many natural born witches have beauty marks that may have been passed down from their ancestors through each generation. This helps them identify their ancestry down each generation.

  • Magical Abilities – Since a child you may have thought of something happening and it happened. Often natural born witches can will things into existence. This is different as manifesting because it occurs much faster than something that manifests.

  • Moon – Find out what moon you were born under by pulling up your birth chart. Depending on what moon you were born under, that time during the month may be a peak time for you and your magical abilities. Senses and abilities like your intuition, spell casting, and more are more powerful during this time.

  • Palm Markings – It is believed that most who have a cross or several on their palms are markings of those who had past life’s as witches and were burned at the stake. It’s like the ultimate sacrifice and these markings also signify you have great power and will accomplish what you came to earth to do. Your path is often a more difficult one in all areas but especially love and relationships.

  • Piercing Eyes – Natural born witches often have a strong or penetrating gaze that others notice or look away. You may get told often that there is something about your soul and eyes that are special. You seem to be able to see beyond this world and into the soul of others. Most who possess psychic abilities often can be identified as natural born witches or at least identify with more than five in the list of this article.

  • Apple Juice – This one may have you rolling your eyes but after what I tell you, you may not think this is so crazy. If you are a natural born witch you may prefer apples than oranges or orange juice. The reason is that when you cut an apple in half, the seeds form a pentagram or pentacle which is a very powerful source of energy. Ancients would cut apples and throw them around their property for protection from harm or evil.

  • Unexplained Obsession – As a natural born witch you may have been fascinated in all areas of the occult of spiritual such as vampirism, witchcraft, magic, faeries, herbs, healing, and the list goes on and on. You may not be able to explain why but you felt drawn to these things and you may have felt that it was familiar to you or felt like you have done this before. Many natural born witches will purchase a tarot deck and practice at a young age without knowing why. It’s the calling of a witch. Being a natural your soul is remembering things from previous lives.

  • Green Thumb – You may feel very connected to mother nature and trees specifically. Outdoors you feel more alive and you may prefer to walk barefoot rather than with shoes. Your body can easily connect to the earth and you feel as one.

  • Traumatic Life Events – Usually natural born witches experience at some time in their life a traumatic even that sets them on a different course but also strengthens their abilities. This could be the passing of someone special, a wreck, a health condition or etc. Again as natural born witches we often have the hardest life paths on earth and our lessons are different but in each lesson your power grows. Think back to a traumatic time period and how you learned from that lesson and now use it to your advantage.

  • Family Issues – Growing up, you most likely questioned whether you were from the same family or adopted. You could have always felt like your family didn’t love you or appreciate you or you could have felt like they were your family. Natural born witches are often very opinionated and hard to influence. They march to the beat of their drum and like to do things their way.

  • Crystals/Creative Arts – Natural born witches express themselves often through some form of art or crystals. Many use them for healing but also as amulets of protection. Usually you will express yourself through painting, sculpting, jewelry making, and etc.

  • Spiritually Conscious – Most natural born witches do not like school and find teachings and things in text books as lies and no use for that stuff. Many like to be self-taught and learn things naturally and vibrate at a higher level of consciousness. So, they typically don’t follow the masses and stand out. They came to change the world or impact the world in a positive manner. They are not socially conditioned and can discern between worldly lies and the truth.

  • Traveling – Many natural born witches will want to travel or feel the desire to visit land that is almost calling to them half across the world. Regardless of the distance they will find a way. Energy exists in different areas and some places like the Mayan Ruins, The Stonehenge, are all full of magical power that once a natural born visit can unlock magical power within themselves. These areas are energy points on earth and therefore these structures are still standing. Our ancestors worshipped these areas and found great knowingness and power in them.

Having a greater understanding of your own capabilities and power is amazing. Many may have had feelings they were witches but not aware. Hopefully you could identify with at least 4 – 5 talking points in this article. If you did the chances you are a natural born witch is very high in the scale. Don’t be afraid to travel into the unknown, instead embrace it.

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