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Are you a Natural Born witch?

People can identify themselves as witches because they either practice witchcraft or can identify themselves as either pagan or wiccan. However, how do you distinguish someone who was innately born with mystical powers or abilities? This article will be providing you with a list of characteristics that can help you determine the possibility you were born a natural witch.

Many also believe that the term witch relates to just a female but what do you call a male who was born a natural witch? The answer would be that there is no specific gender to be called a witch so the term can be used synonymously for both females and males.

Here’s a list of characteristics that you may display if you were born a natural witch:

  • Night Terrors – You could have been afraid of the dark as a child. The reason was that either you saw spirit from an early age or new that there were other worldly creatures that exist. However most adults would dismiss this as an active imagination, most kids who are gifted from a young age know better.

  • Alienation/Isolation – In elementary and throughout your schooling you may feel different than other kids your age. You might find that in isolation you feel happier and you learn to increase your awareness of the things around you. Able to find comfort in your own power without following the in crowd. Most natural born witches don’t crave popularity as they honor their uniqueness.

  • Bullying – Most natural born witches experience some form of bullying through their childhood and even adulthood. Others who fear you, manifest their fear as anger or hatred. Those who burned your ancestors or come from a family that burned your ancestors who were fellow witches or magical may have reincarnated into this life time and their soul still remembers your power. Most bullies feel your power and bully you because they know you are special.