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December 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – This month you will feel as if you are having to re-examine every action and your decisions will not be easy. At times you will struggle on choosing the right path, however, your intuition is still present and helps you. A boss could be very stressed out and expect you to help them out more than you ever have. This can easily drain your energy so it’s important you balance your work and personal life. Make sure you are getting adequate rest in all areas. You could also find delays in finding the right gifts just in time for Christmas. Either they will run out of what you want or not have enough in stock. Be patient.

TAURUS – You normally don’t feel agitated but your patience this month is tested. You could be waiting to hear back from a place regarding results, news or information but things are moving too slow. This is something you have issues with because you don’t make others wait when they ask you to do something. Take a step back if needed and focus on Christmas. The holidays could have you feeling nostalgic and memories of past Christmas’s do come back. This could have you tearing up or smiling from ear to ear. Finding love this month fi you are single is extremely high as well as you are very magnetic and cheerful. Make eye contact and if you are approached in person or online, be open to all possibilities. Romance and Mistletoe is in the air.

GEMINI – You are finding that you move forward in reaching your goals or things you had planned to do for a long time but had put on hold. You could also find this is a perfect month to move house, rearrange furniture, change your settings. This brings new energy into your space and therefore more balance and peace. Your partner could also spice things up in your life and surprise you with an early Christmas Gift. IF you are trying to conceive this is also a good month to hear of good news surrounding pregnancies. You will feel a little different like you haven’t before due to the Super Moon occurring early in the month. It’s like peace is restored in your life.

CANCER – Responsibilities surround you and if you are trying to take off for the holidays, some bosses may deny your request submitted. Many of you could work in a place that is short staffed already or has an influx of work and you are needed. If you have to work during Christmas this month, make the most of your environment. You could also have trouble accepting a gift from someone, but you need to be open to receiving right now. Put all ego aside and allow gifts to flow in. A family member may try to get you involved in their problems, don’t allow this drama into your life this month. These are not your battles to fight. You could also use this month to clear out your house from things you no longer need. If you do want to do something special and touch lives, consider doing volunteering your time and serving others.

LEO – You will be on the lookout all month long for a visitation. There could be someone from your family who is flying in or visiting you for the holidays. If you have not made space for them, you may need to rearrange things and also cancel any plans you had to accommodate them. This is also a month in which you can feel down in the dumps emotionally because there is just so much going on and you crave silence and peace. Do your best to find your inner calmness and peace. Discussions with those in your inner circle could have you feeling insecure and have you questioning someone else’s intent. Don’t feed into any negativity because there are a few key people in your life who feed off of it.

VIRGO – Things at work could be extremely slow for you this month and while you loved what you do in the past, right now you could be questioning why you are even here. You may start to see things from a different perspective. Know that part of this is mercury being in retrograde but after the 22nd you could feel back to your normal self and once again find your passion for your work. The holidays help take off the edge off you and help you release this intense energy. This month you could also find that your family has their own things going on and may be late to dinner or any Christmas celebrations you put together. This year you should consider someone else hosting Christmas dinner. You have nothing to lose.

LIBRA – Co-worker’s could have drama among themselves this time of the year. Don’t get caught up in gossip. Try to remain calm and focused. Let others handle their own situations. If you had plans to travel the weather may not cooperate. You could expect flight delays and you may also find that you are having issues getting on the road. Expect delays but later in the month you will find that you are ready to ring in the new year and everything seems to be flowing a lot better. This is a month full of happiness and joy.

SCORPIO – You could feel like you are having to be the authority figure right now. There is someone in your family who you will have to set your foot down as they are causing an uproar and costing you money. While you are more than happy to help this person, they have been a troublemaker before but this time it’s different. You will establish order and by the 22nd you will embrace a more lighter side to your personality. Go out or go to a celebration if you’re invited. New energy surrounds you as you close out 2017. This has truly been an eventful one that will go down in the books for you Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS – You could find that financially there are struggles this month. Try your best to manage your finances carefully. You will still have some decisions to make later in the month, but all leaves you feeling accomplished. Don’t put off things because you don’t have time. That will be just a decorated excuse you are making right now. Finish what you can and delegate what you can’t. A family member may also try to hook you up with someone if you are single. Be open to dating once again but don’t feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with.

CAPRICORN – The spirit of Christmas is everywhere but you may not be feeling it. This month tends to go by really quick but everyone is so focused on receiving gifts and not giving. You will be focused on giving more but you will be surprised that you can received unexpected gifts too. Smile and know you are blessed Capricorn. Later in the month you could feel worn out because work is so demanding and then your family may not be pitching in to help you around the house. Make it very clear that you are still the boss and need help. Go on strike if they don’t listen, that will change things.

AQUARIUS – As the days to Christmas count down you feel like you still have a lot of work to do. Decorations may be last minute but you have to really give yourself a strict schedule to adhere to and this can help you organize your time better. Don’t let others distract you either but during the week of Christmas you will start to feel the spirit of Christmas strongly in the air. Spiritually you could also find your intuition is very strong and visitations from spirit are very frequent. Good energy surrounds you.

PISCES – Could you be Scrooge this year? It’s possible especially if others are making your life impossible at work and at home. Find humor by watching funny movies, doing things that make others laugh. You can be a natural comedian, so find the humor all around you. Don’t take yourself too seriously this month. Someone later in the month could have you all up in your feelings, especially if this is a result of an argument. Try to be the bigger person. If they want to take this to the extreme walk away and tune them out. By the last week of the month you will be ready to ring in the new year.

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