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November 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – This month will be challenging on the work front for you dear Aries. You have worked hard all year long and now are entering a period in your life in which you need rest and relaxation. You love the holidays and want to possibly spend time with your family or just enjoying things you normally cannot do when you’re working. Be sure to take out some time for yourself and start your holiday shopping early. You don’t like to plan things at the last minute. A good cup of cappuccino and a talk with a friend can also help you gather some ideas for the near future. Spiritually you might be very interested in taking any abilities or tap into abilities this month and you should consider developmental classes or practice using different modalities and reading a good book.

TAURUS – You are very outgoing but shy and this month you could find yourself feeling restless. This can propel you into working overtime or working harder than you normally do. The decisions you make also have great importance because they can either help accelerate your professional path or hinder your path. It’s all about choosing what feels right now to you and focusing less on any the monetary value. Someone in your midst may also bring some drama to your life and while you would like to completely ignore this person, you should consider discussing things in a civil manner with this individual. Let them know what are your expectations and demand the respect you deserve.

GEMINI – The stalker in you can come out easily this month Gemini. LOL If you are in a relationship that is about to end or has ended, you will not forget about this person so easily. A part of you still may have feelings for the other person. This can lead you to using your investigative skills and checking Facebook profiles or other social media applications. This month you may also find that you are totally distracted by other projects or tasks and you can leave work half completed. Your energy levels could also fluctuate and leave you feeling super tired. Try doing something like yoga or meditating to clear your mind and energy but also balance your fast-paced world. Friendships that have been tested and have stood the test of time are now at the forefront of your life and now you’re entering a more solid period in which your friendships will last longer. It’s not that you are not likeable but up until this point, how you saw things and expectations in others has changed and a new you has grown and learned many lessons. Enjoy this new period in your life Gemini.

CANCER – The beginning of the month can have you feeling a little underneath the weather. Be sure to take care of yourself and stay away from areas that may have germs or sick people. If a co-worker is sick, suggest they take some time off to not infect everyone else. You may also decide to take a trip out into the countryside and just clearing your mind. This month others will also cause obstacles and roadblocks for you and it’s because they think they know what you want and what is right for you. However, you will need to put your foot down and be sure to establish a clear line on what they are permitted to know in your life. If you are divulging every detail on social media or through chat, it’s time to cut back on the amount of info you give and save it for yourself. This will be an eye opener for some of you but for others, you have intuitively known that this would be the outcome for some time.

LEO – You could receive some good news this month and it can change many worries you have been holding onto lately. Speak clearly this month and express stagnant worries you’ve had on your chest for the past few weeks. You might decide to upgrade to a new telephone as well especially if your old one has been acting up a lot lately. Difficulties within a relationship or friendship could also be intense and leave you at a crossroads. You have some important decisions to make and you can’t make everyone happy. Make some inner peace and know you need to start with yourself and make sure you are truly happy and not seeking happiness elsewhere.

VIRGO – You could be easily convinced that a partner is acting distant because they have other things on their mind. However, your intuition could be speaking to you very strongly and presenting some disturbing facts or information that is worth exploring. Try to get feedback from others who are friends with your partner or do some fact finding. If the feeling doesn’t go away then this isn’t just paranoia. You may also find that you are worried about finances right now. An expensive purchase may have to wait for a few weeks for now. A family member will be seeking your attention and could be in a mood if they don’t get their way. Consider their usual behavior and make any decision whether to give them the attention they seek or ignore it and tackle other things you have going on right now.

LIBRA – If you are seeking time off work during the holidays you may have another thing coming. Some bosses will be on edge this month as work load may increase. While some of you may notice work is slow but your boss is not taking chances of being understaffed. Stay positive and try to make time to spend with your family during times your schedule allows. People outside of your relationship could be stirring the pot and planting seeds of doubt or preying on your insecurities. Stay strong and listen less to others and keep your faith. Later in the month you will enjoy quality time with those who care about you the most and do some holiday shopping. Any last-minute vacations may incur some changes or rescheduling.

SCORPIO – If you have children this month you may have to deal with their difficult mood swings and drama occurring in their life. You are the one who will always be there and rescue them if they are scared. You bring some positivity into your life later in the month by taking care of yourself. Self-love is important, and you have been neglecting yourself lately. You will also decide to spend a little more money this month on yourself and others and it’s okay. You have been working hard all year long and deserve to splurge when you can. Another person in your life may take a note from your book and do the same for themselves.

SAGITTARIUS – Inside you is a spiritual connection with a higher power. You are very intuitive this month and will be shocked at the validations you receive from spirit. You could be seeing angel numbers all month long and also be receiving messages that you normally wouldn’t be receiving. Don’t feel like this is all your imagination. Things will pick up drastically and at times you could feel a little overwhelmed as everyone wants your attention. Be sure to not overwork yourself and know your limits. While you know you should slow down, you may decide you don’t want to.

CAPRICORN – If you are struggling with your creativity this month it’s going to be the energy of the full moon and holidays. The holidays can be super stressful for many and you will be one of the signs that feels it the most. Don’t worry this will not last long. You could also find you need to organize a space but there is so much clutter that you don’t know what to do. Enlist the help of some friends and get the process flowing.

AQUARIUS – You could be at the point where you are washing your hands of a problem that no longer concerns you. It’s cost you a lot of time and energy and you are simply exhausted and needing time to relax and spend with a new love interest. If you are single currently you won’t be for long. You could also feel like indulging on things that bring you joy and comfort. You can be prone to catching the flu or stomach bug this month as well. Be careful on eating out and keep it to a minimum and wash your hands frequently. If you are taking care of someone you might want to do something special for them this month that puts a smile on their face. Keep shining.

PISCES – Attitudes run on high this month and you could find yourself challenging your boss or a superior. You are tired of being treated like crap or feeling like your feelings don’t matter when they do. Someone from your past may be on your mind a lot and while you thought you were over them, you may be tempted to reach out to them. There is always a kind streak in your heart and compassion. You could find some creative ways to alleviating stress and enrolling for a class in the new year is a strong possibility for you.

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