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Veganism and Spirituality

This is one of the most controversial topics here and before I begin with this article please note that my intention is pure and I respect and love each of you regardless if you are vegan or eat meat. I decided to write this article because there have been a lot of questions asked to me by clients and friends in general in the spiritual community and there is a stigma with meat eaters not being spiritual so I wanted to take this opportunity to shed some perspective from what I know from my spirits, angels, etc.

First thing let me start off by saying this and that is that deciding to be a vegan or eating meat does not make you any better than anyone else. You are not less spiritual because you eat meat. I have been in contact with several vegans over the years and while most vegans are some of the most gentle and caring people in this world, I have had some encounters where I have been condemned and my spirituality has been questioned because of my choice to eat meat. Yes, I eat meat but while I do, I also eat veggies which I do love as well. Everything in my life is a balance and I do not choose to eat meat every single day. There are days I do fast as well, mainly water or some veggies.

So, if you are a person who eats meat and has been condemned or called unspiritual just ignore the stigma and judgment from others. Eating meat has ancient origins dating back to Indians, Egyptians and some Mesopotamian and other cultures. While I do believe, life is very important some negate the fact that eating plants you are also taking the life of something that was once alive because last time I checked all plants are living as well. In the food chain, most animals who are not omnivores (herb or plant eaters) eat other animals for survival. While we judge other humans for eating meat, we do not judge animals by the same token. This is not meant to poke fun to vegans or meat eaters but stating mere facts.

The main question and issue vegans may have with meat eaters is animal cruelty and the method that some of these slaughter houses have chosen to end the life of an animal for consumption by YOU the consumers. Some have posted videos of how these animals are slaughtered. Some of this may be considered gruesome and to others it may be deemed survival. Most slaughter houses do have laws they must follow and most use methods that are quick to not cause the animal from suffering. While this doesn’t make it better, there are many pets and animals who are not slaughtered. Cats, Dogs, Various Birds, wild life and sea food. I don’t judge anyone who chooses to follow a vegan path or chooses to eat meat. I do this because I would be living in an ego trap if I judged a vegan who chose to ate meat.

Another topic from some vegans is that with eating meat you are taking into your body the energy of the animal who suffered death in a cruel manner. Again, this could go two ways even with veggies and trees being killed off. Let me explain something, what I do and many spiritual people do is to bless their food. Anything that has energy imprinted on it or was living can have energy cleared and blessed. Before eating any meal, I always say a prayer over my food to take in the sustenance my body needs and to remove all negative energy. It’s like healing over your own food, sort of like you would do reiki with another human being. You have that power!

I have been called spiritually unawake or asleep and many others because we choose to eat meat, however, I don’t believe spirituality can be defined by what we consume but rather your heart and your actions. Some of claimed being vegan or following that diet will enhance, strengthen, or develop your spiritual abilities further, however, some of us are natural born intuitive, mediums, psychics, and healers. Most of us have eaten meat since birth and our abilities are there and very present even with this. Everything we do or eat should be in a healthy balance and there is no negating that eating veggies can help you detox your body, have several healthy benefits, but eating meat occasionally would not hurt you. The fact is that we will continue to see more people follow the vegan or vegetarian path and you will always have meat eaters. I will pray for every living thing on earth and maintain my inner peace. I am grateful for even having food to eat regardless of it be pure veggies or meat.

Please do not condemn others in the spiritual community or make them feel like they are not spiritual due to their tendencies because you will fall into the ego trap. Judging another is living in their ego. Remember you can bless your food and remove any negative energies attached to it. I hope this article has proven helpful for some of you.

Blessings in love and light. X

Raymond Guzman

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