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Lower Level Entities

We hear this term Lower Level entity often used but what is that exactly. What do we mean? This is a term for a spirit or entity that does not vibrate in the higher levels of earth. These could be people who lived very dark life’s while alive and hurt others. These can include murderers, rapists, racists, and much more. Everyone who is alive or in spirit carry energy. Higher level energy is full of feelings of good health, love, smiles, light, warmth, joy, and everything that reminds you of good and happiness. When a person passes, some are earthbound and do not cross over into the light even after having their life review because they fear judgment. They may have done things in this earth they weren’t proud of or they may have unfinished business. Some of these that were angry or hateful while alive will carry this energy with them into death. If they are stuck they can be mischievous or harmful. These are the entities that usually do hauntings, cause physical harm, try to scare you and maybe even worse.

How do you discern a lower level entity? Below are some characteristics

  • You may feel sick in the presence of a lower level being

  • You may smell sulfur or a rotten smell of decay

  • You may find that you are scratched, if it is in the set of 3 marks then you are dealing with something demonic.

  • You could find that you wake up and feel like your pinned down in bed and cannot move and see others hovering around you. This may or may not be sleep paralysis.

  • You could find that things are breaking constantly, people in the house turn against each other constantly for unexplained or petty reasons.

  • Certain members or one person in the family has taken on a darker energy that mimics the entity present. So, for example, if the entity was into using black magic, the person may start taking interests into doing black magic or practicing it.

  • Suicide- Not all suicides are done by attachments or lower level entities but they can influence some and keep putting the thoughts into their heads.

  • You could find nightmares usually involving darker theme can become a nightly occurrence.

  • Pets are affected and may whimper or run out of a room as if they fear a certain space.

  • Electricity can be affected usually lights will flicker or maybe just an unexplained outage will occur.

  • Objects will levitate or move in your presence or out of it.

  • Things fly off shelves or tables and break.

  • Other sensitive family members or friends come over and feel uncomfortable and feel as if they must leave immediately. Sensitives will feel it the moment they walk into a space that there is something darker or sinister.

  • If you find you do have something darker the lower level entity could possibly be demonic but in all cases, it may be just a darker spirit who refuses to leave.

There are several things you can do to rid yourself of it but you must remember not every situation will apply to you depending on how many are present, the land itself, the history of the land or house, etc.

Here are some ways to protect yourself and your space.

  • Ask the soul to leave and cross in the light. Some may not realize they are dead and need to be told forcibly to leave.

  • Sage, Palo Santo, and Frankincense should be burned in every room of the house, not in just in the room that activity is most present because once you cleanse that room what do you think the spirit will do? It will go to the other rooms so every room must be done and while burning this try to go through all 4 corners of every room and doorways and windows and ask all negative spirits to leave and only love and light can stay. I recommend all windows and doors being opened while you do this to allow the spirit to exit.

  • Open windows and clean clutter. A dusty place or place filled of many objects that belonged to others is a magnet for spirit activity and sometimes intelligent spirits can hide in these objects. Remember to sage or cleanse anything that is used and given to you or that you buy.

  • Place religious or sacred objects like crosses, crucifixes, Hamsa, Star of David, Buddha in every space.

  • Sprinkle holy water or anointed oil around the house especially on windows or doorways. Again, depending on your belief system.

  • Prayer is essential and if you are more spiritual than religious you can say prayers of your choice to invite your angels to protect you and bring light into your space.

  • You can also use protective crystals and place them in each corner of every room of your house to create like a crystal grid or barrier/shield.

If all of this fails and you feel you are dealing with something you don’t know how to handle, be sure to seek out a medium or paranormal investigation team for guidance and they may be able to do further investigation to get down to the bottom of it.

Whatever you are going through, it is important for families who are haunted to reunite in one room until a paranormal investigator or medium can help you. Family that sticks together is stronger than one person. A lower level entity can be so smart they will prefer each family member to be separated to target one person at a time and weaken them. They feed off fear, because fear is like a buffet of food for them. They will get stronger and know your weakness. NEVER fear, only have LOVE and HOPE in your heart and soul. Do not communicate with it or threaten it as it could make matters worse.

In most cases these entities can be crossed over or just removed forcibly through a home blessing or through a medium acting as an intercessor or pathway for the soul to communicate with. If it is something more sinister and malevolent sometimes the house itself or land may have to go through an extreme situation which may merit an exorcism of the house itself.

Remember that your guardian angels are always protecting you and if you find that you are living with a lower level entity in most cases a passed loved one will be there also protecting and guiding you so you are NOT alone. I hope this helps you get a better understanding on what a lower level entity is and thank you again. Blessings in love and light.

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