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Australian Predictions 2017/2018

Normally predictions are made at the beginning of the year or right before a new year ends. While it is untraditional I have been asked by many to do some predictions for Australia which is close to my heart and I hope to visit someday soon. I have spent some time in prayer and meditation and the insight I am seeing is what I see immediately in the next 12 months going into 2018. I want to thank everyone and send all my spiritual family in Oz many blessings in love and light.

  • OBESITY - While Australia is a very fit and healthy place I do see that the numbers in obesity will rise and within the next year where Australia is positioned we shall see that the rank will be higher in the nations with leading obesity.

  • PRIME MINISTER - I see Australian Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in communication and aligning with USA president Trump to create more business deals essentially profiting the Australian economy but also getting more involved with what is occurring with ISIS and Syria. There will be a stronger union. Now while Turnbull is doing this I keep feeling there will be more scandal surrounding the level of support he lends to the USA and the attention he is giving to the Australian Government.

  • TERRORISM- Terrorism in Australia we shall see some who are loyal to ISIS/Syria launch attacks. I keep seeing Sydney being a location and keep feeling this will take place near café's or larger section known for it's shops and popular spots.

  • MEDICARE - I see a lot of power struggles with the Health Minister and the doctors. I keep seeing the rebate freeze will be lifted but not in the time frame as expected but it will eventually occur before end of year.

  • REFUGEES- I keep seeing many riots, opposition for refugees wanting to enter Australia and those already living among many. Acts of hate/violence towards the refugees will make headlines. While there needs to be more peace, there is a lot of unrest in Australia over this.

  • CLIMATE - The summer climate was very hot for Australia this year and I see the winter being a little warmer than usual which will set record highs instead of lows. Going into 2018 I am seeing that the Great Barrier Reef is also affected there is also some kind of spill that will affect the sea life near that area. I see the population of sea creatures on the decline and some species at the point of extinction. More care and attention needs to be made in this area.

  • LGBT/GAY MARRIAGE– While this is still not recognized like here in the USA, I am seeing more and more opposition to the Commonwealth/Parliament and I am seeing by 2018 more focus will be on this topic but my spirit guides tell me that it will not be legalized until 2019-2020.

  • NEXT FEDERAL ELECTION – I keep seeing when the next election for Prime Minister takes place there will be a male who is younger that will