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April 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – The month begins off on an interesting note as you may feel as if life is working with you and not against you. You could also have pushed through some obstacles that could have been blocking your progress and what you were wanting to see manifest. While last month may have made you feel anxiety at certain points, this month is full of bright energy and good vibrations. Within the work area you can bring new ideas to the table and also find working with others as a team will also produce good and polished results. Be sure to pay attention to your energy levels and your body. Sometimes our body as spiritual beings will feel the effects of the energy that we are carrying inside. Release anything that is bothering you as this is the easiest and fastest way to feel lighter and get your fun back.

TAURUS – You could be floored by how much outpouring support you receive from a loved one who at one point would have been the last person on your list of people to help you. So be sure to repay them in some manner if you can when an opportunity arises. You also may notice that your family life is something that you have been ignoring due to work or haven’t been as dedicated in and now there are some issues with one specific person and how they are coping with their decisions. Be a guiding force and spend some time with them to help but don’t be there crutch. One way for them to learn from their own mistakes and mature is to allow them to take ownership and find a solution. Later in the month you may be in the intial phase of a new project or aspect of your life that you want to begin work on. By the end of the month your focus will be on your finances.

GEMINI – This month begins on a vibration of fear for you Gemini. A lot of things are happening and some are foreign to you or things you haven’t experienced in many years. This could have caused your world to shake up but you will find after the first week things begin to get back to normal and you will get caught up in the areas you are now behind in. Be very cautious with people who are acting very friendly because there could be ulterior motives tied to this energy. Also don’t worry or be too concerned with what others are now doing. Focus on your own energy and goals and you can achieve what you want without any interruptions. Those who do not jump on your bandwagon will be left in the dust and essentially you are beginning to know who your real friends are. This is sometimes mind-blowing to you and you might not understand why life is so cruel but remember some people are there in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

CANCER – You could be keeping a low profile since the year began and while you want no part of anymore drama the fact is that it’s still there. If you have unsettled issues you will need to tackle them head on instead of resorting to seeking revenge or running away from this. Only when you take responsibility for your own actions will the issues rectify. If you are not in this position but it is the other way around, stick close to your prayers and ask for more patience. This month is not a good one for decision making because of the things occurring in your personal life you may be scatterbrained at times or feel as if the world makes no sense. Try to procrastinate or post pone all decisions and if someone is being pushy be communicative and let them know your boundaries. This is important and by the end of the month a lot of this will be in the past and your focus will be more centered around finding work or positions that are more stable and steady for you. Money is on your mind right now.

LEO – Your emotions are running deep right now and if you are in a relationship you could be very bold and outspoken with a partner. You may see something in them that you want to change or see them change it. While you are a passionate sign you can be pushy at times and it is possible the partner you are with is also fiery and will push you back. So there is a theme of struggle this month with rectifying outliers in the relationship. How you can fix this is to focus on the things that are working and continue to do those and use similar strategies for those things that are broken. There is a high potential for you to find a soulmate if you are single as well Leo. For those who are single, this month is very interesting as you could become flirtatious or respond to flirting which can lead to something more solid in your life. Have fun and lighten up more Leo. Life is too short for no fun!

VIRGO – Others could be playing mind games with you because they are curious as to what your thoughts are of them. Be cautious with getting involved in this energy and stick to your own life and work patterns. You are on the verge of making some discoveries about your own feelings and life goals. A friend may also be using you as a shoulder to cry on because you may have healing abilities. If you are finding that this has somehow interfered with your own life or is causing you to become energetically drained slowly ease them off, you but still lend an ear. You may also feel at times this month as if you are not making progress with expanding your abilities or expanding what you are wanting to see accomplished. You sometimes do not finish what you start so it will be very important to stick with whatever it is that you are doing now and make only minimal changes. The formula you have is one that is working but hasn’t fully reaped the rewards you want. This is coming. Be persistent!

LIBRA – You could be tired of dealing with the same routines in your life this month and also feel as if you are alone. However, this is an illusion brought on by the subconscious. You are more powerful than you think and you have authenticity. Remember to not allow the past to dictate your future. This month it is key to socialize and be more outgoing. Sitting at home on your time off from work or on the weekends is damaging to your soul. While we all do need a little downtime, right now you may find that being with others stimulates your soul and also brings you new ideas and energy to make more changes as needed. You could also feel as if someone is using you only for what you do for them. If you are feeling like this and the feeling does not go away then it is not just paranoia but your intuition speaking to you. Do not allow others to take advantage of you Libra. You are much smarter than they think you are. Use your wits and love to overcome all obstacles this month.

SCORPIO – You may feel inner conflict right now because certain aspects of your life may seem to be going at a slower pace. If you are single right now you could be finding that love is not manifesting or that you find others who are only interested in the superficial. The goal here is to not try to force love to happen but allow and be open to certain experiences. Change the mundane in your life and create an atmosphere that projects how you see yourself and how you want others to see you. Later this month you will go into work mode and will accomplish all the things that have been backed up or piling up on your to do list. There may also be celebrations you are planning or wanting to attend. This will require your creative side to get a workout which is very good as well. Do the best you can and by the end of the month you may decide to take a trip or vacation from work. This will help you gain better perspective on the decisions you need to make about a personal situation or family situation.

SAGITTARIUS – Nobody will be able to make you do something you do not truly want. Your work is the main focal point this month Sagittarius and if you are unsatisfied in what you are doing, complaining is not the solution. What can occur this month is that you will miss work or make excuses to not be there or be late. If you are looking for an exit from the job it must be at your own will but you will need to make sure that have a back up plan and don’t burn bridges. You never know when you could need a referral. Change is going to happen and if you are job hunting you may get a lead and apply. There could be interviews. Listen carefully to the vibes you get from the interviewer and look at the benefits. The last thing you want to do is make a life impacting change and regret it. Listen to your intuition. The end of the month is full of surprises because you could do something spontaneous with your look or buy something that makes others jealous. Whatever you do, you do it with class and style. Keep being the show stopper that you are!

CAPRICORN – Someone could cause pain for someone you care about such as a family member. While you don’t like fighting someone elses battles for them, this month is one of those where you will pull out all the stops in order to ensure justice and integrity are present. The other person who is being negative towards those you care about the most may be doing this because they are petty or they just want to see negativity manifest in the family. Be strong and don’t give this person too much energy just be very clear with your intentions. By mid-month your focus will shift and be more centered around your career. You might be feeling as if you are lacking something so you may request additional training or sign up for a course to expand some knowledge or skills set. You could have created a good budge for yourself and find by the end of the month there is spending money. The question will be whether you should save it or buy a little something for yourself. After all we all need pampering at times.

AQUARIUS – You might feel as if your control over your own life is slipping and you begin to question your decisions. Know that all your decisions are being done and guided by a higher power right now Aquarius. Stick to your decisions but also venture out into new places and among different people. There will be plenty of time to focus on other things you want to do but realize you don’t want to take on more than what you can handle at this point and time. Daydream when you get a chance and connect with your spirit guides by asking them for signs. The signs will be there but you must be listening and open to receiving them. The validations you seek are within you Aquarius. By the end of the month you may see a lot of development around someone who is interested in you or that you may be interested in. Go with the flow Aquarius.

PISCES – The healing part of you this month is craving the same affection you give to others. This month is one that runs high in emotions and you will be recognizing the feelings you are having and try to take steps to heal this. If you choose to ignore what you are feeling the energy can become rather stagnant quickly and will manifest in ways that affect those around you. It could be shifts in your attitude or demeanor. Try to ground yourself and listen to a wise council, this could be a good friend who has never let you down. Approach them with any worries and get some advice or insight from their perspective. Pay extra attention to your bills by the end of the month because there is potential for errors to be present or overcharges. Make all phone calls and schedule appointments but be sure to write down all info as you could get busy in other things and forget the important details that were discussed. Family matters also surface and if you borrowed money the person who you borrowed it from may need it back. Don’t spend frivolously.

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