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February Monthly Horoscopes 2017

ARIES – This month you are encouraged to push past any self-limiting beliefs you have been holding onto. Where you may have been stuck or in a financial rut, you may have a little more flexibility and able to carry out whatever you couldn’t do before. While you do have money, you may find someone in your family will become aware of this and want something from you. They may not be satisfied until they get what they want and rather than having them bothering you, you might decide to just give in and help them. Now in your work area, if you have been noticing that your management team is giving you more work lately they might give you more tasks and expect more out of you while someone new who has started may be treated with more care. They deem you an asset but they might be neglecting to give recognition where it’s due. Try to see the positive out of this situation because you also tend to sometimes get really frustrated and just feel like giving up if something is not producing the results that you would like to see. In a relationship, you could find that you have given up on someone or even on your relationship. The energy this month is one where you can try to salvage any marriages or relationships and try making sense and sorting out what is not working in that situation and try some alternative approaches. This is a month of change on all levels.

TAURUS – There will be moments this month where you are truly connected with your divine path and in your spiritual path you shine. Others will naturally gravitate towards you for advice and your closest friends may also seek your assistance. Someone in your friend’s circle may be showing you some shade or another side that you have not seen yet and while you usually try to see the best in every situation you will suddenly have a revelation which unsettles you. The remainder of the month you might distance yourself. In your love life, you might have some days this month particularly around Valentine’s day that you feel neglected or if you are single you will want to be in a relationship. Even if you are single and have told yourself you are better off single, this won’t be the case. Regardless of how comfortable we are in our life, no one wants to be alone and this applies to you Taurus. As the month progresses and nears an end you might be focusing too much on something that has become more of an obsession or taken more of your time. This could be chatting with someone and not being able to get work done around your house or even at your workplace. Be careful as bosses will be quick to notice this month any deadlines that are missed. Overall this month looks to be super positive with you and there won’t be a dull moment but you need to find balance between work and home life.

GEMINI – If you have been worrying more about things outside your control in the last two months this month proves to be promising for you. Specifically, around finances and ability to set new ideas in motion. Creativity hits your center focus and you’re able to jump start things. This could be starting a new business or creating an alliance. All things point to you being happier and your confidence level grows because of this. Someone you know may be lying to you later in the month around Valentine’s day and you will find that the trust you once had for this person is now lost. Gaining that back will not be easy and the other person must prove it to you. A partner may be wanting something from you or wants to see something different in your treatment towards them or attitude. What they ask may feel off to your energy signature and you might find yourself in an argument. What you can do is try to find a compromise. This won’t be easy but think of what can make this person happy without sacrificing your wellbeing. This is also a month to gain more skills set or to take a training or course. If you have been planning on increasing your knowledge you will find that having more knowledge makes you feel more strong in your life path and spiritual path. By the last two weeks of the month you may find that you are needing some spiritual insight into your situation and outcome. This will have you reaching out to a wise source or seeking a person who acts like a mentor or teacher in your life. This person will be in tune with what is going on already so it’s just