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February Monthly Horoscopes 2017

ARIES – This month you are encouraged to push past any self-limiting beliefs you have been holding onto. Where you may have been stuck or in a financial rut, you may have a little more flexibility and able to carry out whatever you couldn’t do before. While you do have money, you may find someone in your family will become aware of this and want something from you. They may not be satisfied until they get what they want and rather than having them bothering you, you might decide to just give in and help them. Now in your work area, if you have been noticing that your management team is giving you more work lately they might give you more tasks and expect more out of you while someone new who has started may be treated with more care. They deem you an asset but they might be neglecting to give recognition where it’s due. Try to see the positive out of this situation because you also tend to sometimes get really frustrated and just feel like giving up if something is not producing the results that you would like to see. In a relationship, you could find that you have given up on someone or even on your relationship. The energy this month is one where you can try to salvage any marriages or relationships and try making sense and sorting out what is not working in that situation and try some alternative approaches. This is a month of change on all levels.

TAURUS – There will be moments this month where you are truly connected with your divine path and in your spiritual path you shine. Others will naturally gravitate towards you for advice and your closest friends may also seek your assistance. Someone in your friend’s circle may be showing you some shade or another side that you have not seen yet and while you usually try to see the best in every situation you will suddenly have a revelation which unsettles you. The remainder of the month you might distance yourself. In your love life, you might have some days this month particularly around Valentine’s day that you feel neglected or if you are single you will want to be in a relationship. Even if you are single and have told yourself you are better off single, this won’t be the case. Regardless of how comfortable we are in our life, no one wants to be alone and this applies to you Taurus. As the month progresses and nears an end you might be focusing too much on something that has become more of an obsession or taken more of your time. This could be chatting with someone and not being able to get work done around your house or even at your workplace. Be careful as bosses will be quick to notice this month any deadlines that are missed. Overall this month looks to be super positive with you and there won’t be a dull moment but you need to find balance between work and home life.

GEMINI – If you have been worrying more about things outside your control in the last two months this month proves to be promising for you. Specifically, around finances and ability to set new ideas in motion. Creativity hits your center focus and you’re able to jump start things. This could be starting a new business or creating an alliance. All things point to you being happier and your confidence level grows because of this. Someone you know may be lying to you later in the month around Valentine’s day and you will find that the trust you once had for this person is now lost. Gaining that back will not be easy and the other person must prove it to you. A partner may be wanting something from you or wants to see something different in your treatment towards them or attitude. What they ask may feel off to your energy signature and you might find yourself in an argument. What you can do is try to find a compromise. This won’t be easy but think of what can make this person happy without sacrificing your wellbeing. This is also a month to gain more skills set or to take a training or course. If you have been planning on increasing your knowledge you will find that having more knowledge makes you feel more strong in your life path and spiritual path. By the last two weeks of the month you may find that you are needing some spiritual insight into your situation and outcome. This will have you reaching out to a wise source or seeking a person who acts like a mentor or teacher in your life. This person will be in tune with what is going on already so it’s just a matter of getting everything that is bothering you off your chest. Once you do this you will feel much better.

CANCER – Moon child this month is one that you may find very interesting. This month you will find romance is in the air and if you have been single for a while now you may be feeling empty inside or lacking that special person that would just get you and understand you for who you are. If you are single, this month your aura and energy is appealing to others who are also seeking a companion. The potential to meet someone is greater now than any other month. Try to push past any fears and socialize. Go out and get out of your routine. It’s when you are out of your routine that things can be spontaneous and exciting. Now with all the work you have planned this month you may find that you are not getting adequate amounts of rest and this can be a formula for disaster with work. You could find yourself moodier at work or just not into working as a team player. Others could notice this change in your energy. If someone is not rubbing you the right way, it’s important to not retaliate or stoop to their level. Stay grounded, pray, and meditate. Your mind also may be having a lot more thoughts generating and running through. This could do with worries around a loved one, about yourself, etc. You sometimes fear judgement so you may not always seek advice from a trusted friend or someone else and hold that in. This month this won’t work as it can send you into a depression. Be sure to trust and let out anything that you don’t feel right with. If you are in a relationship and you have been having some issues with the relationship, you need to either make change or just let go completely. The cycle has been completed.

LEO – You have the biggest heart of all the zodiac signs dearest LEO. You live in your integrity but you are often the most hurt in a relationship and the one who is taken for granted. You love deeply and this month is no different. If you are single now but have feelings for someone you need to trust they have the same feelings and be more aggressive in your attempts to show them how you feel. They could retract if they are not sure or if mixed signals are being sent. In a business matters you may find that this month you are signing paperwork or gaining other team members to help take some pressures off you so you can focus on your personal life. There are so many things you want to do but have been holding off because there isn’t any time. With any partnerships or associations, you will find that someone will enlist your help. You have a special gift and visualize how you want something done but you need someone else on your team who can help you manifest this. So, partnerships and alliances are very strong this month and important for your financial area. As the month progresses you will be finally changing something you wanted in your life. This could be a simple as spending money or how much time you spend helping others while neglecting your family. Balance will be brought to the forefront. Around the last week of the month someone may test you or tell you what you are doing is wrong or pass some judgement that just affects you on an emotional level. This won’t be because it’s true but because you don’t judge others and you tend to be reserved so having someone do this to you is disconcerting but you will pull through. Remember their judgment of you is their perception.

VIRGO – Many of you may decide to celebrate life more this month than last year. Although you are a hard worker and your profession sometimes takes first place in your life there is a lot of restructuring that you are needing this month. Some of you may decide to take a vacation or days off with or without pay. This is time for you to unwind and gain some clarity. Around your work situation it could be coming to an end specifically if you feel this situation is no longer serving your greater good or if you are clashing with someone else. What you may be finding is that with everything happening in your work area, when you do go home you could feel utterly drained of energy. If this is happening or you’re taking out your frustrations out on family members, you need to reconsider another approach to relieve this intense energy. If a situation does end in a relationship or around finances know that this is all occurring to open new doors for you. Don’t look back or regret what you are feeling, instead embrace those emotions and use that energy to free yourself. All your experiences give you spiritual strength and insight and with this you may find your heart chakra is now energized and you feel lighter thus. You must go harder after what you truly want in life and what can make you happy.

LIBRA – When it comes to you dealing with your personal issues or past issues of abuse or neglect you may find this month these memories come to surface. Especially around Valentines you may not find this month as one where you are happy or feeling super joyous. However, you will notice that some things you have been planning or wanting may start becoming reality. Slowly this month you will be surprised to see that the universe has not abandoned you and you are NOT alone. In your work area, you might notice that hours or pay are not what you expected or lower than you want. You may need to speak directly with a boss but if nothing else comes out of this, you may start looking and sending out your resume. The potential to change jobs is very high this month. Use logic rather than your feelings. A family member may only be coming to you when they need something special or need money. You are not their piggy bank or their personal servant. So, you will need to make sure your backbone is there and speak up and be firm. This person may not take you seriously because in the past they have been used to getting their way. You have the potential to show tough love and stop this trend from repeating.

SCORPIO – This month you will need to detox and remove yourself or distance yourself from those in your friends or family list that are full of drama. You are being weighed down by their problems and complaints and this cannot continue. It’s not only affecting you emotionally but also physically and spiritually. Be sure to spend adequate times throughout each evening to be thankful for your days and blessings. Try to get out more and do shopping or doing more when possible outside your family home. This will help you immensely to meet someone new who could be sent to you as an angel or guardian angel. It’s all about colors this month and you may notice that different colors will produce a different emotion for you. Spirit may also speak through colors so if one keeps popping up everywhere you are, this is not a coincidence. This is happening because they are letting you know you are protected. Someone who is in your past now may be still in contact with you and usually your interactions are not pleasant or lead to a fight. There is light at the end of the tunnel Scorpio. In your work area, if you have something you want to see success in or see more money generating you have the potential to apply new techniques or experiment to see what will work best for you. Others will notice your independence and naturally see the leader in you and will want to associate with you. These new friendships whether online or physical are all great.

SAGITTARIUS – This month you will notice that your friendships are blossoming and you are feeling more comfortable and slowly you may open yourself up more to them or discuss more about your life. It’s exciting because there is also a potential to take a trip with friends or do something impromptu which brings you knew experiences. There are first times for everything and you may decide to go scuba diving or para sailing. The possibilities are limitless! You may also find that if you are unemployed you will find a new job or if you are employed the possibility for a promotion is there as well. A partner may notice you are a little different or acting differently with them. This will be more than likely due to your spiritual gifts expanding and growing this month. As this occurs you will feel off at times or more emotional. You might also feel like you need someone to rescue out of a situation so if you are in a relationship that is ending, the potential to have someone else who you already know or trust may give you that extra little push to move past. By the end of the month you can take charge of a situation and be the leader. It could be in your family or in your work life. You will want to take a stand and speak up. If someone isn’t doing something and you know they aren’t going to change anything, then you need to be the change. Do things differently but with your personal touch. The potential to earn a greater income is high this month.

CAPRICORN – You could find this month you clash with a male in your life. This could be around relationship or friendship. You may not see the same level of commitment in this situation. Talking to them about your feelings may go through one ear and come out the other. It will be super important to re-evaluate everything. If you have been feeling like they are cheating or not being loyal you will also need to ask yourself is this something you can forgive or do you need to move on once and for all. Use bet judgment. In your career, you may decide of doing something that helps you focus less on the immediate situation and more on what you can do. This is also a time to focus on finding purpose and self-motivation. There are a lot of things you have put on hold or not reached out for and it’s time to not procrastinate and keep reaching for what you believe in. Don’t lose faith and stay grounded.

AQUARIUS – Financially this month is all about your spending and bills. What you can eliminate and what can you do to generate more income into your household. If you are single without attachments this is a favorable time to save any extra money that does come in for a rainy day. Sometimes you may treat yourself but right now you will need to curb any tendencies to do this. Others now surround you and will want to share with you what is happening in their life and to a certain point you may even feel like you are connected more than you thought. They tend to reveal things to you about themselves that are uncanny and similar or identical to yours. It’s that these people are your soul family and divinely sent at the right time in your life when you might be going through self-doubt or fear. Let that all go and stay focused. If you are single, this month is to meet someone new but it all depends on your courage and how comfortable you feel about your mind, body and soul. Your genuine concern now has the potential to create good karma. Do your lightworker duties and don’t regret or look back. You have this.

PISCES – Opportunities present themselves to you this month. It may be very well that someone has offered you a position or wants you to work with them. The only concern here is if this is a good friend because sometimes mixing personal with business has the tendency to not work out. Use best judgment and don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Right now, spending time with your family is good for you. Everything seems to be a struggle this month emotionally you may detach but your family will ground you and make you feel more comfortable with everything that is going on. If someone is trying to discourage you it’s important to take it with a grain of salt and stay solid in your beliefs. You have the upper hand here. If you are single you will find Valentines difficult but you will focus more on your career. There is a potential to take on a management role or something that gives you an opportunity to show someone else you are self-sufficient. By the end of the month you may start focusing more on your fitness and health and try to get more in shape or just do things that work out your body and stimulate your mind.

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