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A Psychics look into the illuminati

Who is the illuminati and are they real? The answer is yes and they are a global cult (phenomena) known by many as the ELITE. These are bloodlines but the elites would be the leaders of the nations, World Trade Market, Recording Music Industry, Hollywood and the major corporations, and the drug cartels. There is so much going on underground and behind the scenes and half of what we see on the television is not real but fabricated and twisted to make ratings and sell. It’s compromised of money and Money is the GREATEST EVIL to ever exist. Although we do live on earth and require money to make a living it is underhandly the most evil thing out there. There are theories about most people in the world who make it big or are famous have sold their soul to the devil or made a pact. I will NOT go into that as it’s too lengthy but I firmly do not believe that our souls can be sold to the devil. Our souls were NOT made for this purpose or intention. I do believe however, lower level entities which could be demons do affect many of these who are in the entertainment industry. You have to keep in mind that the entertainment business is full of singers, models, actors, producers, writers, philanthropists, and much more. The people who are celebrities or are famous are not considered humans by these elites. They are viewed as money making machines. When the puppet (aka celebrities) are no longer making money they are no longer viewed as a machine but expendable. The industry will quickly replace them and when I say replace meaning their star or brand is replaced by someone else. In most cases it will be someone who may be similar to the artist who is not making money and they are groomed and fashioned to appeal to the masses through music, acting, or other entertainment. The elites in control do NOT care about these people and do not care how they feel as long as the machine is going 24/7 they will milk them dry. The fact is that celebrities are worth more dead than alive when they have reached a iconic status or left a staple or everlasting mark on the world.

There is also a lot of focus on occultism or symbolism with the illuminati but this is just the illusion to distract you from the real focus here and focus more on whether the person who is famous is in it or not. Are there secret hand signals like the “devil horns” or pyramid, possibly but many of these artists are not even aware what this means. You have to understand there are creative directors, stylists, publicists and writers who control everything from stage presence, to their wardrobe, to their gestures, they are basically told what to wear, how to wear it, how to look, how to act, how to think, how to pose, how to speak, and this is where the term puppet or slave as some use it comes into play. These people usually sign a contract in which have rules they have to follow and stipulations. If they break the contract they won’t make any money and mostly all of these people have signed up for the money they will make which is millions not hundreds or thousands a year but millions. Their job is to sell sell sell and make their handlers (entertainment corporations) money!

Now although some of these artists may not sell their souls I do believe there is Satanic or dark symbolism used and rituals carried out. Some call these sacrifices or blood sacrifices which I won’t go into detail because it is depraved and sickening but I will say this. Many of the artists who have passed in recent years did NOT pass from what media is telling you. In mostly all of these cases they were taken out! Their deaths were NOT faked. The reason for this is the money machine stopped making money. Their popularity decreased, too many scandals, and a lot of this is done at the hands of these elites. They work and pay tabloids, magazines, and newspapers to write these damaging articles to rally the public and help destroy the image or brand of the artist. Eventually they do fall into depression or become suicidal but in most cases they are replaced with new talent first then eliminated. It’s very twisted and sickening. Some artists who passed I will go into some details about their passing and whether it was accidental, natural causes, or they were murdered. They are also taken out when they resist or attempt to expose the illuminati.

Michael Jackson (Died 06/25/09) Did he have and addiction? Yes! Was he murdered? Yes Let me paint a picture his networth while alive was around 600 million and as of right now his net worth is approx $825 million. Before he was taken out he had purchased all the publishing rights of the Beatles Catalogue. After his passing Sony/ATV publishing kept control of the songs. Years before his passing he was involved with a lot of public scandals which had a significant impact on his name and brand. Basically all he worked for was left behind. Michael was suffering from several health conditions but many of these were worsened by the plastic surgery he went through which did take a toll on his body. Those in control of his career always made him feel like he wasn’t handsome enough and although Michael may have thought this was his own feelings, much of this was brainwashing from those around him. This broke him down and left him seeking to reinvent or make himself look a certain way.

Prince (Died 04/21/16) Did he have addictions? No! He was a vegan and very spiritual. Although the media did paint him to have addictions I am not seeing this. I do see that perhaps he experimented in his younger years or smoked marijuana but lethal doses of some drug which affects the cardiovascular system were administered to him similar to Jackson. At the time he was alive his net worth was around $300 million and upon his untimely death his networth is $800 million!!!! WTH??? Do you see any patterns here? Before his passing he acquired the publishing, copyrights of his own music catalogue from Warner Brothers. Hmmmm……are you starting to see a pattern here? Basically, he took money away from the corporations who were making money off him. I will leave it at that and leave you to make your own conclusions.

Whitney Houston (Died 2/11/12) If you look at this carefully it is 2 + 1+1+1+2 =7 if you look at this the number 7 represents 7 days or the completion of a cycle. Basically this means an END! Was her death natural or at her own hands. NO! The elite had a hand at her passing. If you look at the date of her death there were also a lot of 2’s in her date. The day which was the 11th if added equals a 2. 2 in numerology signifies an ending as well and represents unification of souls. Her passing did unite a lot of her fans together. She was 48 years at the time and her death came 3 days before Valentine’s day but look at this if you take her age and add that up 4+8 =12 again we see the number 12. Not only was the year she passed was the 12th year of the millennium but if you take her age and add that it equals 12 it comes to 1+2 =3. Now remember that Valentines day is associated with a massacre and if you look at the number 33 it is a number used highly by freemasonry and the illuminati which believe the sun is clear at 33 degrees. In addition Jesus is believed to have died at 33. Does this seem like a coincidence the more you dive into it? No there are no such things as coincidences. One of the reasons Whitney life was unraveling was that the illuminati or the people in control of her life. See after they have served much of their youth and given years to the music industry and sold millions of records there is a time where they start pivoting in record sales and they no longer appeal to the demographics. Demographics are the age groups and with each decade there are younger generations. So we started seeing prior to 2012 all the scandals associated with Whitney such as your drug use, her fights and separation from Bobby. Her most recognized treasure which was her voice was gone and finally her fame was no longer in a good light. So how does the illuminati or the NWO cult work? Their most powerful tool is media this includes social media like facebook, youtube, newspapers and magazines. They made many headlines writing Whitney off basically destroying her career so that the way people viewed her changed. Basically the media works together and are like vultures. Her image, her brand slowly deteriorated and then she was known for more scandals than her voice and talent which is what she was known for in the beginning of her career. They also brought other people in to sort of begin the replacement. At the time Whitney was at her peak many up and coming artists were compared to her and her handler was Clive Davis who was the person responsible for launching her career into stardom and before her passing he turned his back on her. Keep in mind that these artists were sent to this world as entertainers and bring masses of people together. Everything is written before they are born and brought into this world. So why did Whitney pass. Yes she had a drug addiction but her addiction did not start by herself. The people surrounding her and responsible for her fame were the same ones who got her hooked to these substances. It gives them control over the artist. The artist begins to be beside themselves but as long as they are making the record companies money by any means possible, the Elite in control play a blind eye to it all. The ultimate self destruction of the entertainer is not solely done at their own hands and free will. Whitney was addicted to drugs but was her death due to an accidental overdose and heart problems? NO! Was she murdered? Yes!

I wanted to comment on Mariah Carey and the meltdowns which many say are common with those who are controlled by the illuminati. If you look at her NYE performance on Dick Clarks national television program you will notice she was fully coherent but the media did twist things and said she was under the influence. She was NOT! This was a sabotage her career as well as pitting other artists against her. Keep in mind Mariah is considered to be up there with the greats in the music industry and she has been singing for years. She knew she was set up to fail but could not do anything to stop it and she could have sang if she could have heard. She did look very upset and distraught. This is what the industry does to artists. Had this scandal not occurred the ratings for this show would have been minimal, the tabloids wouldn’t be making money off this. It gives them something to talk about and destroys the brand that is Mariah Carey. They even brought in someone like Ariana Grande to compare her to Mariah. If you have noticed when Ariana’s career launched she used the same melismas as Mariah Carey, even did a cover of one of Mariah’s songs which was full of high notes and the whistle register just as Mariah is known for. So again we see the elite using another person who can appeal to the younger generations of today and their plans to replace her.

Other artists/entertainers whose careers are unraveling before our eyes are the following:

Kanye West


Johnny Depp

Charlie Sheen

Billy Cosby

I am NOT a conspiracy theorist and while this article is NOT a common for me, I will say this, there is a lot of truth to the illuminati theory and while some of it is more fictitious there is a lot of truth. May we pray for all those out there who are gracing this world with their musical talents, entertainment, acting, and leadership.

Blessings in love and light.

Raymond Guzman, Spiritual Medium

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