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Clairalience – The Psychic Smell

Often we speak about the other clairs (clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentient, and clairaudience) but we rarely speak of the clairalience. This is the sense of being able to smell energy. When you are spiritually awakened or born with these gifts you often have moments where you may at a certain location and pick up on certain fragrances and not even be sure what you are smelling. This could be random and take you by surprise. We often try to find another explanation which could be more scientific and think that our smell is affected by our environment but the truth is spirit is in our environment wherever we are and they can affect our own environment leading to clairalience or as some call it clairessence.

I remember throughout my life there have been so many instances where I have been focusing my energy on one thing such as watching a movie and all sudden I am smelling nachos or some strong cologne but no one is around me. I have walked into a room at other times and smelled chocolate chip cookies. Sure, some might think that we draw these scents out of our own hunger pains or that we have possibly seen these certain items in the last couple of hours and they are now programmed or etched in our memory faculties but the truth is that this isn’t the case. It wasn’t until I understood that when there is no more logical explanation for such occurrences, it is spirit working this. Being a psychic and medium spirit will use scents to identify them or something that perhaps they used, ate, or were surrounded by to get their energy signature clear. This is a form of spirit communication. The ability for them to use energy and convert that into a scent for us to smell is spirit communication.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked “How will I know when spirit is around?” If you are picking up on scents this your clairalience picking up on spirit and this is a form of spirit visitation. They are making their presence known through their scent. Some scents will be pleasant and some may be foul smelling. If there isn’t a connection with the spirit, you might start smelling other smells. Every soul even living ones have a certain scent that we cannot smell ourselves. However, pets are very intuitive and they know and can pick up our scents. I’m not talking about our smoke scent, or even perfume or colognes. We all have a unique energy signature that emits a scent. Hence this is how our pets know how we are feeling. In many hospice situations when a person who is terminally ill is dying their pet may be able to know and will smell their energy.

What is interesting is how these scents smell coming from a living or spirit. How we vibrate in life will be our energy scent when we pass. Let’s say you were someone who always found joy, always was happy, and overall lived a successful life and had no regrets. You will tend to have a sweeter or more appealing scent. Where someone who was a murderer, angry, violent, lied, or even hated would have a putrid smelling scent. This could be like the scent of decay or rot. So, it’s safe to say that while we can camouflage certain scents of our physical body our spiritual body itself has a scent.

If you have been smelling different scents and cannot pin point the exact source, write it down and keep a journal of any odd occurrences to refer to. Some things will suddenly make sense after they occur or months later.

Blessings in love and light x

-Raymond Guzman, Spiritual Medium

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