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January Monthly Horoscopes 2017

ARIES– Life takes a positive turn for you this month especially if 2016 ended on a sour note things are changing for the better here for you Aries. You will notice that there will be a lot of firsts being experienced this month perhaps your first promotion in years, buying your first car, owning your own home, or traveling. Whatever it is, that you have never experienced or done, this is a month where you can fully embrace those changes and experiences. If you are single you could also meet someone new or start a spiritual union. There is the possibly that you aren’t even looking but someone comes and sweeps you off your feet. Anything and everything is possible. Those of you in an existing relationship could notice that you are both working together towards a goal. This could be looking at joint finances and where you need to save money or invest more money into. Both minds working together you can accomplish more this month. All things are happening in a harmonious way but if you were in a toxic relationship you will notice there is a push forward to get out of that situation, especially this month. All around your relationship you have divine guidance from your angels giving you that information you need. Don’t lose the faith. Career wise you will notice the potential of your career moving forward finally or moving past a stumbling block you felt. Creatively speaking you are now at the top of your game. Enjoy the energy. On a spiritual level you will notice that any situation in your life that has been ongoing now reaches an ending. It’s almost as if you have come full circle and reached inner peace. Trust your intuition.

TAURUS – This month you are going to come to terms with someone or some place you are in that is spiritually taking its toll on you. Although you are extremely intuitive and know how to get out of situations that no longer serve you, we all know you are stubborn at times. This is where sometimes you let this get in the way and block you from accomplishing new things in your life. You are by no means a quitter and you don’t give up easily, however, this situation is something that is unnerving and could be something that will continue to grow and turn ugly if you keep feeding it. It is better to take a stance and remove yourself from this for your highest and greater good. So this month you will focus on changing what you have known for a while was only hindering your success and disturbing your inner and outer peace because this situation has also affected those around you who you care about. This month you are also asked to embrace your inner child and reconnect with people who perhaps you haven’t spoken to in ages. If you have a family situation and are no longer on speaking terms you are asked by the universe to push the pride aside and be the bigger person and pick up the phone or write the letter. Often we hold onto pain that we don’t need to and it starts affecting us physically and mentally. You are the bigger person and mature about this, make the peace so you can truly heal those areas in your life that need healing. In particular you will notice even if the other person isn’t receptive or willing to forgive and forget you have already released this by just getting it off your chest. This is also a great month for you to have more faith in your abilities and returning to your roots. Sometimes we forget what made us successful or made us the go to person who everyone naturally gravitated towards. If you have lost some friends or people have left your life in the last 6 months it’s possible that they saw things in you that you may have not been able to fully see yet but this month is a good month to continue to work on yourself. Go after what you believe in and take risks. Restore the inner joy.

GEMINI – As this month starts off with Mercury in retrograde you will not feel like you are moving forward in life and you may feel all areas of your world are compromised. This would be your career, your emotions, your friendships, your family, and personal relationships are all affected. However, the progression and the success are there Gemini. Don’t be fooled as what you are feeling is part of the cosmic shift and a temporary illusion. Later in the month Mercury will go direct and you will feel back to your normal self. The key here is to not dwell on the temporary feelings and continue doing what you feel. But all within balance and remember to listen to your body and how you feel. If you are not feeling motivated to go and do exercise or go out, listen to your body. You are one of the most active signs psychically and mentally as you are always on the go. Step back a little and practice or continue doing something like meditation or breathing techniques to balance your chakras out. Without this you could be picking up on extra anxiety this month or try to force change upon yourself or others and will only result in you being disappointed. There is a lot of magic in the world around you but you may not be able to fully see that but later in the month you will. You will also be challenged by someone or be in a position in your life where you might want to or forced to lie. Your integrity is called into question and although Gemini’s are sometimes known for extending the truth you need to refrain from any untruths or lies. There is no such thing as a white lie and the truth always sets you free spiritually but also sets into motion good karma, which is what you need right now. Don’t fall into the temptation and there will be someone in your life you more than likely is irritating you or makes you want to go down this path. Don’t do it! In the second half of the month you will slowly notice that your psychic abilities such as intuition is stronger and you will pick up on feelings or gut instincts as some call it. Listen to this and don’t double guess yourself. That is extremely important right now for you. It’s all about realigning yourself with positive thoughts this month and that’s the greatest message here. Stay positive and do not get discouraged.

CANCER – Life accelerates for you and you will experience new beginnings this month and go through so many positive changes both professionally but also emotionally. You step into the new year with a lot of confidence and this boosts your blessings and makes them even easier to manifest. You will take a more holistic or reiki approach to those areas of your heart in which you are still dealing with the pain of separation or loss. This isn’t easy for anyone but for you, you will feel extremely lighter and not burdened by things or people you cannot change. The best thing about all of this is that you are not alone and if you have been feeling like this for a while or maybe you are single currently, a friend or family member provides you that comfort you need and reassurance that you are on your way. This is not a time to give up. This month you may here some announcements around you that impact you directly or indirectly. This could be someone in your family announcing a pregnancy, it could be someone is moving away, you may here that you are approved for something you have been waiting for. So there will be a form of celebration, even if you are just celebrating yourself. Although the weather may be bad this month in some areas of the world, wherever you are you asked to reconnect with nature. If you can spend time outdoors this is suggested to ground yourself spiritually and release into mother earth all those worries or concerns you are currently experiencing. If you are in winter or inclement weather think of getting indoor plants and keeping that near you. Remember we are all as one and you have a lot to be thankful for even if you can’t see it right now. For those of you thinking of quitting your job to embrace self employment or thinking of joining a new place of employment just do it! Don’t think twice as this is a time of expansion and following your passions. This is also speaking to your love life. If you are single but looking for love, be ready to make changes so you can invite someone new into your life or take that existing relationship to the next level.

LEO – This month you are given reassurance by the planetary alignment in the cosmos that you are on the right path professionally speaking. If you have had some self-doubt with Mercury being in retrograde this is understandable but you have a clear direction on what you want to accomplish this year. The universe is telling you that although your visions are there and respected you must also let go and be willing to allow any spontaneity to enter your life. This month is all about spontaneity in your career and professional world. You can do and accomplish anything. There will be key people who are in your life right now and help you along the way. This could be advice you need or direction. You won’t have to necessarily ask, they will just let you know how they truly feel. This is also a month in which you have been holding onto some pain or not wanting to accept how someone may have hurt you in 2016. While you have managed to go on about your daily life and tasks you are now asked to seal these wounds and let the healing begin. One way of achieving this is looking at the positives from this. You are stronger now more than ever, you are alive, and you have a future. Of all the signs you are the main one who loves the finer things in life which could be luxurious or fancy as some may call it. There is nothing wrong with that and you have been working in your family life and personal life very hard so if you haven’t taken time to pamper yourself this month you will get that opportunity. You may also notice that during the nocturnal periods of each day your mind is more active and you will sleep less. During these times each lunar cycle will provide you with downloads of information, ideas, new thoughts and this could lead you to feeling more tired during the days. If you are more of a day person, get ready for shifts in your sleep patterns as they could have already begun. Enjoy these moments and write down or document those fabulous ideas you receive.

VIRGO – This month you will need to relax your mind about any worries you have and allow your higher self to provide you with reassurance. Your body is going to be responsible for you being able to feel more good about yourself and having the stamina to keep going and pursuing things that you love. This is also a time in which you will notice that your patience is needed. The seeds you planted in 2016 will give you the harvest you seek but it’s not time. So this speaks to self-employment ventures, business dealings, investments, and career. If you are not seeing the success you are seeking and thinking of just quitting, think again! The universe has a plan for you that you may not be able to see clearly but you may feel it in the back of your mind and that’s reassurance from the angels. This month it’s a time to take any formulas, patterns and routines that need modification and giving it your personal touch. You have a great eye for change and sometimes we must take a non-traditional approach to these situations. You will step outside the box and think in terms of how you can get your point across or reach that level you seek. While you work on existing careers and personal situations you will also be breaking free from restraints and those who are holding you back. Your relationships later in the month become a focus and you begin to either distance yourself slowly from those who do not share your same vision or no longer vibrate at your level. There will be times in which you start notice you are human and you don’t like to get emotional but if you have to break down and cry it will be okay. Don’t worry what others around you may think, contrary to beliefs crying is for the purification of the soul and that’s what you need to do right now. Become one with your feelings and purge what is hurting you spiritually. The emotions you feel must be released so you can fully function and get rid of the nervousness that you are feeling. By the end of the month any delays you have been experiencing now end and you start to see your energies and feelings shifting in a positive manner.

LIBRA – Lately you have become very emotionally drained and disconnected from the reality around you. No you aren’t crazy but spiritually you are awakening or just finished awakening and this can feel disconcerting and it can feel like your life is now upside down. You don’t recognize the person you are staring in the mirror and you may even say to yourself that this isn’t who you are. Why are you feeling like this? Basically any shift you experience at your soul level like an awakening strips away all that no longer serves us or that will elevate us for our greatest blessings to take place. This is all that is happening right now Libra and nothing to be worried about it. In fact your bravery is something others admire and is what will help you this month with your family relationships and also on your spiritual growth. The universe is asking you why you are so worried about things or people? It’s not worth it so you are being told to not give too much emphasis on this and keep it moving. You cannot continue to live with regret or thinking what if you would have done something differently. You are where you need to be at this precise moment and this month will remind you of this. If you get multiple invites to meet up with friends but you don’t feel like going, don’t. You are in a phase where you might take on more joy by being alone within the confines of your sacred space. Use this time to meditate and write down things into your journal or on paper. Get these feelings out. You have been holding onto things for far too long. This month you will also notice that the universe provides you with material blessings such as money, or someone helps you out with a bill or something you need. All you need to do is keep the faith and ask. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help from others. We all have gone through a similar situation at one time or another.

SCORPIO – There will be some dramatic moments this month in your life. This could be someone who you don’t see eye to eye to or an enemy. Whoever this is, know that this could be one that is challenging because the both of you are very set in your ways and have different opinions. The other person in your life who is bringing this drama is persistent and the attacks could be indirectly or by others they know or associate with. It’s important to step away from this situation and do not feed it. Do not entertain this as it could affect you negatively and you don’t need that around you right now. Others will flock towards you later in the month for advice and guidance because you have a lot of wisdom and inner strength. You have been through many experiences that have only strengthened you and made you the spiritual warrior you are. Thoughts from your past keep haunting you and hurting you especially if you haven’t forgiven those who have hurt you. This month is one in which you take baby steps to heal those areas and become more focused on those around you who matter most and those blessings you have already achieved. There’s more blessings coming towards you if you are open right now. The universe and your spiritual guidance team will be providing you with the energy you need this month and also clearing your path. So those who may have started off your month with drama will no longer seek to be a part of your life and will either go away or have a change of heart after seeing they were wrong. You will enjoy the last week of the month and start seeing any friendships and relationships becoming more full of love and happiness. You have a lot to be grateful and look forward to Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS – Life is full of decisions and this month you will be super focused on those decisions and making the most of them. There may be those around you who are discouraging or bring you their drama and this affects you spiritually. If you are in a relationship that is bringing you added stress and worries and hindering your ability to reach for your goals or wants, it’s time to have a good look at this and make a decision. Often we hold off on decision making due to the fear of the future and what the outcome will be. Although you cannot see what lies ahead, you have to trust the universe and only then will you start to see movement forward in this life. There are going to be a lot of signs from spirit given to you this month by others and even those around you. Look for all the clues and listen to what you feel. Act upon it. For those of you who are at standstill and not sure what is your purpose in the world or feeling stuck, you must go deep within and search for what is repeating in your life. Those trends or aspects that are repeating are lessons we have not yet mastered but have the potential to. How can you master this? Easy, simply do not fall into old patterns. If you know someone is lying to you and you give them a 4th and 5th chance and no change has occurred, you are becoming the enabler and inviting this negativity into your life. This also a month in which new job opportunities can display themselves or more revenue can be earned. If you are not working, you might get an interview you have been wanting. Don’t lose any hope and stay cheerful and positive. Everything in your life is happening as it should.

CAPRICORN – Love is the center focal point of your life this month. Any relationships, family members, friendships are all staring you in the face and you will witness harmony and peace in this area. If this hasn’t been the case in the past few months you are now given the opportunity to be happy and share your happiness with everyone in your life. In our career you are going to see a surge of new ideas and creativity. If you are an artistic person or even if you aren’t. You will notice this month that aspect of you will emerge and you are provided with solutions or come up with solutions to existing roadblocks or obstacles. You basically will have the answer to most things you haven’t been able to understand or wanting. The answers we seek are often already within us but our daily life is so busy we cannot see them or understand them. Sometimes we just play a blind eye and they are staring right in front of us. Don’t worry because you are able to see progress here. Later in the month there could be some minor challenges that leave you feeling like you are alone or again very uncertain. It’s okay and don’t overanalyze these feelings or read too much into another person’s actions. This is all temporary and will heal by itself. If you fall into negative thinking you are opening doors into negativity and you don’t need that right now. Someone else may want you to make a decision that benefits them but you may not want to give in. It’s okay reach a compromise if possible. There is a solution for everything in your life.

AQUARIUS – This month you are drawn into your emotions. While you did a lot of work on yourself in 2016 this still carries into this year. You are going to notice that your true feelings are surfacing and you are bogged down with regret or fear of the future. This is because a part of you is still remembering the love you had for someone who was in your life or a career path you were on. However, you have grown and with any spiritual growth comes new beginning and blessings. You are asked by the universe to sit down and look at the bigger picture. All around you there are people there encouraging you and things cannot go back to how they used to be because you have evolved. Your intuitive abilities are very strong this month and you will need to use discernment on someone else’s intentions. They could be showing you one aspect of themselves but this is just a façade. The key is to not step a foot back into your past and keep making new changes. The other person from your past is not able to make the progress you have because they have stayed frozen in time and with grudges. This is your secret to success. You aren’t them! You will be working multiple jobs, tasks, and responsibilities. Don’t burn yourself out this month. You can easily achieve this by setting reasonable boundaries and learning to say NO to who is pushing you outside of your comfort zone. You must be comfortable and do things at your own pace so any rushing from anyone may be good for them but not you. Don’t feel rushed and take it slow. Each step you are taking now is a step towards the bigger picture. If you are single, you might start noticing others are taking interest in you. It’s okay to flirt or just be yourself. Love is love! If someone is trying to impose things on you or make decisions for you, stop them immediately. If you haven’t been consulted it’s not okay for them to assume you are. Be firm in any decision making. Most of all don’t give up.

PISCES – People who have been supportive of you and share the same vision that you do will play an important role in your life this month. Together you will walk hand in hand or see them assisting you when you feel overwhelmed or doubting yourself. You could be struggling with making a life changing decision and while this is not helping you, a partner could hold the answer you are seeking or have some insight into the situation because they have been there before themselves. Financially you will notice improvement this month from your hard work and determination in at all levels. You are asked to be optimistic and not focus too much on the what if’s, instead you are asked to trust the outcome. If you haven’t traveled much an opportunity to travel could appear this month or you could make plans for future travelling. You will also need to focus on your many blessings no matter how minor they are. Sometimes we get so busy with work and other activities we cannot see how much has changed us for the better. At the same time you will notice someone in your life is also changing and becoming more positive. Especially if this person has always been more of a pessimist. Life will be much better. If you have been doubting yourself or lacking self-confidence you are asked this month to stay take a stand and believe in yourself. Once you can master this you will begin to notice the things and situations you desire begin to open and manifest.

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