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The Earth is Rumbling

Spirit often visits me at night when I sleep but sometimes I get premonitions of world events before they happen. What I have been experiencing the last couple of nights I have written down in a journal, but I wanted to share this with each of you as well. So, for the past couple of nights I will be asleep and wake up around 2am or 3am and just as I’m about to wake up I hear and feel the earth moving. I know this sounds totally insane to some of you maybe reading this. However, many of you have asked how I get the world predictions and sometimes its visions, sometimes I feel it or see it, sometimes I just know. What I have been feeling is the earth rumbling deep inside and I hear this BOOM! It sounds like a faraway echo that extends for miles.

So, I asked my spiritual guidance team and I got that we need to brace ourselves all around the world. There are going to be some intense catastrophic natural disasters occurring soon. What I felt, and saw is earthquakes increasing even more than they did last year. When I wrote my predictions for 2018 back in December I still felt they were coming but with mother nature you don’t always know when they are going to happen. However, I must say I had the sense of fear in me stirred up with what I felt. So, I get something within the earth Mother Nature herself the core of our planet is going to release much energy into the earth we live on. We are going to notice major earthquakes very soon and there might be tornados soon.

I feel like we are not too far away of witnessing what I felt. I felt as if the tectonic plates were shifting violently and I saw holes opening and streets cracking. I know some parts of the earth have not witnessed strong earthquakes in years, but I don’t feel this happening just here in the USA but in South America and parts of Europe/Middle East. I got that this is something that most of us have not yet seen. I do feel I’m unlocking new parts to my gifts that are now coming to the surface and while this blog is not to incite any kind of fear or panic, just have an emergency kit ready. Have enough food and supplies to last for two weeks or so. It’s always good to be prepared. I know some of you out there have been feeling this coming too. I believe it’s not just me but others out there like me…. some of you as well that would be feeling this. I have been feeling really in a lot of physical pain for the past few days as well. When I begin to feel world events this strong my body tends to feel it too. So, I got that some people might be trapped under rubble like this weight on them.

When earthquakes happen or other violent natural disasters it can cause things to explode like power lines, water lines, weak structures. Always have a back up plan for your family.

A lot of people have been hearing sirens or loud sounds all around the world and not sure what this would be. I am getting these are angels or guardians of the earth emitting a loud frequency also preluding to this occurring. There will be many people asking if this is punishment by the DIVINE. The answer is NO! However, there is too much negativity in the world and the earth is feeling it and absorbing it. It must send shock waves out into the world to release this and sort of bring humanity more together. Think about natural disasters and how some of you may have been in shelters or in places you normally wouldn’t go and around large groups of people. Typically, we live in our own little world, but the universe has ways to unite people, bring people together to heal itself. Friendships and bonds are formed.

Stay tuned to the weather and news. If any of you do come across any earthquakes in the next few days or weeks, please let me know. Blessings to all.

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