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Can Spirits Harm the Living

We all have seen a haunted movie or heard that spirits can inflict harm to the living if they are truly angry or upset. Is there any truth to this? You have to understand that just like there are good spirits, there are a lot of bad spirits. These were either dark souls who lived a very dark path while on earth and have chosen to not cross over into the light. These are earthbound spirits. Most earthbound spirits do not cross into the spiritual realm because they either feel scared that they will be judged on the other side when they cross into the light. The other reason is that they want revenge. If they were murdered or died in a tragic manner, they may also be staying behind because they want revenge on the person who is living and did this to them. Sometimes they stay behind after death because they have living loved ones who they feel need them or they need to get a message across to them before they get their peace. Now that I’ve explained the different types of earthbound spirits, I’m going to focus on the darker energies who can cause harm to the living and how they do this.

Now darker energies or negative spirits have various reasons why they want to cause harm to the living. They either want to send a clear message you are crossing their territory, you’ve done something to draw their attention, they were mental in life and in death still carry this quality, and in some cases you don’t have to do anything…they are just evil and get some kind of sick pleasure of torturing the human souls.

Now energies such as the ones I’m describing in this article can in fact cause different things to occur in your environment and not necessarily cause physical harm. Think of them trying to give you a message that they are present in your home. Most people who have been haunted or live in a haunted house can see the following things occur.

  • Lights flicker

  • Doors Open and Shut

  • Things are misplaced

  • Animals are afraid to go into a certain area or bark incessantly at odd hours of the day or night

  • Animals are drawn to one area in particular and seem more aggressive but you can’t see what they see

  • Disembodied voices can be heard

  • Apparitions

  • Weird Stenches or smells (some are the scent of death…decay and rotten or putrid in smell)

  • Scratching or Tapping on the walls

  • Phone calls but when you are on the line, the other line there is just static or noise

  • Feeling someone is watching you in your home

  • Feeling hair pulled

  • Feeling someone is touching you

  • Feeling someone laying next to you in bed

  • Feeling uneasy

  • Feeling headaches, nausea, dizzy, some other sickness that appears mysteriously

The list goes on and on.

Now there are some questions if darker energies can cause illnesses or medical conditions and in some cases death. The answer to this is YES. Some of these may be darker energies and some may be what we call demonic. Here is a list of actual things that can happen when they become more physical

  • You have dark nightmares, usually someone you love is dying, being killed, but they are still living

  • You sometimes notice yourself or your family members in the home seem possessed or besides themselves.

  • Sudden or unexplained arguments and outburst of anger

  • Scratches appear on your body and burn shortly after appearing or you wake up with them (Demonic attacks usually result in 3 scratches which look like a set of claws just scratched you. This is to mock the trinity. Again this will all depend on your spirituality and what religious background you had before becoming spiritual in nature….so your interpretation may vary).

  • Waking up with strange bruises

  • Feeling sick in a certain room or place.

  • Sudden and overwhelming anxiety attacks that seem to intensify in a certain room or only in your home.

  • Waking up or feeling pressure on your chest while laying on your bed

  • Sleep paralysis

The thing with darker energies and the demonic is that the longer a human person is exposed to this energy and depending on how strong the entity is they can cause or bring about very bad health conditions like heart attacks, irregular heartbeats, strokes, and yes even some cancers. Some of you may be reading this and think this is ridiculous, however, hear me out. I will go on to explain this further.

You see when you have a dark entity, and, in some cases, some people have many in one area or place, they vibrate at very darker levels. You are a human and you are composed of energy and so is your soul. Being around a darker spirit’s energy can affect your aura and how your body would deal with this energy or interpret is by causing something physical to translate that energy or feelings. Therefore, many psychics, mediums, empaths often feel sick when they arrive to a place that is chalk full of nasty energy. The problem is that if you are unprotected or not sure how to rid and protect yourself of these energies you can become very ill. These energies and entities like to go through the body of the living or touch them. It’s like a spiritual assault to your body. The problem is that when they are more advanced or intelligent spirits they have learned how to cause physical harm and sickness than other souls who are newly dead or don’t know yet how to control their energy. Since they no longer have physical hands to scratch you, they use their energy to create these marks. Their energetic body can use the form of when they were living and just visualize their hands scratching you. Again this requires for them to be advanced and they often learn by frequent attempts on how to manipulate energy.

If you suspect your home is haunted or you have something darker you can do several things to protect yourself. If the entity was one human and is just stuck and darker in nature try a subtle approach and you can talk to them out loud and simply explain you are not here to cause them harm. This is now your space and they don’t belong here anymore. Then envision a door in front of you of white light and tell the spirit to go into the light. This will take some visualization or imagination. You can also gather a few selenite crystals and put them on the floor in the formation of a door or rectangle. This can be a circle too. Basically, you will want to create an opening and when you do this you can add some incense like frankincense or any other incense you prefer and ask them to step into the circle or doorway you have created and cross over. You may have to repeat this several times and it may have to be repeated because some spirits are going to be very reluctant. How will you know if they crossed over you ask? You will feel lighter, the atmosphere usually feel’s better, you will notice activity ceases. After crossing over you should sage your entire home and say something like “I only allow love and light to fill this space. Nothing negative can stay.” At least this is how I would do it but keep in mind there is no right or wrong way. You can say whatever you feel like as long as it is tailored to your taste and makes sense to you. It’s important to note that you should say a prayer calling upon warrior angels like Archangel Michael to protect you and help you with crossing over souls before opening a door for them to cross over.

If the entity is weak you can sprinkle salt all around property, some prefer to use sea salt, or Himalayan salt. This should be placed all over the home and entry ways. Salt is for purification and also for protection. You can also light a white candle and call upon your angels to help protect you and ask the spirits or entities to cross over.

In some cases, you might have to be more forceful in your approach, but I would highly not recommend this especially if this has been going on for quite some time. If you don’t feel comfortable doing any of the things mentioned above to rid yourself of these entities then you may need to call a paranormal team of experts, psychic or spiritual medium to help guide you on how to rid yourself of these darker energies. It’s important to note here that darker energies can’t stay in a place of love for long periods of time so a family that is really close, pisses them off if they are demonic or just darker energies. This is why many times they will prey among the weakest person in the family. This could be someone who has an addiction, who has something that they cannot control. Spirits can use this to spark arguments in the family, turn people who loved each other against themselves. They can target the strongest person too. Their main goal is to separate and conquer. Think about it, if everyone is fighting each other or arguing this creates a warm atmosphere of negativity. This is their domain and space. They love negativity and thrive on it. You take that away from their equation they have no ties to this physical world. Therefore, in things like possessions or the demonic, the demon will usually possess someone in the family or multiple people to wreak havoc and cause separations. It’s not uncommon for families who are victims of such hauntings or energy often result in couples separating, divorce, legal issues, and even suicide in some cases.

Demons are harder to get rid of and if you have something demonic in your space, many people think that if they move that the demon will stay at the house because it is being haunted. This is a myth and in fact, once a link has been made with a living person, that demon will follow that person wherever they go. Think of them as your shadow. Basically, where you go, they go. People who are possessed usually look run down, very angry or out of it, catatonic at times, speaking in foreign languages, have hatred against holy objects, religious statues, holy water, scapular medals, animals will seem very afraid of this person, they will have a stench (usually rotten or decayed), will isolate themselves, complain they constantly hear a voice that speaks to them and is very negative in nature usually ordering them to cause harm to others living in the home, darker thoughts, seems to have clairvoyance when they never had this before (This is not to be confused with someone who is spiritually awakened and has abilities because a possessed person will have not just clairvoyance but the other symptoms mentioned above as well), etc.

Saint Benedictine medal is an exorcism medal and protects against the demonic and dark magic. If you haven’t bought one it can also help against darker souls. Tread very carefully if you suspect demonic activity and know fear is their stomping ground. Take fear away and seek help through a demonologist or priest or pastor. These individuals will have more experience in dealing with these types of cases and can help you with the demonic. I will note that demonic cases are extremely rare, and some type of investigation must happen before a member of clergy will agree to assist in the case. Some tests such as psychological illnesses must be ruled out as well before an exorcism of the house or person is performed. Sometimes a priest can come and perform a house blessing, so the things outlined in this article do not describe every situation or experience.

There are different ways of handling situations, however, hopefully this article gives you a better understanding about what spirits can do.

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