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Can Spirits Harm the Living

We all have seen a haunted movie or heard that spirits can inflict harm to the living if they are truly angry or upset. Is there any truth to this? You have to understand that just like there are good spirits, there are a lot of bad spirits. These were either dark souls who lived a very dark path while on earth and have chosen to not cross over into the light. These are earthbound spirits. Most earthbound spirits do not cross into the spiritual realm because they either feel scared that they will be judged on the other side when they cross into the light. The other reason is that they want revenge. If they were murdered or died in a tragic manner, they may also be staying behind because they want revenge on the person who is living and did this to them. Sometimes they stay behind after death because they have living loved ones who they feel need them or they need to get a message across to them before they get their peace. Now that I’ve explained the different types of earthbound spirits, I’m going to focus on the darker energies who can cause harm to the living and how they do this.

Now darker energies or negative spirits have various reasons why they want to cause harm to the living. They either want to send a clear message you are crossing their territory, you’ve done something to draw their attention, they were mental in life and in death still carry this quality, and in some cases you don’t have to do anything…they are just evil and get some kind of sick pleasure of torturing the human souls.

Now energies such as the ones I’m describing in this article can in fact cause different things to occur in your environment and not necessarily cause physical harm. Think of them trying to give you a message that they are present in your home. Most people who have been haunted or live in a haunted house can see the following things occur.

  • Lights flicker

  • Doors Open and Shut

  • Things are misplaced

  • Animals are afraid to go into a certain area or bark incessantly at odd hours of the day or night

  • Animals are drawn to one area in particular and seem more aggressive but you can’t see what they see

  • Disembodied voices can be heard

  • Apparitions