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Christian Psychics, Christianity vs. New Age

This may be the most interesting blog for many of you out there. This is a subject I don’t like bringing up because there are so many reasons but the main reason as a Spiritualist I have learned that we must respect religion, new age, and basically people of all walks of life and their decisions. However, when does one cross the line between their belief’s and hypocrisy? I must say I have been doing spiritual work for years now and I have come across many people from all walks of life in the spiritual community and Christian community. As many of you know I was born and raised Catholic and slowly that belief system contradicted everything that was in the bible or religious doctrine. My experiences were not documented in the doctrine, I noticed I felt lost with the concept of worshiping in a place of GOD. One day I thought to myself, why do people have to go to church to feel closer to GOD? I kept thinking doesn’t GOD know who we are and where we are. Why do we have to be in church to speak to GOD, can’t he hear me anywhere else? Then I slowly had supernatural occurrences that unfortunately the bible does not cover or go into details. In fact, I felt quite conflicted inside and often found that the bible left people with fear. It was written too in a language that doesn’t make sense in many ways. Religion taught me to question everything I was taught by the church. I slowly broke free from that thinking.

As I got into my 20’s and 30’s I found more that GOD is in each of us. There is a universal power and source but there is also the DIVINE Feminine and if GOD had created each of us in his image that would mean that GOD is also a woman or has a duality in spirituality. Why did GOD have to be a man instead of a woman? What was so special about a man that he created a woman? I mean a man cannot give birth like a female can. Then I saw numerous depictions from Artists and talented people from centuries ago. I studied art for 5 years and I am an artist myself as well. In all the religious pictures you would notice that Adam was created by GOD in his image but, yet no one has lived to see GOD. So how can we have been created in his image if he does not wish for us to be seen? Jesus was supposed to be endowed with all of these supernatural abilities like being able to see GOD who is a spirit, communicate with the DEAD (God who is spirit and also the devil and other spirits), Ability to heal the sick. I kept thinking GOD sounds a lot like a psychic medium and healer. In today’s world he would be considered a prophet, a spiritual medium. Then I read an article by a medium who in fact gave her own beliefs about GOD and doctrine.

On my spiritual path I have had some friends who are Christian and psychic mediums. I had a friend and I use the past tense because I had to break that friendship for various reasons. However, I was really supportive of this person and encourage them to do and follow their path. This person confided in me and was a married Christian. There was a lot going on in their marriage and relationship and the things told to me which I will NOT go into detail were very unchristian like. I still did not judge this person and kept an open mind. They created a forum and I supported them on their journey. Long story short one day while on the forum and helping them and giving some feedback on my own insight one of the members of this group who was Christian and also spiritual attacked me. It was a personal attack and we went back and forth and unfortunately, we had to agree to disagree.

My “friend” who was the creator of this Christian Psychic forum and I had a personal discussion but nothing on their part was done to correct the situation or stop it from escalating. I felt personally attacked because the forum was created in the thought that we were all adults, all mature and we could be open and respect one another without attacking. Mind you I would never attack someone, but I was personally attacked and the tone and words used were so full of negativity that I felt not comfortable. Other “Christians” chimed in and supported this person and basically, I had to end my friendship based on the lack of support and compassion from someone who practiced religion but was spiritual. As painful as it was, I had to break ties because through their religion it was used to attack me. The weeks that followed friends of this person sent me anonymous emails or messages that were just so negative and attacking me. I kept my distance, and this proved to me that religion can be used as the people who stand behind it want to use it. They can dissect bits and pieces and use it to justify their actions.

There are too many stories that we could be here all day but this is one of the reasons I do not believe you can be Christian and Spiritual at the same time. There is a dichotomy between both Christianity and Spiritualism. Why must religion be based on fear and control and why do they judge spiritualists? The values and principles of Christianity dictate that we should not judge one another but rather practice love. However, many who are Christians do not follow that at all. They condemn anything written or documented like being gay, being a witch, being a psychic, being a medium and the list goes on. However, how many of them are committing sins and hurting others with their religion? Wouldn’t the religious organization be considered a cult? Do I believe that every Christian is a hypocrite? Do I believe that every Christian is on a witch hunt? NO! I believe there are many devout Christians who love and are accepting of anyone.

Recently one example of this was a famous spiritual teacher, author, medium, and angel card reader Doreen Virtue. Many people looked up to this person and bought her courses through Hay House, became certified angel card readers, many bought her decks, her books and basically became followers of her. I just became aware and I know I’m behind on this but I had so many things happening in 2017 that I did not get the time to read this. However, I found out she recently turned to a Christian path and denounced witches, mediums, psychics, and anyone on a spiritual path or that uses divination in any form. She also told her followers to turn away from her decks, her ascended masters book and cards as she did not believe in those at all. It no longer resonated with her. This person has built a empire and fortune and what about her followers who paid for the angel card courses and were listed in a reputable directory?

Doesn’t she owe them an apology or is she exempt from this because she is now a Christian? How unfair is this to them? This is why I say Christianity hurts people and those who worked alongside her as peers. Where do they stand and those collaborations that she did with other peers? You could say I’m being biased or I’m being judgmental and full of ego. I do admit I have an ego and for the most part I try to keep it in check because I know I AM not perfect, I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. So I went researching on YOUTUBE, and came across numerous videos from people who had an opinion just like I do about her actions. How her new-found path has created hurt within the spiritual community.

I do believe in Jesus, I believe in Mary, I believe in GOD (GREAT SPIRIT), I Believe in the GOD (Mother Earth), I believe in angels, ascended masters, but not because anyone told me to believe in them or because I read about them. I believe that they exist because I have received personal validations to confirm their existence. No the ascended masters are not Demons! People who have spiritual abilities or abilities of discernment are not possessed by demons. If GOD created man in his image, how can we not have spiritual abilities? Why are there other planets in the solar system? Why were there seers and prophets that have made predictions and able to see into the future and without any knowledge know what was going to happen and those events have been validated. Why does the bible not discuss reincarnation when other spiritual cultures discuss this in depth? There are so many documented cases of people recalling who they were and places and knowing even what they looked like and their previous name and having those all validated.

Therefore, the world is the way it is and why so many people in the spiritual community are still in the psychic closet. Why they feel they cannot come out and openly be who they were destined to be. Because they fear persecution, they feel as if their family has been socially conditioned and programmed with their beliefs that anything different is not acceptable. If you really think about it, we are not that far from our ancestors who were involved in the witch hunts of the 1600’s in the USA and across Europe. When people hear the word psychic or medium they immediately think of women and the fact is that the spiritual world has more women awakened than men. However, there are many men who are psychics and mediums but fear that they would be fired from their jobs or considered socially unstable or mental for believing in themselves and their abilities. I personally don’t care what anyone thinks of me. If anything, I pray that other men and women come to accept who they are and know they are not alone. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine and follow your calling.

Many contact me daily and ask me if I’m a Christian? I mean how does that make a difference? Why judge me if I’m a spiritualist and not Christian? Because they are again programmed to fear anything that is not within their own beliefs. I don’t feel in my opinion and many of you may agree but I don’t believe you can be Christian and step into the world of spiritualism without contradicting your path and principles of the teachings you have been taught. There will always be a line driven in the sand. This does not mean you cannot believe in GOD, believe in the word of GOD, or Jesus. It just means, you should not use your teachings to judge others who don’t agree with you and use those teachings to suit you when you feel its convenient.

If you are reading this and are afraid of being who you are, find the courage and strength to do what you feel resonates best in your soul. You are special, we are all children of the Universe and GOD. We are all spiritual beings living a human experience. You were not brought to earth to just live, work, and live in fear and die. You have a purpose and you can still pray, live and love. Many blessings

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