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Christian Psychics, Christianity vs. New Age

This may be the most interesting blog for many of you out there. This is a subject I don’t like bringing up because there are so many reasons but the main reason as a Spiritualist I have learned that we must respect religion, new age, and basically people of all walks of life and their decisions. However, when does one cross the line between their belief’s and hypocrisy? I must say I have been doing spiritual work for years now and I have come across many people from all walks of life in the spiritual community and Christian community. As many of you know I was born and raised Catholic and slowly that belief system contradicted everything that was in the bible or religious doctrine. My experiences were not documented in the doctrine, I noticed I felt lost with the concept of worshiping in a place of GOD. One day I thought to myself, why do people have to go to church to feel closer to GOD? I kept thinking doesn’t GOD know who we are and where we are. Why do we have to be in church to speak to GOD, can’t he hear me anywhere else? Then I slowly had supernatural occurrences that unfortunately the bible does not cover or go into details. In fact, I felt quite conflicted inside and often found that the bible left people with fear. It was written too in a language that doesn’t make sense in many ways. Religion taught me to question everything I was taught by the church. I slowly broke free from that thinking.

As I got into my 20’s and 30’s I found more that GOD is in each of us. There is a universal power and source but there is also the DIVINE Feminine and if GOD had created each of us in his image that would mean that GOD is also a woman or has a duality in spirituality. Why did GOD have to be a man instead of a woman? What was so special about a man that he created a woman? I mean a man cannot give birth like a female can. Then I saw numerous depictions from Artists and talented people from centuries ago. I studied art for 5 years and I am an artist myself as well. In all the religious pictures you would notice that Adam was created by GOD in his image but, yet no one has lived to see GOD. So how can we have been created in his image if he does not wish for us to be seen? Jesus was supposed to be endowed with all of these supernatural abilities like being able to see GOD who is a spirit, communicate with the DEAD (God who is spirit and also the devil and other spirits), Ability to heal the sick. I kept thinking GOD sounds a lot like a psychic medium and healer. In today’s world he would be considered a prophet, a spiritual medium. Then I read an article by a medium who in fact gave her own beliefs about GOD and doctrine.

On my spiritual path I have had some friends who are Christian and psychic mediums. I had a friend and I use the past tense because I had to break that friendship for various reasons. However, I was really supportive of this person and encourage them to do and follow their path. This person confided in me and was a married Christian. There was a lot going on in their marriage and relationship and the things told to me which I will NOT go into detail were very unchristian like. I still did not judge this person and kept an open mind. They created a forum and I supported them on their journey. Long story short one day while on the forum and helping them and giving some feedback on my own insight one of the members of this group who was Christian and also spiritual attacked me. It was a personal attack and we went back and forth and unfortunately, we had to agree to disagree.