Spirits are Not the Lost & Found Department

Being spiritually gifted many individuals will ask for you to find missing items that they have either lost or misplaced. I mean you are gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and you have a direct connection to the spirit world so why can’t they help you with this? This is a good question.

Many psychics and mediums will not be able to help assist you with this because spirit will NOT participate in something you have lost. Spirit is not a lost and found department. Yes, it may have sentimental value but spirit is more concerned with healing messages, and providing you with other types of insight that can heal you. Spirit also has duties on the other side such as learning and evolving. In some cases, they will not provide the answer because they are the ones who have caused you to misplace the item or they have hidden it. Some spirits are more mischievous than others and they will hide things. I once had a ring missing and it was a horseshoe ring. You know it had special meaning to me. One morning I woke up and realized it was gone! I looked all over the house top to bottom and could not find it. I even checked in the popcorn box to make sure it wasn’t in there. I took each bag of popcorn out and checked and nada, zilch, caput! No trace.

A couple of days later I went to the pantry to get the popcorn box and got the last bag out and would you know my ring was in the box where I freaking looked! Now how did that happen? The ring doesn’t have legs of its own and just got up one morning and decided to play hide and seek. This is what I’m referring to in that spirit has the ability to manipulate objects and hide them for a purpose. In most cases if we lose an item it was not meant for us to have. You may spend hours trying to go over your steps but you won’t find it. In some cases, your missing item will appear.

Also sometimes spirit will not assist a gifted individual because they know that you are meant to find your missing item and will. They know at the soul level how careless we are or how much we care about it. Let me give you an example, Patricia has an engagement ring but she takes it off all the time because she doesn’