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Haunted or to Be Haunted, That is the Question

It’s that time of year when some of us like to hit the cemeteries and haunted houses that has a legend or folklore tale attached to it. Perhaps there were tragic events that took place there. Sometimes while doing this we try to prove our ghost hunting skills by stalking these places or going on tours. During this time everyone has their EVP recorders or cameras and flashing pics. Here is the thing you need to understand about hauntings (earthbound spirits). These are spirits who are stuck here for some reason or another. They truly want to be left alone. Some want assistance to cross over. This was a person who was once living and either stuck reliving how they passed or attached to a place because they feel comfortable there.

We sometimes can take ghost hunting to the next level mainly by what we have seen on popular Paranormal shows on TV. If you are DEMANDING to make their presence known, do not be surprised if you receive scratches or something physical will occur! Remember just because they are spirit does not mean they do not have feelings. Unless you are contributing and assisting them to cross over you are not helping but making matters worse in certain cases. This is why certain haunted places are known for physical manifestations. Some of these spirits do not even realize they are dead and some were evil in life and will love to play with you. Trust me it’s NOT pretty and unless you are spiritually protected you’re in for one heck of a ride.

If you are doing paranormal investigations or visiting a haunted location be sure to take some protective crystals with you like black tourmaline, obsidian, selenite, clear quartz, etc. Some herbs like sage, rosemary in a baggie with your crystals I a good idea. A prayer to your guardian angels would not hurt either. Go in with a humble attitude and an open mind. Do not taunt spirit as some things that do not manifest while you are there could actually manifest days or weeks later. They can attach themselves to you and this is sometimes called “piggybacking” and then you become the haunted.

If you are asking questions be gentle and calm and try to avoid demanding or commanding spirits to do your bidding. The “professionals” you see on these paranormal shows have actually had their recaps and they do confess that some tactics they used like demanding or commanding spirits was NEVER a good idea and didn’t realize it until they became haunted or things started going bad in their life. Yes, it may be fun and exhilarating to try something like this but again be humble that is my best suggestion for you.

You will get answers when you show love. Also always try to be with someone and never go alone. Remember you are trespassing their space and they only want respect back.

Blessings in love and light,

Raymond Guzman, Spiritual Medium

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