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Spiritual Warfare

Within our physical plane (Earth) and beyond there is a spiritual warfare occurring. This is a battle between good and evil and many of us are witnessing this being manifested in what is occurring in the world right now but this is just a distraction to take our thought process away from the bigger picture. There is a divergence occurring with humanity in which we will have to pick a side. Which energy do we claim evil or good.

The last 2 months I have been praying even harder to God, angels and my spiritual team. I have been seeing things shifting. This mainly had to do with Mother Earth and not humanity. For the last couple of weeks I have seen butterflies yellow and monarchs flying but they all are following certain patterns. It's almost like they feel something big is coming and they are trying to escape or others. I sometimes read animals but never insects or butterflies but my guides told me they were a sign of peace but also transformation about to occur and they were fleeing. Typically we see these where I live during Spring and Summer months but we are currently in fall. I also have noticed that birds would always hang around our trees and would be seen around town. Lately it's like all the birds have disappeared as well. I also have noticed the natural disasters are increasing and being more destructive like the earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding and much more. But when we focus on humanity we are noticing that people are turning against one another, innocent people are dying, greed is becoming more apparent and while all this occurring there is two POWERS at be. God (consciousness) and the Dark one (Evil). Now I am not religious but if I believe in God, ascended masters like Jesus and seeing visions of other places I can tell you I am certain there is a dark energy which some may refer or could refer to as the D***l. I don't like to say it's name. But let me tell you we are entering a period and have been for sometime now that the main war going on is spiritual and it's for souls. As I have discussed in videos and previous writings that this is a wager on souls. The dark side wants as many innocent souls as it can and we as humans are freely giving our souls over to the darkness. It's so easy to understand.

As spiritual beings living a human experience we have a (physical body) or a vessel as some would call it. Attached to this vessel is a soul occupying the vessel and our soul is controlling our body and mind. So we are a Mind, Body& Soul. When our soul is in a state of rest and love, the darkness has no power! So how does this affect you?

What is going on in your life? What is going on in the world and how are you reacting to this all?

Fear, anger, hate are all states of unrest and lower vibrations. If we are fearing who is going to lead us, if we fear that a war is going to happen then our souls are at an unrest and when we are in a state unrest we start clinging to patterns that we feel calm us but essentially it only harms us. Let me explain let's say you're fearful that your boss is going to fire you. You love food. You will start eating more than you should to suppress your feelings. Now you are a little at ease but this only suppressed, did not get rid of the fear. Hours later you feel guilty for behaving like this and now you're ashamed of yourself. Giving way to another emotion of self pity. When we are in a state that we cannot control temptation or patterns they continue to occur and turn into addictions. These addictions are spiritual warfare. Our feelings of guilt, fear, self pity are all spiritual warfare. Now I'm not saying it isn't normal to have these emotions as we are human but some of us live in prolonged states of this and this is where the evil forces can attack you easily.

When you're in a state of love and happiness you are often more targeted by darker forces because you they know you're vibrating at a higher level so with each level in your spiritual path the tests get harder and the attacks get stronger. We must stand strong in our spiritual faith and let go of anything that's bothering us and release it to the universe (God). All things happen with divine timing. Some of us are stuck in a why isn't my life changing now for the better or why didn't I get a promotion or etc. Heres the deal...let's say you got your promotion or the money you wanted before time. You would be prepared for it and the attacks would begin and the temptation (spiritual warfare). Let's say you got an annual pay raise of $10,000 and you got it before you were ready for it...the enemy(darkness) would start attacking or tempting you to waste your money on things you didn't need but wanted because you now have money to buy it. But in a few weeks something major comes up and you need the money but don't have it any longer because you spent it all. This is where spiritual warfare comes into place. The divine knew you weren't ready but you tried to push the issue until you got your way. The same thing applies in relationships.

Some people may start dating someone who is married or in a relationship with someone. You know it's wrong with what you're doing by breaking up a marriage or relationship but you try to justify the means because the other person is not happy in their relationship. Does this make it right? NO! You are in spiritual warfare because you know right from wrong but you chose the wrong. Let's say the person you wanted leaves their partner behind to be with you. You got what you wanted right? WRONG!!! You have opened up a can of karma on yourself and chances are that your relationship will not last and this person will do the same to you as you did to them. This is spiritual warfare because your soul will live with this over and over and the cycles repeat over and over until you are in a state of love and inner peace.

When we gravitate towards evil we may feel like everything is coming together but slowly things begin to unravel and what made you happy will now be replaced with destruction and sadness. This is how humanity is affected by temptation and evil. Your soul is affected and is no longer in the higher places where good energy resides. This leaves the doors open for diseases, anger, pain, grief, etc. yes our actions affect our health.

See evil wants you to believe that it doesn't exist and it's just a figment of your imagination so it can have control over the world and subtly get more souls to its side. With every soul who leaves the world in a state of spiritual warfare and chooses darkness over light is helping darkness become more stronger. For every soul that is claimed it grows and is able to manifest in our reality with hate crimes, pain, plagues, vulgarity, etc.

In the next few months and into the new year our world is going to see more things we haven't seen before. More violence, uproar, natural disasters, and changes in leaders and in religious powers. All this is part of the spiritual warfare. This is why it's important to not be fearful and love your family or whoever you have, even if that's just you. It's important to do what's right, let go of years of holding anger and resentment to people who hurt you, let go of all that makes your soul and physical body hurt. Pray daily to your angels and call warrior angels down to assist you. Be a warrior angel of the light in all you do. It's not our duty to determine if someone deserves something or not. Be of servitude, be grateful and be love. That's all our planet truly needs at this time.

Blessings in love and light,

-Raymond, Spiritual Medium

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