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Transmutation and Self-Containment of Energy

Our energy or Prana (life essence) is a vital part of the human life. However, when we feel powerless or filled with lower vibrations like anger, resentment, jealousy, and etc…we are losing or causing energy leakage. Spiritual wellness is essential to all empaths, healers, psychics, mediums, and etc. Being able to turn negative energy or lower vibrations into positive energy and higher vibrations is essentially referred to as Transmutation. You are taking unwanted energy and turning it into wellness for your mind, body and soul. So what in particular causes us to lose energy or cause a leak in our energy?

Here’s a list of energy leaks

  • Obsession – When you have obsessive thoughts about others or yourself you are losing your energy. Thoughts are energy and therefore you need to align yourself as much as you can to your spiritual self and not with ego. You can obsess about not having money, better jobs, being with a person you want and etc. Think about it, for a second. Let’s use an example, you really like this guy but he is already taken. You start thinking he is giving you signals, you start thinking of him, you might start talking to him. When you’re at work you can only think of him in your spare time and it consumes your every thought. You have just lost your energy and power. There’s healthy thoughts and thinking of someone is not bad but holding onto obsessive thoughts is not good at all.

  • Anger/Retaliation – You’re essentially taking your good energy and thoughts and turning them into negative energy and projecting these thoughts onto others and yourself. Often this not only causes spiritual energy leaks but also can affect your health adversely. This is why people sometimes develop high blood pressure among other ailments. Our body is composed of energy and anything we transmute out into the world can come back and affect you.

  • Fantasies/Habits – Any daydreaming or fantasies we have about others or habits like dependencies or other habits that are hard to break. We often find ourselves our energy will leak because our mind is fantasizing or using bad habits to cope with life’s pressures. This is not only unhealthy for your spiritual self but also for your physical body.

  • Lies – There’s no thing as a white lie. Even if you think your lie harms no one else, it really does……it harms YOU! Your true spiritual side and true self cannot align with lies. Dishonesty is not something that brings you good energy because you vibrate lower when you do this. Plus, you are putting out negative energy to anyone that your lie touches. You cannot transmute this energy unless you live in your truth

Sealing any energy leaks is essential to your well-being and in most cases can be done when we focus on healing those areas with positive thoughts. We are all human and no one is perfect. We will always gravitate or fall into one of these categories as the only ones who are not in this are the enlightened beings but we are a work in progress. Infuse yourself with self-love and positive thoughts. Stop obsessions and compulsions. Stop wanting to control within everything that you cannot control.

Deep meditations in which we set all those things aside to work on our self and balance our chakras from crown to root and root to crown we are in control. Energy opens up and allows us to transmute negative energy into positive energy with more fluidity and ease.

Blessings in love and light x

Raymond Guzman

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