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Tomorrow is 8/8 known as the Lions Gate Portal. This is a time of new birth and new directions to manifest what you want and to deal with old situations. During this time, you will receive abundant flow of energies and downloads of information into your spirit. When this takes place you will be transformed too because a lot of this information is coded in our DNA and activates. What does it change in you? It basically activates a new level of awareness and consciousness. You are called into your spiritual path and spiritual work as healers, clairvoyants, shamans, mediums, and etc.

Depending on what dimension you’re operating on from a consciousness will determine how well you let the old fall away and give birth to this new cycle in your life. This is a time of transforming fears into positive energy and a time of light. Those stuck in fear and low vibration will either transform this into a new phase on your evolution or you will be distracted and continue to vibrate at the same energy of fear and stagnation in the world.

The Lions gate is about connecting to your higher self, to reconnect spirit and body…heaven and earth so your soul and body is viewed as one. So to understand better if you’ll be able to utilize the most of these energies I’m going to break it down by the dimeson you may still be vibrating on.

3rd Dimension: If you’re stuck in this dimension you are still preoccupied with ego and preoccupied by material things and situations that do not uplift you into your highest potential. You will struggle tomorrow as the Lions Gates Portal opens and activates. You might feel anxiety, fear, and lower emotions like anger, hate, etc. Here’s a few things to note about people who are still stuck in the 3rd dimension. You’re still pursuing activities that support human existence and include but not limited to:

·Concerned with Popularity, Wealth, Materialism, Superficiality, Power. And you operate out of fear, pride, ignorance, jealousy and self-righteousness.

4th Dimension: If you’re living in the consciousness of the 4th dimension you have a mission and responsibility with servicing others. This is the beginning to spiritual awakenings and people who have already awakened or just about to. You will utilize the opening of the Portal tomorrow to continue on your spiritual path and grow stronger in accepting your mission here on earth as you remember that you are a spiritual being living a human experience. You might feel some minor anxiety but you won’t be ruled by fear and influences in the world. Basically things we see in media and occurring throughout the world will not affect you. Here’s a few things to note to find out if you’re stuck in the 4th dimension:

·You’re committed to helping others discover their potentials. Uplifting one another.

·You don’t need to satisfy your ego or if you do it is minimal and only when reasonable. As we all have healthy and bad egos.

·You start to love all things on earth, animals, plants, brothers and sisters. The veil of division begins to fade and you immerse into realizing we are all from one source. One consciousness. Basically all things you’ve been conditioned to believe in begin to die and fall away to give birth to new thinking system one which is aligned with your spiritual self.

5th Dimension: If you’re living in the consciousness of the 5th dimension you are in a higher level of consciousness and have now realized and aligned yourself with your spirit. You have recognized that we are not just a mind, body and soul but we are ONE! Unity exists and you understand now that everything is interconnected. There are no divisions by race, sex, gender, age, religious beliefs, cultural differences, etc. When you see others or hear things negative feelings and thoughts do not enter your space of bliss. In this state you will be able to clear your mind and find that the need for meditation is minimal and love from the universe flows through you and back. Your connection to your gifts and unlocking your greatest potential are at a different level from those stuck in the 3rd and 4th dimension so therefore your spiritual gifts would be stronger and have a greater impact. You may start a more spiritual path that aligns with teaching others and helping them awaken to their gifts.

You are not ashamed of your spirituality and no longer feel the need to hide who you are from anyone. Either people accept you or they don’t and regardless it’s okay with you. You might notice during this time you feel that clocks used to measure time here on earth is different. You feel disconnected at times from this time and may be able to travel as well to other dimensions. Basically you are able to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and the downloads of information you receive are wholeheartedly accepted and you just know what to do. A person in this dimension is able to move their past and do not repeatedly dwell on this. Manifestations ad blessings will also be stronger and new people who vibrate on your level begin to enter your life. It’s important to note if you had teachers or mentors in the 3rd or 4th dimension they will also begin to retract or distance themselves as their time has been served but will always be there if you need them.

Be sure to rest and just accept any insight, intuition, and anything else that comes to you tomorrow. This is an exciting time for those of you who are already in the 4th and 5th dimension as you will feel more connected and aware. Unlock your highest potential!

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