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Have you ever worn a protective crystal and then all of a sudden it falls and shatters or just breaks on you? There’s many reasons for this. Now keep in mind that a crystal’s purpose is to provide some type of healing or protective properties against negative or low vibrations. When we speak of low vibrations we are referring to negative emotions that spirits or people carry. Both spirit and humans can carry anger, hate, aggression, disruption, vengeance. When spirit carries this and is around you the crystals are supposed to absorb that energy and transmute it into positive energy. When you say protect what are you referring to? Protecting your energy field. All around our body there are layers of energy fields called auras. These auras are the energy levels you carry around you. Auras can vary by color depending on how you are feeling emotionally. Now going back to the crystals if a living person is harboring some hate for you, anger, thinks it, says it, they are all projecting negative energy from them to you. This can disrupt your energy field. Crystals are supposed to filter this and protect you. However, if that person possesses enough energy and also carries psychic, healing, medium abilities or more they can send this to you. This is often referred to as psychic attacks.

When this happen the crystal can be on overload and can actually break. So some skeptics may say this is just a simple accident and it slipped off or just broke because it wasn’t sent right to you, that may or may not be the case. Remember there are no things as coincidences.

Here’s a list of why crystals may break.

There could be a warning of something that may or may not be negative around you. This could be something that has not yet transpired.

Another reason a crystal could break would be that there was some type of psychic attack sent and the crystal served its purpose to protect you.

There is a magical influence (dark spells) from someone else working against you with a darker energy.

The location you are in (home or property) has high spiritual activity meaning there is too much spiritual energy this could include earthbound spirits, negative spirits, other worldly beings, alien/UFO activity. In most cases there could be a vortex or portal opened to other dimensions in your space.

Messages from your spiritual guidance support team which includes angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides.

The crystal was not meant for you and perhaps was not cleared or cleansed of energy frequently. Remember you are supposed to clear energy from your crystals after buying them and using them ever so often. Every lunar cycle (exposed or buried in the earth during a Full Moon or New Moon), Sunlight, water, and saging them. These are all great methods to cleanse or clear energy they may contain.

Many people ask whether or not the crystals we use are living?

In a sense they carry energy so anything that carries energy could be considered to be living. In my opinion crystals are living spiritual beings of earth (ancient ones) and they might break as well when their mission has been served and its time for a new crystal to come into your life.

Can I use my crystals if they broke on me?

I would NOT suggest using them or trying to superglue them as the energy departs into the etheric or spiritual realm once this occurs. You could decide to keep them but some people believe it’s good idea to bury them in the ground. This is where most crystals come from and it would only make sense for them to return to the ground. A fragment of energy still will remain in the broken pieces that are solid but it’s no longer in the intended shape you have received. Some decide to keep them but it’s entirely up to you.

Keep in mind this article was not written to strike fear or cause you to dispose of any broken or shattered crystals you have. I wanted to shed some light and better understanding on possibilities on why crystals can break. There may be other explanations out there. I hope you find this useful.

Blessings in love and light,

Raymond Guzman

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