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Lessons within a Soul Family

There are so many different reasons why our soul’s experience the lessons that we experience here in the physical world. Some of these lessons are to help us grow spiritually and deal with karmic patterns from other past life’s we’ve had. One of the things that my spirit guides have revealed to me as well is that sometimes the way we choose to pass, the hardships we endure, and the joy we share are all intermingled and have connections to our current life and are lessons cause lessons for those in your soul family to learn. I’ll repeat it one more time. Our lessons create lessons for those in our soul family. I’ll give you an example, Bobby passed at age 23 and he had his whole life in front of him. His passing was due to driving while under the influence. From his passing his younger brother who looked up to him, learned the effects that alcohol has on the body and what it can cause. His parents knew Bobby had this ongoing addiction to alcohol but could not stop him. This led to the lesson of guilt for his parents as they believe they could have done more to stop this from occurring but the fact is that this was all destined and written to occur. Everyone who Bobby was a part of has been affected by his loss and there are so many possible scenarios. Another scenario would be that Bobby’s parents were emotionally void and built up some strong resentment for each other while Bobby was alive. With the passing of Bobby they felt emotions for the first time and something was stirred up.

Now the same thing also applies to relationships, divorces, and breakups. They all cause us pain and have effects on the children or if there are no children it causes pain we must deal with and we learn from what went wrong in that specific relationship with the hopes of not ever repeating this again. Literally these lessons for our soul are intricate and it could be that a close friend of yours is going to go through the same thing you went through in their relationship and you had to go through the lesson to prepare your soul to help that person with their situation. So as you can see our lessons are not stumbling blocks but building blocks for the soul and it’s greater purpose.

The lessons you learn today will impact you and your soul and give you knowledge and strength you need to overcome the hurdles in life. We often get so frustrated and we don’t immediately understand why these things in our life happen such as financial struggles, love struggles, and loss struggles. However, every struggle is a blessing in disguise and there are doors that open from this. Doors to our heart and soul that open lead to more opportunities to help ourselves and others. So, if you are going through some lessons right now that are really difficult know that every lesson will pass and new ones will come in. Some lessons are not painful and spread joy and love and have nothing to do with loss.

Sometimes our hearts must break open for love and light to walk through. It’s a transformation we all go through and if you go back to your life and remember all the lessons you have gone through up until this point and think who else was impacted in your family or friends list, you will understand better how this all works. It’s not as confusing as it may seem but spirit operates in this manner. Many times, our guides and angels cannot intervene with these lessons and allow them to happen as destiny has it because we would not be the same people we are today, had it not been for going through these lessons.

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