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Waking Up during Odd times

We are all focused on time and try to measure our life here in the physical world with the use of time. However, the spiritual world and spirit do not go by earthly time and our own bodies are spiritual souls in a physical body so our bodies will respond accordingly to the amount of spirit around us and the things occurring in our daily lives. It is quite interesting when you notice that there may be days or weeks and you wake up around the same time every single day. Then suddenly it gradually dissipates and you return to a more normal sleeping cycle. I will give a more spiritual explanation for the reason why this could be occurring to you.

Waking up between 9pm – 11pm

This is the time some people try to go to sleep and if you are waking up during this time or finding it very hard to sleep this is going to be dealing more with your right side of the brain and how it deals with creativity, artistic pursuits and intuition. If you are going through a spiritual awakening or noticing, you are trying to tap more into your intuitive side you may notice you have trouble laying down and sleeping during these times or you wake up suddenly around this time. Some psychic and mediums will notice as well that they may have trouble sleeping during these times because spirit usually is more prevalent or known to a mind that is relaxing and not worried by daily pressures. So, if you are very relaxed this is an optimal time for spirit to come around and get your attention. Along with this comes the sleepless moments. While you may be more relaxed spirit could be trying to get your attention, and keeping you awake. Try to pray before laying down and talk to your angels and guides. Ask them to please respect your space and let spirit know that they are not allowed to come through to deliver messages. This is your time to get rest, however, some of us may like this and are not bothered by the activity. To each their own.

Waking up between 12am – 3am

Most people should be asleep during these hours unless you are a night owl or you work nights (graveyard shifts). If you are finding you go to sleep earlier than this time frame and wake up during these hours and must stay awake for a few minutes or longer then you are possibly facing issues within your higher self and the situations occurring in your life. You may be dealing with a hard situation that has affected your ability to trust the universe or the outcome of a situation. You may have repressed emotions that are now playing mind games with you and you cannot let this go easily. There could be an inner war occurring between your higher self (consciousness) and your self-limiting thoughts. You might be seeing something through social conditioning or making a decision based on what you know to be true here in the physical world. One of the ways to work through this is acknowledging and accepting help from the universe and trusting your consciousness. Expressing or showing more self-love to yourself can help you overcome this inner battle of the mind and get some rest. You can also use mantras, meditation, and yoga as other techniques to help you. Some may find that crystals like rose quartz, selenite, and hematite by your bed can help ensure you stay asleep during these hours. Spirit is also very active during these times as well and this is optimal time for dreams to occur that wake you up or you waking up.

Waking up between 3am – 5am

If you are waking up during these times you could be experiencing spiritual activity but you may also find that there are decisions, you are struggling with and this energy has built up and now waking you up during this time. You could also be in a relationship that has your stressed out or there has been something that has affected your love life. Some frustration here that is causing you to wake up specifically during this time. You may feel neglected by others or not as loved and you may also have fear of rejection. If you experienced some form of abuse in your life, you may find that some people will wake up during these time periods as well. The soul recognizes anything that hasn’t healed. If you are waking up during these time frames you may need to seek out a reiki master, therapist, or spiritual advisor for some healing and help you achieve the closure you are seeking. You can try using essential oils before going to sleep to help with this. Also, dealing with the problems head on and being vocal on your feelings could help you stop this from occurring.

I hope this article has been useful to you and again there are numerous scientific explanations concerning the meridians and ancient Chinese medicine, however, these explanations are more based on spiritual experiences and intuitive guidance from angels and spirit. The explanations here do not and should not take the place of any medical advice from your physician. Use best judgment and try different things that help you to stay asleep during these time frames. As you grow spiritually and go through your spiritual awakenings your mind and soul fuse together and eventually these hours may or may not bother you any longer. Some people are more nocturnal and love and find this time is great for spiritual work and all things dealing with creativity.

Blessings in love and light x

Raymond Guzman

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