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Transitioning Process: Last Words Spoken

The topic of death sometimes scares us. It’s because we have become so comfortable in this body and the world that we are in and have created bonds and family in this reality, that we begin to forget this truly isn’t home. This is a temporary space which we occupy filled with lessons, journeys, and spiritual growth. Once we are done here we will transition out of this body which is the vessel that holds the soul and ascend to the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is often referred to the afterlife, heaven, dimensions, but regardless of the word we use, it’s HOME!

This is a reality that exists where all souls exist and within this space we are all connected on one vibration of love and the divine source aka GOD exists there. GOD isn’t a person, but spirit often referred to as the Consciousness. He is the master spirit as I would like to refer to him and is pure loving energy. In this space many of us live in that space. However, there are many hierarchies within this spiritual realm. Like a pyramid the lower levels are places where souls who had a lower vibration will go to and spend some time there to be helped by angels and guides to see their errors, their opportunities, and what else they need to do to ascend to the higher levels. They are not stuck there. I already probably have some of your asking a lot more questions and some may be confused, but that’s okay. I will explain this place in further details in future articles.

I will get back on track and explain what happens to our souls when we are transition and the days, weeks, months, hours before passing. Now many of you have been with your loved ones right before they passed and heard them mumble things you could not interpret or comprehend. Were they hallucinating? No! Could they be really medicated and having unexplained conversations with themselves? No! But you clearly hear them carrying on conversations. But with who? In most cases, these conversations are taking place telepathically between their soul and visitors. These visitors are passed loved ones who have come to prepare the soul and take them with them, passed loved ones giving a message, guides, and angels. Since some people are in comas, had a stroke, or more a part of their brain function is limited but their soul is fully aware of their surroundings, what you’re saying, what is going on here in the physical world and in the spiritual world. Since they are incapacitated in some way physically in their body and their soul is trying to communicate telepathically, the physical body still wants to say something but is unable to say certain things clearly or if they can utter complete words or partial sentences, it may not make sense to you. But trust me, they are carrying on conversations with the other side.

I often get asked, if our loved one is carrying on conversations with our passed grandma or other family members should this be our sign that their soul is getting ready to depart from this reality or they are getting ready to die? NO! Like I said, not every instance or circumstance is going to be the same and this doesn’t mean they are going to likely pass away. Many people have often confused this as a true sign of someone getting ready to pass. While this is still true in many cases for souls who are getting ready to depart, some are just being comforted and given messages from their loved ones, that they may or may not remember when they wake up or in a conscious state.

For those souls who are being helped to transition over, their loved one, an angel, guide, or someone else in their spiritual family may be there and extend their hand to cross them over or they might see a bright light to go through. This would be the portal or opening to the spiritual realm. Some souls may have unfinished business here in the physical world and decide to stay earthbound so they will not cross. Some may be aware of their passing or how they passed and some may be clueless that they are dead. However, after some time, they do get some assistance from the spiritual side and given a choice to stay here or cross over.

Again, I will stress that those who have suffered a stroke, in a coma whether medically induced or otherwise, their soul is aware of everything going on. When they wake up, some may remember some may not. Those who don’t remember anything have chosen to not remember because it wasn’t necessary. Those that do remember, usually have important messages for their existing loved ones and themselves. They remember because they were given information to change or alter their life path or soul path.

If you are a medium or psychic with telepathic or clairaudient abilities, you could easily tune into your loved one’s soul who is getting ready to transition and many times, they are communicating with us days or hours before they are ready to pass. You will hear them usually say, it’s me….don’t worry….I’m here with you! Often, we think it’s our own voice we hear in the mind and while that is sometimes the case, that voice of yours is spirit speaking through you. Their soul and your soul have tuned into the same frequency and you are able to hear them clearly in your mind like a radio station or television playing. So don’t discount this as just it being your imagination. I could go on and on about different experiences but know that those loved ones who are transitioning are okay. It’s always our physical body that feels pain on a physical and emotional level but our soul is perfection. In our soul, we feel no pain. Be sure to express how much you love those around you while they can communicate with you because many of us go through life with regrets of not being able to say goodbye or understand the last words spoken. When we have expressed our love, even if we don't get to say goodbye, our soul knows that love is a universal language in which no barriers exist.

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