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New Ager or Nah?

I recently had someone bring this question to me and wanted my thoughts personally on the subject. I have heard this label tossed around quite a bit by those who are in the spiritual community as well as religious fanatics. For me, I will say this, Nothing is really New Age because much of the practices, knowledge all is ancient and comes from another source. When I hear New Age mentioned, I feel like it was created by someone religious or someone who is an atheist and does not identify to the topic at all.

So what is considered New Age, well according to numerous sources, New Age is a movement that originated in the 1970's and incorporates a new cycle or beliefs and practices that up until then were not "known" to humanity. This includes the concept of Channeling information from spirit, communing with spirit, holistic medicine, reiki, energetically healing the body and so many other modalities that apparently no one would have had access or been exposed to prior to the 1970's. While writing this, I have to really roll my eyes about now and sigh. You cannot mix theology into spiritualism. In my opinion which may be the unpopular one, is that New Age movement is label given by skeptics to address Spirituality of all sorts. It's not hard to believe that over the last few decades we have seen more exposure than baby boomers to the world of mysticism, psychics, mediums, healers, and paranormal investigators. All contributing to the elevation of humanity and expansion of the Christ consciousness or as others say the Vibrational Dimensions we live in.

You see, humanity is evolving and with each generation that is born comes a NEW level of comprehension. It is the people who are social conditioned who believe that the NEW age movement is foolishness and then you have a group of spiritual practitioners who use things like magic, conjuring, and try to make others believe that their source of magic is ancient or even better yet, unique. The fact is that every single person has either learned or adopted NEW age principles into their daily life and if you really analyze a lot of spiritualists who frown upon the New Age movement, you will come to the realization that they are actually borrowing and using from New Agers. I do not consider myself a New Ager and I actually find it rather demeaning to have this term used. I consider myself a spiritualist who is open and consciously awakened to learning. I don't claim I know everything and I am still learning. Anyone who would claim to know everything or know the ancient mysteries of the old world is really full of crap. I'm that psychic who tells it like it is and I have no qualms speaking out against the spiritual community full of hypocrites who practice one thing or try to convince others that their way is holier than thou. That mentality is what gives spiritualism a bad rap.

I will say that just because consciousness expanded with the folks in the 1970's who were indigos and highly evolved people, it does not mean that this knowledge was not known before the 1970's. In fact, I feel going back to ancient civilizations like the Mayans who utilized a calendar to predict the future, that in itself would fall into this NEW Age concept. If you go further back to biblical times and Jesus being someone who was considered a healer and medium. Able to commune with GOD who is a spiritual entity, it's not hard to put the puzzle pieces together. Back then things were being obscured by a group of religious men who wanted to control humanity. Now that control is no longer as prevalent in our modern world but to a certain degree we still have a few who want to make it seem as these thoughts or belief processes were just adopted and created out of thin air.

Let me give you even more to think about. What is to say, that these "NEW Age" modalities were not coming from a higher realm of consciousness or even extraterrestrial/starseed origins? If so this would make this knowledge older than many of us but why was it really more isolated from the 1970's. With each decade consciousness evolves and so does our comprehension and acceptance. At that time we were still in the 3rd dimension of consciousness where social conditioning and limited comprehension to deviate away from the norm existed. As time has passed, we have the crystal children, the rainbow children, and star seeds. People like myself who have taken a stand and know our mission falls into spirituality and to help raise consciousness and awareness. The fact is to the outside world we will always be considered New Age but as time progresses and we enter a new decade, that will die away and a new label will take it's place. Time will change many things except the fact that every spiritual practice comes from ancient times and is not some fad like veganism or gluten free products.

If I must wear that label, honey, I'm going to wear it loud and proud. However, I will NEVER accept the label and will always call myself a spiritualist. My question to the readers of this article is, are you a NEW age follower or a spiritualist?

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