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Twin flames are often separated by insecurities and fears or shifts in their life path. Most twin flames have a strong telepathic connection and may be able to tap into the other twin at any given time. This 6th sense or intuitive ability is like remote viewing. Many twins can easily see things that their other twin is doing but this isn’t the case in every single twin flame relationship.

When twin flames are single, separated or in a new relationship the connection you had with your twin does not leave as it’s there and always activated. There is healing that takes place over time, but you may always feel frustration especially if your twin has left you for someone else. There are different twin flame relationships. If your twin flame is with someone else and they are having physical intimacy and you are still single, you might notice that your twin flame may still feel a strong connection with you. You both may have a special intimacy at the soul level through texts, conversations, chats, in person conversations. They might leave you feeling very fulfilled and happy. You both may feel tingles during these interactions or you might feel as if you are on cloud nine. Then when the interactions are done, you may be feeling void or empty and seeking more communication. So, if your connection to your twin flame is now strictly communication they might be having intimacy with you at the soul level, making you both one LOVE.

If you are a twin flame and your flame is with someone else, but their relationship is purely physical in nature. You may realize that they may be in that relationship due to pure physical attraction or sexual fulfillment however, at the soul level they could be still feeling empty inside. When two twin flames are together there is a synergy between both. The soul feels very connected, but the intimacy is also an exchange of powerful light codes, universal downloads and unison of mind, body and soul. It is difficult for one twin to know that their twin is with someone else and it can create stagnation in their life and present roadblocks. If you are aware of your twin flame and you have issues in letting them be free and do what they want, it can cause you to stay stuck on pause and you will eventually become very disappointed or feel like you cannot be with anyone else.

It is essential to work on healing parts of yourself that may have a co-dependency and if your twin flame relationship is meant to be, one twin will find their way back to you. There will always be a union for each other.

It is not uncommon for twin flames to also see angel numbers as this is part of the divine tapestry from the universe that connects two people. Most twin flames may be with their partner and one twin could see numbers repeating at that specific moment.

If one twin is highly intuitive and is working on helping other twin flames who are friends in their life, they may be able to help another twin flame with their relationship or connection as well and vice versa. Twin Flames can usually help or tap into other twin flames and feel what that person’s flame is feeling or experiencing. So usually soul families with twin flames will bring friendships who are also a twin flame to someone else and it may be your life path to help that other flame with their relationship or connection.

There are many facets and strange truths to the twin flame phenomena. Understanding why your twin flame is distant from you may be more about learning your own inner truths and your pain and baggage could be the contributing factors to why you are distant or separated. Once you can close those gaps and heal completely, you will notice in many cases twins are connected or reunited.

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