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Crystal Power

For those of you who have been following me and supporting me it will come as no surprise that I am a lover of crystals and I work with them to heal myself and others out there. I always suggest certain ones to certain clients because every case is different, and one crystal can be used for multiple reasons. However, I want to talk about a few that are so important to me and which I have worked with for some years now.

When I was first introduced to crystals it was going through Instagram and seeing posts about them. At first, I was like it’s just a rock how can that help me? Then I read threads and comments by others, and I was surprised by this fascination. I therefore embarked on a journey to collect as many as I could. I now have close to a hundred crystals but mini ones. I am still saving to add some larger ones that weigh about 3-7 lbs.

I learned early on as well the best crystal choices are the ones that you can purchase at a local crystal shop if you have one. Sometimes they are over priced but holding crystals in your hand and seeing how you feel immediately will help you determine which crystals are good for you. Since I didn’t have that convenience as my town does not have these crystal shops I had to use my intuition and feel the energetic connection that exists on the spiritual plane and physical plane. Meaning I felt a connection to the object online. After receiving several kinds of crystals each one to me was special and made me feel different.

Some of my favorite crystals are Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Turquoise, and Peridot. Heck I LOVE all crystals, but these are my absolute favorite ones! With Lapis Lazuli I felt this immediate warmth and I noticed it enhanced a lot of my psychic abilities instantaneously. It also helped me feel as if a lot of the negativity that we often absorb in public environments was shielded from me.

Citrine naturally is yellow and if it’s orange in color this is actual amethyst that was heated and transformed and often called Citrine but it’s amethyst. Citrine is pale yellow to dark yellow but some inclusions of clear quartz and transparency. This stone is a stone that doesn’t have to be charged by the moonlight or sun because it has properties that enhance other crystals but also protects against negativity and can cleanse itself. It’s quite remarkable. So, let’s say you are going through issues in your job and looking for another job or you are having issues with debt/finances are not good. Then this stone is for you! I like to light a green candle when focusing on healing and abundance. I usually will take a dollar bill or $20-dollar bill and place it under the candle and have a piece of citrine by it. To amplify my petition and energy being sent into the universe.

Quartz is a clear stone and kind of silly to think we have this in our homes most often found in watches, computers, clocks, and other things. However, this was my first crystal that I EVER bought, and it is known as a master crystal. This crystal has the power to amplify all other crystals as well and fight negativity. It brings one clarity and can also help psychic abilities and remove blockages in your spiritual self. This is one that I would always carry with me. Being that it is clear it can also enhance your communication with angels and higher beings in the spiritual realm.

Black Tourmaline is one that I am in LOVE with. LOL Silly to think how can one LOVE one stone so much? Being in this line of work, I’m often the subject to dark energies and psychic attacks sent from other dark workers who also work in the spiritual community but work with darkness and dark magic. I’ve had so many of these attacks, but my black tourmaline is specifically perfect to block witchcraft being sent your way, negative energy, psychic attack, warding off psychic vampires, and the list goes on. I don’t go out without a piece of this in my pocket! I mean I’ve had the evil eye sent my way and it made me sick before. It was the one time I didn’t carry my black tourmaline with me. Ever since, I normally feel grounded with it and protected. Psychic attacks will still come through as not every crystal can prevent these things, but it can help to protect and reduce the frequencies of that energy.

Turquoise is one which I love because of the color and reminds me of the heavens and ocean. Plus, I have Native American blood and Native Americans worked highly with this crystal for healing. There is a lot of balance this crystal brings to one’s life. It is calm and soothing for me. I feel like it can transform my moods as well. I recommend this crystal to anyone who is having back issues, health issues, sickness of any kind, and those who are going through breakups, heartbreak, loss, grieving. It can help you in all those aspects.

Peridot is special to me because although my birthstone is also green in color and darker (emerald), I felt more connection to Peridot. It’s light green in color but it helps against psychic attacks, magic, and is transformative in many ways. It also is a stone of healing, but many have learned the power of this crystal.

One other stone which is often called a Crystal is Moldavite. I will dedicate one article later that stone but it’s a tektite type of glass that was created when a meteor hit earth millions of years ago and formed with the earth. This occurred in the Czech Republic and this is where the only pieces of moldavite come from. If anyone else says Moldavite came from mines or was simulated in other parts of the world, this is NOT authentic Moldavite. I have worked with this stone for about a year now and it’s amazing in all sense of the words. It can really push your life in directions that are unexpected but aligning you with your true path and transforming your life for the better. Its intense energy can make one sick a little at first, so you may have to go through periods of wearing it or having it on you for a few hours and then taking it off or setting it somewhere and then come back to it. It is rumored to be part of the Emerald tablets as well. All I know is that I often recommend this to clients who have been struggling a lot and really are seeking change. This stone seems to know your inner desires, so if you are willing to fight for change and want it, this is a POWERFUL stone to work with.

Some of my other favorites are hematite, ammolite, amethyst, Prehnite, Emerald, Aquamarine, Lodolite (also called Garden Quartz), hematite, rose quartz and the list goes on. LOL, I told you I loved crystals. I feel the best gift to me is crystals. With my birthday coming up on May 26th I’m sure some of my friends will be sending me crystals as birthday gifts.

I also have discovered a talent in using Soldier (lead -free) and making pendants out of crystals. I plan on working more on a collection and selling them in the near future. I have so much respect for crystal shop owners, and people who sell them or make jewelry out of them. If you ever see the word simulated it means it was created in a lab and not naturally formed. Always look for words such as genuine or natural. I had to mention that before I closed this article. I hope that those of you reading this learn more about crystals as well and embrace the possibilities that these rocks as some refer to them, are actually more than rocks….they are fountains of youth, energy, healing and power. They come from mother earth and grown deep in the earth. Anything taken from inside the earth connects you to earth.

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