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Crystal Power

For those of you who have been following me and supporting me it will come as no surprise that I am a lover of crystals and I work with them to heal myself and others out there. I always suggest certain ones to certain clients because every case is different, and one crystal can be used for multiple reasons. However, I want to talk about a few that are so important to me and which I have worked with for some years now.

When I was first introduced to crystals it was going through Instagram and seeing posts about them. At first, I was like it’s just a rock how can that help me? Then I read threads and comments by others, and I was surprised by this fascination. I therefore embarked on a journey to collect as many as I could. I now have close to a hundred crystals but mini ones. I am still saving to add some larger ones that weigh about 3-7 lbs.

I learned early on as well the best crystal choices are the ones that you can purchase at a local crystal shop if you have one. Sometimes they are over priced but holding crystals in your hand and seeing how you feel immediately will help you determine which crystals are good for you. Since I didn’t have that convenience as my town does not have these crystal shops I had to use my intuition and feel the energetic connection that exists on the spiritual plane and physical plane. Meaning I felt a connection to the object online. After receiving several kinds of crystals each one to me was special and made me feel different.

Some of my favorite crystals are Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Turquoise, and Peridot. Heck I LOVE all crystals, but these are my absolute favorite ones! With Lapis Lazuli I felt this immediate warmth and I noticed it enhanced a lot of my psychic abilities instantaneously. It also helped me feel as if a lot of the negativity that we often absorb in public environments was shielded from me.

Citrine naturally is yellow and if it’s orange in color this is actual amethyst that was heated and transformed and often called Citrine but it’s amethyst. Citrine is pale yellow to dark yellow but some inclusions of clear quartz and transparency. This stone is a stone that doesn’t have to be charged by the moonlight or sun because it has properties that enhance other crystals but also protects against negativity and can cleanse itself. It’s quite remarkable. So, let’s say you are going through issues in your job and looking for another job or you are having issues with debt/finances are not good. Then this stone is for you! I like to light a green candle when focusing on healing and abundance. I usually will take a dollar bill or $20-dollar bill and place it under the candle and have a piece of citrine by it. To amplify my petition and energy being sent into the universe.