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The Language of Spirit

I get asked all the time, how do I recognize the signs or symbols from spirit? What do they mean? What are they trying to tell me? These are all good questions and I am going to break this down as easily as I can so that you can understand this much better and most of all make it simplistic. Now when we are reading our clients, often we can try hard to interpret that sign or symbol that spirit is giving us because they are not meant for us to interpret but rather deliver the message directly as we received it and it may make more sense to the client and if not, sometimes later it will make more sense to them.

Understanding the Signs:

You are at work and you decide to take a smoke break outside. You are financially worried, and you feel that your job is currently bringing you down energetically. It’s affecting you at home because you often come home grumpy. So while outside you see a red robin pass you by quickly. Then you look at your watch and it’s 11:11. First of all, consider where you saw this sign or symbol. Think in terms of LOCATION. That is important, where were you when you saw that sign or symbol. Next, think of what you were feeling in that exact moment or what you have been feeling about that place you frequent. Are you starting to see the connection? Let me break it down further for you. The COLOR of the bird you saw was RED!!! Some of you may be saying, Yeah and so what? Well that is IMPORTANT!!! DUH!!!! Do you really think it was a coincidence you saw a RED bird? Of all the colors of the rainbow why was it red? Now, Red is the color of love, strong emotions, anger, passion, relationships, bonds, bloodline, etc. Now that we know what Red symbolizes, we can determine we were at work and we have issues at our job. The bird doesn’t stay for long and flies north of you. Pay attention to the direction that the bird flies in. If it stayed at the job, spirit could be telling you several things like you need to love your job more. Or that you may be exaggerating and people at work love you for who you are. If the bird flew away it was pulling your energy symbolically away from the place. As to say that you will find what you love to do AWAY from there. So if you had been praying and asking for a sign, there is you sign. The fact that the bird flew north, east, west, or south means that the job you are looking for is away from the place you currently work at. Does this all start to make more sense to you. The 11:11 means that your ascendant masters and angels are working with you to help you. It also was 11:11 because that is how spirit knew they would get your attention.

This is like a crossword puzzle and you must put the pieces together. Just because you are a clairvoyant or a clairaudient does not mean that spirit is going to be showing you visions or talking to you telepathically.

Now let’s say that you are home and had a breakup recently that you are recovering from. You still think about your ex. You want to truly hear from them and all you can do is think about the good times. There is a lot of good energy between you still even though you both agreed to breakup but deep down inside you now have regrets. You could be looking at a stuff animal he bought you at the carnival when you both went last year. In that split moment you get a text message and low an behold….it’s HIM!!!! What the What? Did you manifest this? Possibly, but more importantly you were intuitively tuning in and spirit gave you a symbol/sign (Something tangible) to look at in that split second which triggered good memories of love.

Nothing is coincidence and I will reiterate that. So regardless of where you are at, what you are doing…our spirit guides are always giving us signs but some of us are just oblivious to what we just saw, heard, felt, tasted, etc. Why did this happen precisely in the home and not at work, the store, or in your car? The reason this didn’t happen in those places is because a home is symbolic of Family, Unity, the HEART. Ever heard of that phrase that Home is where the heart is? Perhaps you both had lovely BBQ’s, parties, a wedding, at the home. This is your nest of love, the place where you both created happiness. Therefore it had to happen here. This was a sign of hope, because the fact he messaged you means that he was still thinking of you, just as much as you think of him.

The next time you see what you think of a sign. Think of what is going on in your life in that moment, your location, what you felt, what was the last thing you were thinking of. You won’t always be able to piece the signs together but if something stood out like a person, place, thing, remember it all has a meaning and purpose.

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