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Empaths & Work

I guess it was in my early 20’s that I was pushed into the real world of responsibilities and work and began my journey that I realized that empaths like myself and many of you out there are magnets to damaged people and dark energy. It wasn’t until I was in a chaotic call center with over 500 + employees did I realize the magnitude of the negativity that lingers in job places. Although we have tools to protect us when you are in such a large space for 8 hours a day or longer, it starts to take a lot of your energy.

I survived working in such a place for 8 years and during my time there I was constantly sick. I remember getting walking pneumonia the first month after starting in this place. I was surrounded by co-workers who did whatever they wanted. Gossip was every corner and bosses and employees crossed lines that were forbidden in the employee handbook. Perhaps you can say this applies to most places, you will always find some select group or click that thrives on negativity.

What I didn’t realize was why so many people came to me to talk about their problems or just stir up a random conversation. I always pushed myself away from this and tried to avoid being caught up in these drama infused places but in certain ways I learned a lot about myself. I was the one person who people would go to for answers about work too, finding solutions and ultimately sacrificing going to the bathroom and holding it in (TMI) to just finish a report, to finish projects that had deadlines.

In a call center you can move from one team to another, you can move up and so your supervisors and management is constantly changing as much as polices and metrics do. These places are full of low vibrations not only do you endure abuse from clients who are seeking credit on their phone bill or wanting the latest phone for free because now days, many have this sense of entitlement to everything on earth. I’m surprised we are not charged for breathing, better not jinx myself.

I moved up in the company and was a senior business analyst and had various people I reported to. I remember when the company was changing in management groups one person looked for any imperfection in my work ethic to get rid of me. I had insane deadlines given and tasks that made no sense. I was one of the hardest workers but the thing they did not like or appreciate was my ability to see past their bullshit. I faced criticism, while I did most of their work for them and they took the credit. Many bosses out there love to do that to their employees. I was positioned in a place near everyone so that they could come to me for help instead of going to the managers who were the ones actually paid to provide support but rather sat and gossiped and did many other things that they shouldn’t have. Many people would probably ask themselves why didn’t you look for another job being that I am a college graduate with a degree in business. The answer to that was that I did, but in the town, I live in, it’s not what you know but who you know. Many hire from within but for legal reasons must advertise their job postings but never plan on hiring anyone from the outside. Sometimes there are exceptions but that is rare.