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Symptoms of a Love Spell

I chose to write this because while many still don’t believe in the POWER of witchcraft it is very real and is often used by men and women to hold onto someone who they want for themselves for whatever reasons. Sometimes they have feelings for this person, sometimes the other person is oblivious and has no signs, sometimes they are just there for the money and want to be with this person. Whatever the case is, doing a love spell or going to a witch to have one done is something that has become more common than you think. It’s like a dirty little secret that most won’t confess to but when you come across a psychic, trust me we may not say what you did but know what you did.

Many come to us with love issues and wonder why their relationship is horrible, why they separated, why the other person suddenly stopped loving them. The REAL question is why you felt you could manipulate someone without letting their free will guide them to you? I don’t care what you think after reading this article, you don’t have to agree with me one bit, but it’s WRONG! Plus, there is always CONSEQUENCES for the person who has done the spell which I will cover both. If you are a witch or just dabbling and you do a love spell to call love to you and attract Love this is not what I’m calling out in this article. That is okay because you are just asking the universe and elements to help you bring love or for you to find love. This is more for those who are consciously aware of their actions and taking it upon their hands to stay in a relationship by force or using force to obtain something that is not natural.

Here is a list of things people who want to do a love spell may take from their intended victim. This is just a minimal list but there may be more things that I haven’t listed.

Typically, they will obtain the following:

  • A personal item belonging to this person such as article of clothing, undergarment, object they use

  • A hairbrush (they use the hair in the brush for their spell)

  • A photograph of the person

  • Handwriting from the person (this could be your signature, letter, anything with your handwriting)

  • Jewelry or Accessories (Watch, earr