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Symptoms of a Love Spell

I chose to write this because while many still don’t believe in the POWER of witchcraft it is very real and is often used by men and women to hold onto someone who they want for themselves for whatever reasons. Sometimes they have feelings for this person, sometimes the other person is oblivious and has no signs, sometimes they are just there for the money and want to be with this person. Whatever the case is, doing a love spell or going to a witch to have one done is something that has become more common than you think. It’s like a dirty little secret that most won’t confess to but when you come across a psychic, trust me we may not say what you did but know what you did.

Many come to us with love issues and wonder why their relationship is horrible, why they separated, why the other person suddenly stopped loving them. The REAL question is why you felt you could manipulate someone without letting their free will guide them to you? I don’t care what you think after reading this article, you don’t have to agree with me one bit, but it’s WRONG! Plus, there is always CONSEQUENCES for the person who has done the spell which I will cover both. If you are a witch or just dabbling and you do a love spell to call love to you and attract Love this is not what I’m calling out in this article. That is okay because you are just asking the universe and elements to help you bring love or for you to find love. This is more for those who are consciously aware of their actions and taking it upon their hands to stay in a relationship by force or using force to obtain something that is not natural.

Here is a list of things people who want to do a love spell may take from their intended victim. This is just a minimal list but there may be more things that I haven’t listed.

Typically, they will obtain the following:

  • A personal item belonging to this person such as article of clothing, undergarment, object they use

  • A hairbrush (they use the hair in the brush for their spell)

  • A photograph of the person

  • Handwriting from the person (this could be your signature, letter, anything with your handwriting)

  • Jewelry or Accessories (Watch, earrings, necklace, bracelet, necktie, cuff links, handkerchief, etc.)

  • Tooth brush

  • Toenail clippings

  • Body Fluids (Saliva, fecal matter, and the list goes on) including combining their own body fluids with yours! (TMI I know and fully apologize for this graphic content, but knowledge is power).

Next what they do with these items is to usually use a photograph or poppet in combination with these items. They will use a red string or cord (color of string doesn’t matter) to attach your personal item to the photo or poppet. The poppet represents you. Then they focus their intent and energy on you with a combination of a spell recited to force their victim to only be with them or love them. They use typically red candles because red is the color of love, but they can use different colors. They might have other things on their altar. If they are using a poppet or photograph they will hide this from you as they don’t want, you to see it! They will hide it in a closet, drawer, box, in the shed, garage, or like the older generations would do, have a hole in the ground where they place the objects. They must cover their tracks.

If someone is using a love spell on you, you would feel the following:

  • Hated or disliked this person initially but now find them fascinating and you can’t explain it but love them.

  • You begin to have nightmares usually this person will be in your dreams, or you may see your loved ones in harm.

  • You will begin to develop severe anxiety and panic attacks (Your body is picking up unnatural spiritual magic being used against you.)

  • You become obsessive about them and think about them even when you don’t want to think about them. You just can’t seem to get them out of your mind.

  • You might be in public and begin to see them in other people or see their face wherever you are.

  • You start drawing away from your closest friends and family members (they might even notice you would always make time to spend with them, but you suddenly have drawn away from them)

  • Arguments with loved ones usually about the person who has done a love spell on them will occur. If you have family members with spiritual abilities, they will feel this union is unnatural and even tell you that they feel that magic is being used against you. You will NOT agree and think it’s just their imagination. Trust me your family may know you better than you know yourself and know that you are not attracted to this type of person.

  • Your relationship is more sexual in nature, but you don’t share any other interests that they do.

  • The witch or person doing the spell may wrap a piece of your hair in their hair or carry it on them.

Other things to watch out for:

  • Witches who are doing spells on you may seem very friendly to you but every time that you come around them, they want to feed you or give you something to drink (Potions with their own body fluid, hair or just liquids they have hexed are added to the food or drinks. Be very aware and deny the food. Notice their reaction. Many will become offended or subtly change their attitude because they wanted you to take this, so they could essentially “poison and hex” you with continued magic.

  • See they don’t just do this once, they must keep their magic going so they will continue to do this.

  • They might see something new like a new or old piece of jewelry and say that they absolutely love it. You might feel compelled to give it to them, you might be asked by the witch if they can borrow it and that they will give it back to you! BAD IDEA! Don’t do it. Bewitchment can be put on the object and be given back to you.

  • They might tell you that they forgot their jacket or sweater, can they borrow yours.

  • They might ask for your hairbrush or something as simple as something you touched. (They know no limits).

If you suspect that you are a victim of someone’s love spell you can do the following:

  • Use a Saint Benedictine Medal and wear it always either as a pendant form or in your pocket, purse or wallet. This medal protects against harmful witchcraft, evil, etc.

  • You can also use salt and take a bath with it in a tub. Like Scrubbing yourself (aura) clean from it.

  • You can visit a reiki master to get a healing and remove any cords done. If you have any objects, clothing from this person who used to share space with you…. throw their things away.

  • Get rid of everything even gifts given to you. They might have energy still attached to those objects.

  • If they slept on your bed, wash all the linen and sage your mattress and put a bowl of salt under the bed on the floor. Salt is for purification. If you have a saint Benedictine medal put one in between the mattress and the box spring.

  • Use selenite tumbled stone and put one on each corner of the bedroom to create a barrier of protection.

  • Prayer is very helpful, and you can also wear amulets like the evil eye (Hamsa), crucifix, etc.

No magic is strong enough that it will last forever, this is what witches don’t realize.

As I’ve mentioned before there are consequences for both the person who has done the love spell or if they went to a witch there is consequences for them as well. The universe and Karma always hold you accountable for your dirty deeds. No amount of magic regardless of how powerful you believe you are can help you. When you play with magic you are using spirits, evil entities and more calling upon energy from mother earth to force something that is NOT written.

Here are some things you would experience:

  • Your victim which you cast a spell upon to love you, stops loving you and now hates you and wants nothing to do with you.

  • You notice your health is deteriorating (you took energy from sources to force something, now it’s time to pay up. You will notice the universe and spirit begin to take energy from YOU!) It’s an even exchange.

  • Pets may begin to mysteriously get sick and die.

  • Loved ones can develop illnesses (someone who you love deeply in your family, because it’s an exchange of love) this can lead to death in many cases. It depends on how long you have done this for and how many times you did it.

  • You begin to develop nightmares (usually darker ones).

  • You begin to be attacked in your home (seeing dark shadows, lights flickering, smelling a rotten smell, hearing growls.)

  • You may begin to see bugs and maggots in your home. Infestation of some sort will occur. Mice or Rats may begin to appear.

  • Objects and jewelry may begin to break.

  • You could now be the one having panic attacks and feel scared or paranoid.

  • Since the heart is the object of love, you might develop heart issues.

  • Your own loved ones may turn against you and delete you from their life

  • Your closest friend’s breakup with you and want nothing to do with you.

This list goes on and one. The key here is to know if you invoke magic to obtain the object of your affection and it’s not natural there is a price to pay. Spirits and the earth is not there to do your bidding but to co-exist. Other magic that is white magic and used to protect yourself, using herbs for healing, does not have consequences. Essentially you are giving back to earth in some form not taking from the earth. There is balance in white magic. A love spell may seem like white magic, but it isn’t. It’s love magic!

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