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Dangers Mediums Face

For many who haven’t yet awakened or are vibrating on the third dimension of consciousness it can be rather difficult to understand what a Spiritual Medium goes through. Many have a misconception and think that our connection to spirit is simple and that spirit gives us the answers and we share it with you. This is only part of what goes on. We often hear people say, “I wish I had your gift!” The reality is that being a Spiritual Medium has consequences as well. I’m writing this for many of you who have spiritually sensitive children, young mediums, and those of you where are beginning your journey as a medium. Yes, Mediums communicate with the dead. However, I will explain this better. We are like radios and have different channels through which spirit transfers their information to us, using signs, symbols, visions, words, smells, taste, touch, and feelings. As mediums we are like a light bulb and spirit sees this around us and they are attracted. It’s like when you have a porch light on at night. Insects or bugs are attracted to it. Same applies to us.

As we do our sessions we must properly prepare ourselves and open ourselves to spirit. We do that by relaxing our mind. A busy mind filled with worries, focused on what you are preparing for dinner, errands you need to run, and other things will make the connection with spirit weak. You must be relaxed and the key to that is meditation, prayer and grounding yourself before a reading. Remember we are spiritual beings but we are human and have human bodies which are affected by spirit. Meditation helps us establish a connection with our higher self and to push everything else that is extra out. Some listen to music, some sit in a quiet space, some will draw, some will work on breathing techniques, and the list goes on and on. Grounding is also important to protecting yourself and I will explain why. When we are sensitives and have medium abilities, we are prone to attack, being physically ill, and developing unhealthy attachments.

I’ve heard someone in a forum once say, well I’ve been doing this for years and I don’t need to meditate before I read, the trouble with that is that they are not going to be connected with their higher self and the universe so some of their insight might be confusing to them and their sitter (Person receiving the reading). We are not immune to spirit and the energy it requires. Grounding yourself can be done by meditation, it can be done holding a protective crystal, earthing (walking barefoot on the ground), or through prayer. When you do this, you are also needing to ensure you have a good connection with your guides. They will usually talk with you or give you insight. They aren’t necessarily giving us the answers but do help during our session with spirit.

Now after that is done and we start reading for a client, we are channeling info from your passed loved one and our guides to bring forth any other information necessary. As mental or physical mediums we are often feeling DEATH pass through us. Let me repeat that again, we are feeling DEATH and processing it through our body. How can our connection to spirit affect us? It takes our energy, we use our physical energy and allow spirit to work through us. They are on a different frequency than us and we can feel their DEATH! How they died. So, let’s say they passed from a suicide and hung themselves, we might feel severe head and neck pain in our body. If they passed from a heart attack, we would feel pressure in the chest, palpitations, or sharp pains. It’s not our physical symptoms but rather spirit using their energy to make us feel how they passed and from what they passed.

So, it’s that simple right? NO! Every session we do not only uses our energy but taxes our body. So, you might be asking if it’s dangerous why are you in this link of work. The side effects if you protect yourself and open yourself up properly are minimal but we still feel sick at times and prone to getting illnesses more than the average person who is not in tune with their abilities. When you are done with a session it is important you CLOSE properly. What does closing means, it means that when we channel spirits, we open a doorway or gateway to the other side. It is like a little light around us through which spirit can walk in at any given moment. Sometimes what comes through are negative energies as well. This is why we need to close ourselves. This is not to be misconstrued by thinking we can shut off our gift because it’s not. We will always have the gift and it will be there, but you want to shut the door that would allow yourself to pick up spirit anywhere you go.

Because spirit is always around their loved ones, homes, places you visit an etc. To close yourself you can visualize yourself in a bubble of white light, you can visualize a door shut in your third eye, you can say a protective prayer in your own words basically saying, “I now shut all doors to the other side for now, please respect my space.” You can also sage after a session with someone. This will help protect yourself from being susceptible to attachments or etc.

So, when we are in constant contact with spirit but not aware that they are around we can start to develop anxiety attacks, panic attacks. These are signs spirit is around you and tapping at you like if they were at a door knocking. They are trying to tell you that they are there. Many mediums will suppress their abilities and know that there is NO method to completely shut them out and in turn feel anxiety or panic attacks. Also, since we are channeling death, we are more prone to developing heart issues, weight issues, unexplained or chronic pain, and lose sleep. Basically, we can have many other illnesses and even Near-Death Experiences. Some physical mediums don’t live long lives because of this.

As I’ve said there are many ways to manage your abilities through working with stones, tai chi, yoga, meditation, prayer. For those of us who are sensitives and have abilities if you have issues like anger built in, past hurt you haven’t been able to deal with or something traumatic. This can make you more susceptible to spiritual attacks and illnesses. You need to deal with these emotions and protect yourself by following what I outlined above or develop your own list of routines to use. Every medium is different, and every medium will open and close a session however they feel. I am only sharing this as I have been using my opening and closing techniques for some time now, and they WORK! You will notice a change.

For those of you who are sitters, I think this article will give you a better perspective from what we do. If you have a child who you suspect has medium abilities or psychic abilities know that in most cases they are not imagining or suffer from a mental illness. If they tell you they hear spirit, they hear voices, they see things or if they draw this in their drawings, please know this is very REAL! Children often get misdiagnosed and put on medicines that continue to suppress them and hinder their God given abilities. Not every person with natural born abilities will necessary go into this line of work but can use their abilities as a guide to navigate this world. Some say it’s a blessing or curse but essentially you were either born with it or developed it as a latent ability for a purpose. To serve humanity.

If you are a medium who is interested in doing readings, remember to not burn yourself out.

Do only a certain amount of sessions a day. There is always tomorrow. These were wise words that were given to me when I embarked on this journey and didn’t realize until I experienced some minor issues later. You must treat your body as your temple and know without it, you can’t do your spiritual work to the best of your abilities. Set up boundaries at night and let Spirit know that you are going to sleep, this is your space and time and they can go to someone else who is open for business! You’re not being rude but making sure they know how you feel. YOU are in CONTROL! It’s your body and abilities they are using to communicate through. If you have children who have medium or spiritual abilities, give them a night light, give them a flashlight or something that makes them feel protected. Help them by giving them a prayer to say at night. It can be a prayer as simple as praying to GOD, Jesus, or even their Guardian angels and letting spirit know in their nightly prayers that they are not to disturb them and go to someone else who is open.

Educate them that they have nothing to be afraid of and to be empowered. They also would benefit from keeping a dream journal or any journal and release their thoughts and dreams in it. As parents of children with abilities, it might be beneficial for you to do the same, so you can properly release your emotions. It’s not easy, there’s no handbook or manual to prepare for this. Just be a support system and listen.

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