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Did someone die in your Hotel room?

If you are looking for spirits or perhaps just traveling you would be surprised to know that hotels are one of the #1 places that can be full of spirit activity. Why? It’s because so many travel yearly to thousands of locations and usually stay in a hotel. Some NEVER make it out alive. Therefore, some are left earthbound.

If someone died in the room due to natural causes or were murdered, chances are the hotel isn’t going to let you know that this occurred. After all they are in the business of making money. When a person has been murdered in a hotel room all things like carpet, furniture, mattresses are disposed off. This includes electronic devices like TV because blood can be spattered into the crevices and once turned on the heat can give off a smell of death.

However, there are things that cannot be disposed off ony covered up. So if you are in a hotel where there were gunshots look at the walls. Usually hotels are not going to call in construction crews to patch the holes in the wall and paint over it. So they will usually get the maintenance crew on it. If you are staying at a hotel look at all the walls and see if the paint is blotchy or one area seems patched up or uneven. If the ceiling also looks off this could be due to blood splattered or gunshots that made holes.

Another sign is an awful stench of death like rotten smell that does not go away. Often maintenance and cleaning crew only change our air vents occasionally or change the filter once or twice a year. If you are smelling something foul it could be that blood or other body fluids have seeped down into the air condition and emit an order.

If there is no food and flies around the room or around light fixtures this could be due to numerous things. However when bodies are left in the room and decomposing for days, flies will form and usually cling to the light fixtures.

If the room is partially renovated then chances something awful happened.

During Hurricane Harvey I had the pleasure of staying almost a month and a half in a hotel and while my room did not seem off. When I would lay down on my bed I would feel uncomfortable and could feel energy from the previous people who had laid down before me there in that spot. If you are an empath or sensitive you are going to feel odd if the energy is off. Be sure to carry some protective crystals and if you have a smoking room then take some sage. Use that to clear the energy around the bed and rooms of your hotel suite. I also noticed that the area near he corridor had some negative energy and some rooms on the bottom floor I could feel as I walked past some rooms that there had been domestic violence, arguments, and fights. Usually when you pass a room you will feel either sick, a knot in your stomach, or you can just feel the negative energy. One thing I would do was to sit in the pool area and see the cleaning staff. In some rooms after they came out of them, they were a different energy and mood wise. Some they didn’t take long in so I know their moods were not attributed to the room being dirty. Some of the rooms had been vacant but they still have to clean them or get them ready for huge events that will draw tourists to the town and hotel.

Pay attention to strange sounds or cold spots in your hotel room. You could also feel a presence in your room like someone watching you. If you notice temperature changes and there is no ventilation near that area or drafts, it could be spirit around you and occupying that space as well. If you suspect someone passed in your room, you can request another room but have a good reason. It will all depend on vacancies and whether they are willing to do that.

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