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Geometric Figures & Universal Downloads

How weird is it during your down time you may be laying down with your eyes closed and see odd colorful shapes and symbols? You may be asking yourself what this means to you other than beautiful shapes. Well these are called sacred geometry and can be a full array of intricate patterns, shapes, designs. When one sees these they can be in meditation, almost at the point right before sleep but consciously awake. You may also see them during a wake state and randomly they appear.

If you are seeing these, chances are that you are very spiritually awakened. This means your consciousness is expanded and very aware of the universe. Nothing is just black and white to you. Your soul is essentially transforming but this still doesn’t answer the question as to why you are seeing these. Anyone who is awakened is open to the universe and receiving what we call codes or downloads of information. These figures are messages encoded and may be appearing because the universe is preparing you for something that has happened in your waking life that you need answers too or have been asking for signs. You may not understand by seeing them but your wisdom expands and so you usually see these when your soul is preparing to handle a situation that may require wisdom beyond your years or wisdom that is beyond our physical understanding.

There is nothing to be afraid of although you can also see faces, in addition to the shapes. The faces or images could be visions you are seeing and spirit showing you things, so you can hold onto that information and later use that to help someone else or pass messages to others. After you start releasing the need to understand these and just write what you saw down, or you choose to help another person with your Universal downloads you will notice that you will see these less frequently.

During these episodes of downloads, you may find that you are tired or fatigued. You could notice you are more sensitive to energy. Because these downloads come directly from the universe and spiritual in nature an we are spiritual beings living an earthly experience some of these downloads take time to translate or make sense to our body. Our body is composed of energy and uses our energy to translate and make sense of these things. When you see these symbols or downloads of info be sure to treat yourself with self-love and allow yourself to reprogram.

After this experience you may find that others are more attracted to your energy and come to you searching for answers even if you don’t think you are the right person to be asked. Trust that you an help others. Know also if you are experiencing sacred geometry and downloads you will come more strongly into your spiritual gifts shortly afterwards. You could find your intuition is stronger than ever.

The universe always provides what we need and everyone’s downloads and symbols will be different and tailored to their specific needs and path.

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