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Spirit Led – Listening to Spirit

When we hear the words led by Spirit it’s hard to imagine a spiritual being pulling your hand or pushing you in a certain direction. However, you would be so surprised to realize how much work your guides, angels and spiritual guidance team is doing from the background. What does it feel like and how do you know the difference between being led by spirit or something else?

The first thing to know is that there is no certain guidelines and your spirits are tailored to your specific needs and they are able to guide you by putting ideas in your head, giving you this unexplained feeling to go forward, putting signs or symbol directly in your path, through dreams, through meditation, through prayer and the list goes on and on. The key here is that spirit has no boundaries when they are ready to lead you but you must be ready to lead you.

The thing I found most interesting through my own experiences is that when I cast my fears aside and just trusted the universe the most miraculous opportunities and assistance was readily available. Sometimes this in the form of a good friendship, long conversations, a favor, or a selfless act. Other times it could be in the form of a lucky windfall or abundance that comes to you. When I was able to let go of any self-doubt and thinking too far out in the future, I noticed that I was able immediately live in the present. Enjoying the present moment is part of being led by spirit. The other side has nothing but time to spare, we here on earth are the ones who are too fixated on deadlines, getting something done by a certain date and work around a system used to measure time. With work, errands, family and more the human mind often cannot separate or differentiate the difference between the present and what’s to come.

Spirit will not always talk to you but they will guide you where you need to go, and a part of your soul can listen or choose to ignore it. This is where your free will comes into play. Spirit has certain limitations and cannot intervene in your free will. However, if you are open to working with spirit and allowing them to guide you they will choose an easier path for you, than you would chose for yourself. Your choices sometimes are full of obstacles, roadblocks, setbacks…well you get the picture by now. Sometimes being led by spirit will bypass these things and still allow you to see the outcome of a poor choice indirectly or directly. You could see a best friend going through a situation that you would be in if you had made their choices and this is what I mean when I say that you sometimes see the bigger picture and how wonderful it is to be led by spirit.

To be led by spirit you must first raise your vibration. You might be asking what does that even mean? It just means living in authenticity, not judging others, loving one another and yourself, listening to your intuition, trusting the universe. These things bring balance and harmony and angels and spirit guides vibrate on those levels as well. So, it’s no surprise that they would be able to lead you where you need to go. Now if you are vibrating low and full of the opposite feelings and emotions described above, then you will most likely find it harder to be led by spirit. This is where ego steps in and sometimes we allow negative energy to pervade and guide us. This is often met with disappointment, setbacks, heartache, anger, resentment etc.

Allowing spirit to be part of our lives is such a privilege and honor. You will learn to trust yourself more and to trust your spiritual guidance team and know that any recommendations they make to you or put in your head is really for your greater good. Listen and trust what you feel because those feelings that seem minor are the greatest voices of spirit that should be listened to. Love yourself and love as much as you can and the connection between you and spirit will become inseparable.

Blessings in Love and Light x

Raymond Guzman

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