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October 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – This month Aries you will find that you more passionate about your likes and dislikes and you will make it known to others who are now around you. Be careful as well as someone close to you could be testing you to see how far they can get and ultimately try to take advantage of you. Periods this month you may also notice you are more nocturnal and able to accomplish more things during the moonlight. You may also find that sleep patterns shift and insomnia becomes a routine part of your life. Later in the month there will be a lot of focus between you and your love life. Someone in your life may be wanting more of you or trying to accelerate the pace of the relationship and you may not be on that level.

TAURUS – You are feeling a lot more relief this month because the past few months have been full of some distractions which have only served to stress you out. You may also be preoccupied with your family and trying to help others find their inner peace. You are like a shaman in many ways and can heal others just with your gentle approach. You will find during this month you also make time to spend hours chatting with your best friend or hosting party. You are feeling refreshed by the last week of October and prepared for anything thrown your way. Your intuition will be extremely powerful as well, be sure to use it and trust whatever feelings, thoughts, ideas, or dreams that come to you now.

GEMINI – Love is on your mind and it could have you feeling helpless. If you are single, you will be searching for love but if you are thinking more with your hormones then you will be led to the wrong person. Remember not all that glitters is gold and this is a hard lesson for many Geminis. The best way to find the ideal partner for you, is to find someone who is opposite but grounding to you. They must possess some of your likes but you must also be willing to compromise. The adventurous side could have you throwing Halloween party or even going to one. The last week of the month is memorable for many reasons and you will also be able to create more financial success for yourself.

CANCER – You could be finding this month you are presented with trust issues. If you are in a relationship you may have some insecurities and the need for counseling or forgiveness is needed. A third party or neutral party could help you both see things that need to change within yourself. You may also be feeling a void this week. Many of you want to be in the place in your life that you envisioned for yourself but are you putting in the work to get there? Things will not magically fall into your lap, you must meet destiny half way and find it. Even if you haven’t found much value in the past to keeping positive faith, you still need to push forward and things will materialize in your life that are blessings.

LEO – Energy could be the focal point for you this month. You are becoming overworked and you may also not be willing to slow down as you have deadlines to meet. Others are pushing you past your limits as well and you need to stop being complacent and instead be objective. Many peop