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August 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – This month is interesting for you because you will be more than likely fighting for something you are passionate about. Others may not share the same vision you have right now but in time they will understand. With the energy of the Lions Gate Portal occurring on the 8th of the month you will feel somewhat ready to tackle any challenges that come forth but you could also feel very vulnerable and second guess yourself. This is a time to be very confident so writing daily mantras to remind you will help you immensely. Later this month, you will be in the mode of planning things that take place later in the year. Exciting energy surrounds you.

TAURUS – While you do love luxurious things and love spoiling yourself, this month you are steady and busy in work. You won’t have much time to do any socializing at the level you have done in the past month. You will also find comfort at home when you are not working. It’s good to take this time to organize your thoughts and work on things that perhaps you have put aside for quite a long time. A partner may prove to be difficult by the full moon on the 7th moving forward that week. Be sure to be understanding and do not engage in battles that you cannot finish right now. You need to see this a temporary childish temper tantrum that will fix itself.

GEMINI – You have so much to say and little time to spare. It appears someone doesn’t want to listen to you, or that you are spending more time each day fighting with this person. You are not the type who likes conflict but you will defend your reason behind why you are acting the way you are. This is a NEW you are emerging and one that won’t tolerate any negativity in your life. Your ability to push past obstacles is highlighted on the 21st going forward that week. You seem to find the right solutions or solutions present themselves to you. You will also focus on bonding with your family this month and celebrating accomplishments. Your heart will be full of joy and this allows you to enjoy more of what you like to do as well.

CANCER – Someone is resisting advice that they are being given this month. That could be you dear moon child. While you are listening to what others are saying, you are not necessarily taking it seriously. This is not a good situation to be in for you this month. Whoever is giving you advice, is speaking form experience and you need to take it serious. This will help you prevent future heartaches and headaches. Later in the month you may decide to volunteer helping someone redecorate or move. You have so much energy to burn. You could also be looking for a partner if you are single and this is a perfect month to connect with that magical person. You need to be more optimistic and less pessimistic.

LEO – You could be receiving compliments on your work ethic or you could be the one giving them if you are in a leadership position. However, you might be feeling as if where you currently employed has setbacks for you. This can lead you to searching for other opportunities and the possibilities are endless since yo