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June 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – There is a lot to tackle in a personal relationship or commitment that you are in. There is a lot of contemplation whether you should continue to move on and the ultimate deal breaker for you will be what is going to bring you long term happiness. You will be able to gain more clarity if you choose to stay focused on true intentions. In your work area, you will notice that there are some lessons you are learning here about how much you are contributing in your daily life. Some employers or colleagues will take advantage of you the moment they notice you do not stand your ground and allow them to ask too much from you. Know that there are boundaries that should not be crossed and you will be fine. In your family life, you will find the moments you do get to spend quality time with your loved ones, is relaxing for you and helps you remember why they are so important in your life.

TAURUS – New energy surrounds your work life and you are shining brightly this month. If you are looking for a job this would be a good time to snatch one up as there will be many opportunities, however, if you are content with where you are, you may need to keep evolving and show them new ideas and enthusiasm. Bringing some joy into the workplace is not a bad idea if everyone is able to take part in it. This month also sees you trying to do something you have always had qualms about but now are being propelled forward by someone who is encouraging and rooting for you. Friendships could be easily tested as someone new emerges into your life and you may decide to spend quality time with them, an old friend may be a little jealous or not understand why you seem more dedicated to this new person. Try being the pacifist and explain yourself only if you must.

GEMINI – As you are now more focused on your career and social life you aren’t about to let anyone or anything hold you back from reaching your true state of happiness. The positive energy ushers in like a rollercoaster ride going full speed and the beginning of the month sees you may be spending a little to make a little or changing something about your wardrobe and appearance. You take great pride in your appearance which is very exciting. Now you are more invested into moving ahead and bosses will be looking to you for advice and looking to get more insight on blockages they are experiencing with their creativity. Since you have a good sense of who you are, it’s so easy to get back to the main things that are important for you. In your social circle, you will make new friends and connections and these are good individuals who are extremely loyal. In the past few years you have seen a lot of friendships come and go for whatever reason, however, as we approach June you will start identifying who is worth keeping in your life and who you need to let go of. The exciting part is that by the end of this year, your true friends will be there and you won’t see a lot of people coming and going from your life like before. So, the excitement is building.

CANCER – An obsessive behavior pattern can easily take hold of you this month moon child. While you don’t often get too attached to anything or anyone, this month has a different energy to itself. If you are in a place where you have been hurt by your family or love interest you may know that you need to walk away or ignore them but something keeps you holding on. You may find you are still holding on for some reason and that could be a simple as the lessons you need to learn have not been learned yet. Stay calm but don’t resort to bullying tactics or embrace lower vibrations right now, you are much better than that. In your work life, you could be sensing opposition to your thoughts or hostility from a superior who is in charge. While you do love what you do professionally you can easily read in between the lines and conflict at your work place could be something as simple as a misunderstanding or your boss seeing potential in you and putting more pressure on you to see how much you want to move up in the company. Bite your tongue if you must and smile even when you don’t want to. Use your personal time to destress.

LEO – The month of June is exciting for you because if you have been very dedicated to your work life, you will want to take a mini vacation or travel a little. Being by water this month can be healing for you regardless of what season you are experiencing in your part of the world. Since water is a spiritual conduit you may find your greatest meditation and insights come to you there. This is also a good month to catch up with family who has been distant or even friends. With technology at your disposal you may decide to send them a message and be surprised they want to hear back from you as well. If you are in a relationship or single you may want to spend down time with them and show them how much they mean to you. If you are single this may pertain more to a love interest or potential love interest. This month is also going to be very active for your dreams and you will be experiencing much more of this. Some of your work might be through astral traveling and working with other dimensions. Write down or keep a dream journal if your dreams are very life like and you remember precise details about them.

VIRGO – Misery loves company but you aren’t miserable, however, a key person in your life could be and this is affecting you. While you have been extremely patient in biting your tongue, you will most like confront this person and tell them that they need to change or move on. You are tired of the self-pity and woe is me act. A lot of your own spiritual growth has emerged because of your own experiences and this is something you are trying to teach to someone else. This person who you show tough love to this month will learn to appreciate this later and will also thank you. Others may also want you to make some changes around your own schedule but you are fearful of embarking on a new path or journey. The universe will support you in infinite ways but you must take the first step.

LIBRA – Others think they may know you but they don’t really do. You are working very hard right now for your family to be happy and a partner might be holding you back or trying to. Work presents some challenges as you are in a place where you are amazing with what you do but never get enough praise or recognition for all that you do behind the scenes. A boss will have their eyes on you and a promotion may not be too far away. You have some fears of getting too attached to friends because either they leave you eventually and you find you are starting over but you will need to squash these fears and replace them with love and trust. The universe is blessing you.

SCORPIO – You may be trying to get your hands wrapped around some much-needed money and can find some space to purchase something you wanted. Just hold off before rushing into anything right now if this is a huge investment. Another person could try to help you spend your money but you do have a good sense of what you want to do with it. If this is a partner don’t allow them to convince you in investing it on something else as you will later find you could regret that and it would be like taking two steps backwards in life when you want to truly move forward.

SAGITTARIUS – This month will be focused a lot on your emotional self, Sagittarius. You have been bottling up a lot of emotions and others could be sensing this in your or just noticing your reaction to them is short and different. While they may not understand they are very aware of the reasons why. You have been very complacent with someone and now are tired. It’s okay to be outspoken. You might also use this month to plan a family reunion or vacation. If you are traveling you should consider a travel agent to save you money but if you opt for you yourself planning take your time and don’t rush. Around your home space you might have some construction being done or you may want to move something around. You will find that improvements around family life occurs because of this as well.

CAPRICORN – Shielding yourself from negativity this month will not be easy as you are surrounded by some negative or lower vibrating individuals. Be sure to stock up on your protective stones and carry them with you always. Also limit the time you spend with them. By the middle of the month you may be taking more time to plan something special for a loved one as there could be celebrations or news coming that brings a reason to celebrate. You will also want to finally put some finishing touches to any project you have had laying around and hoping to finish. You will make great progress.

AQUARIUS – Others could be wondering where the old you are at and that person is still there just a lot more stronger and is not going to tolerate others to take advantage of you. If you are single, this month is one where you could easily meet someone or go on dates and the energy is all positive. The other person may start off a little strong or wanting more than what you feel comfortable with but you will be sure to keep your communication going. If you also are planning some career moves this is a good month to do this. Others will appreciate your honesty. No more putting yourself last as you deserve better and will reach for it.

PISCES – Money problems could be something that plagues you this month as you try to get ahead. There is a lot that may hold you back financially so if you haven’t started to save money, now is a good time to do so. In work, you may also notice that your passion is changing and where you once had a lot of enthusiasm you are now wanting to move away from this place or people and into something where you can start earning the money you deserve to. Everything you do now is being guided by a higher power and there is a lot of positive energy as a result. Listen to your gut instincts and stick to that. Family life will also be very important to you as you may want to spend more time with them. You could also find you buy a new pet for your family or consider that.

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