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May 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – This month you might find some challenges with your personal growth due to external factors surrounding you. You could notice that your energy is more tied to helping others and working that you have little to no time to focus on your own energy and life path. However, things by mid-month take an interesting path in that you will find that you will be forced by the universe to take a good review on your life goals and path and spend time ironing out details. You could have days where you start off your days feeling very energetic but by the end of the day you are drained. You will need to ask yourself why is this happening. In most cases, you are either surrounded by someone that is negative or some situation is no longer serving its purpose in your life. You will need to take back your power. If you are single, you could potentially meet someone and if you are with someone your relationship and connection could be stronger if you can work through minor issues.

TAURUS – You will take stock this month of everything that you have and get rid of whatever you no longer need. You are clearing the path so it’s essentially out with the old and in with the new for you. Lots of other opportunities can arise around work especially if you are searching for a new place of employment or wanting a more fulfilling position. At times this month if you are searching for a job you could feel paralyzed by fear and think of the what if’s or fear that your existing boss will be upset or could find out that you’re looking. A good boss will let another’s wings spread and fly when they feel they need to grow in another area. If you are leaving behind a job and going into a new one, look at this as a blessing in disguise. Recognize that your angelic support team is also there guiding you and giving you epiphanies. All pushes or situations presented this month are not by coincidence, it’s all part of divine timing and accelerated motion forward. Smile and reconnect to your inner joy.

GEMINI – It’s your birthday this month and you might start feeling that inner fire again that you had a while ago. Life these last couple of months have been all about shedding friendships and shedding parts of your personalities and feelings that you no longer need. You are more mature and growing and with any change, growth can be witnessed by others. This month is interesting for you because you will have sparks flying around your career and traveling is something you will want to do. New experiences now surround you and you can’t be shy. You need to step outside your comfort zones right now more than anything and be outspoken. Others may see you and be drawn to you like a magnet and engage in a conversation or stare and greet you. Typically, you are the life of the party but these last few months you could have thought you lost your mojo but it’s still there. It took a sabbatical and now with Mercury no longer in retrograde everything just feels exciting and rejuvenating for you. If you are single, you have that glow around you right now where others may want to get to know you better. If you are somewhat reserved by bad experiences in the past, remember, the past is the past and embrace everything that happens right now.

CANCER – This month is all about stepping outside of your emotions and sensitivity. It does not mean you will be ruthless or cruel but you’re tired of being kind to the point you get taken advantage of others. So, moonchild this means you are now more in control of every situation presented and you will speak the truth without holding back. Others a