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May 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – This month you might find some challenges with your personal growth due to external factors surrounding you. You could notice that your energy is more tied to helping others and working that you have little to no time to focus on your own energy and life path. However, things by mid-month take an interesting path in that you will find that you will be forced by the universe to take a good review on your life goals and path and spend time ironing out details. You could have days where you start off your days feeling very energetic but by the end of the day you are drained. You will need to ask yourself why is this happening. In most cases, you are either surrounded by someone that is negative or some situation is no longer serving its purpose in your life. You will need to take back your power. If you are single, you could potentially meet someone and if you are with someone your relationship and connection could be stronger if you can work through minor issues.

TAURUS – You will take stock this month of everything that you have and get rid of whatever you no longer need. You are clearing the path so it’s essentially out with the old and in with the new for you. Lots of other opportunities can arise around work especially if you are searching for a new place of employment or wanting a more fulfilling position. At times this month if you are searching for a job you could feel paralyzed by fear and think of the what if’s or fear that your existing boss will be upset or could find out that you’re looking. A good boss will let another’s wings spread and fly when they feel they need to grow in another area. If you are leaving behind a job and going into a new one, look at this as a blessing in disguise. Recognize that your angelic support team is also there guiding you and giving you epiphanies. All pushes or situations presented this month are not by coincidence, it’s all part of divine timing and accelerated motion forward. Smile and reconnect to your inner joy.

GEMINI – It’s your birthday this month and you might start feeling that inner fire again that you had a while ago. Life these last couple of months have been all about shedding friendships and shedding parts of your personalities and feelings that you no longer need. You are more mature and growing and with any change, growth can be witnessed by others. This month is interesting for you because you will have sparks flying around your career and traveling is something you will want to do. New experiences now surround you and you can’t be shy. You need to step outside your comfort zones right now more than anything and be outspoken. Others may see you and be drawn to you like a magnet and engage in a conversation or stare and greet you. Typically, you are the life of the party but these last few months you could have thought you lost your mojo but it’s still there. It took a sabbatical and now with Mercury no longer in retrograde everything just feels exciting and rejuvenating for you. If you are single, you have that glow around you right now where others may want to get to know you better. If you are somewhat reserved by bad experiences in the past, remember, the past is the past and embrace everything that happens right now.

CANCER – This month is all about stepping outside of your emotions and sensitivity. It does not mean you will be ruthless or cruel but you’re tired of being kind to the point you get taken advantage of others. So, moonchild this means you are now more in control of every situation presented and you will speak the truth without holding back. Others around you will respect you for this and in a weird way some have been testing you and wanting to see this stronger version of yourself. Others have seen your potential but sometimes you can’t see it yourself. By midmonth work takes the center focal point and you will need to focus 100% in everything you are wanting to achieve. A boss could be impressed with your work ethic and commitment and as a result more opportunities to move up the ladder can present themselves. Accept all offers right now if it sets well with your soul and feels authentic. Try not to get caught up in the rumor mill this month either because you could find that some rumors find their way back to the owner or the person who took part in it. Family may be getting on your nerves as they want to get into your personal life but you will put up a wall here and say little. This is the right choice to make for now. You do need some privacy and to be respected. That’s all you are asking for and that’s not too much to ask! Enjoy the month ahead.

LEO – Some people never want to take ownership for their mistakes and always make excuses. This is the kind of energy surrounding you this month Leo. You could be dealing with someone who wants to blame others for their mistakes. You find this extremely frustrating because you don’t understand why they can’t be authentic and mature. This person exhibits a lot of immaturity and you don’t have time to babysit anyone who is a grown adult. Showing some tough love will be what is needed now so this person does not rely on you as a crutch. Later in the month you could be joining your friends and getting some good ideas to chat about. There’s so much that you may want to do with friends right now but work is the priority. If you are self-employed right now and finding that work is too slow you may need to step up the marketing techniques. You might also need to network. You will find by the end of the month you will be in spending mode and will like to treat yourself or others to something special. Be sure to have your finances in check before you splurge. All is well and you will be showing others why you are the KING or QUEEN of the jungle! ROAR!

VIRGO – Someone is holding you back right now Virgo. This person could be a partner or someone who has literally sucked out all the time and energy you need and want to get things done. You have had to focus a lot on them or have doubted yourself because of this person. This month spirit wants you to regain your composure and thoughts and move forward. Closing chapters in our life is not easy but if you are sacrificing your happiness for another and not getting anything in return you are in a position where you are being taken for granted and taken advantage of. You need to stand your ground and not let anyone cross you that has negative energy. Distance yourself and regain your happiness this month. Some friends may convince you on a road trip or you might take vacation if you have time available. Stepping away from your crazy world right now for a few hours or even days will do you good and bring back a lot of clarity that you need. Go for it and don’t think twice about your next move. This month also proves to be amazing because your spiritual connection will be magnified and you will find that many of your feelings or premonitions turn out to be accurate or occur just as you thought. Trust any information you receive this month from a higher power.

LIBRA – A lot of personal growth and fortitude occurs this month. If you have been feeling weaker or more vulnerable some of this now leaves you and is replaced with courage and confidence. You may have your mind made up about a situation and it is all good for you. You could also become engaged in special projects right now that further develop bonds with those around you. Team work settings are now beneficial to you. You may also start having feelings towards another especially if mixed signals are being given. It will be important to clear the air and seek validation.

SCORPIO – You could find this month a little challenging as family and others around you may be seeing a little negative energy surrounding you. It’s your moods that are affected most. One minute you are jovial and the next you could be irate. You may need to cleanse yourself and be more positive with the outlook around you. There may be an inner situation that you are seeking healing for but not quite sure if it’s right for you. Meditation and prayer is key here and that will help you. You will be focused on work and through this you can find you get ahead. A lot of the energy at the beginning of the month will lift and you will see that energy dissipate but for this to happen you will need to stay positive. Working with crystals will help you as well. If you are not working with crystals now, you may need to see which crystal calls to you.

SAGITTARIUS – There is a lighter energy this month for you and you will feel motivated to pick up on doing things that perhaps you have put on the backburner for a while. Those projects will now be at the focal point and you will get a lot of new insight from your spiritual guidance team. Creative projects like drawing or making things will be good for you as well. There may be a situation in your work environment where you are working extremely hard and are dedicated but someone else may not be and this creates aggravation for you because you’re stuck doing their work. Bosses may seem oblivious to what is going on but you are not very happy. Try speaking with your boss about your work load and possibly letting them know you need some help. This can help you achieve what you need.

CAPRICORN – The beginning of the month may appear to be slower for you and your patience is wearing out. You may feel as if things are not accelerating as they should and although you are trying to keep the faith, it’s simply not easy. Right now, you can take a step forward to realize what you need but you must not give up right now as you are close to a discovery. Seek wise counsel from someone who you may consider as your mentor or good friend. You will find there are good things coming to you but you just must wait a little longer. A family member may be bringing added stress to you and have you worried about them. If they are not listening to you and what you are saying, give them space and let them go through their own lessons. You’ve done your part and there is no need to dwell on this or feel as if you need to do more. Conserve your energy and know what is good for you and your soul.

AQUARIUS – You may be somewhat trying to control a situation that is out of your hands right now. This resistance is adding pressure in your life. A partner may be key to helping you, if you are fearful of their reaction, just be open and get it off your chest. Holding onto this energy can manifest as physical blockages in your health. A friend could also prove to be opportunistic but in a good way that benefits you as they could have their eyes and ears open for the next biggest thing for your life. If you have been searching but have been too busy, they could come back with some good news. You will have some celebrations towards the end of the month and feel as if you accomplished many things this month. This month for you signifies a major growth point for your soul and new directions that you will be taking for the remainder of this year.

PISCES – So many thoughts and feelings surround you. You could be overwhelmed at times but you need to remain quiet. Through silence you will see things and more will be revealed to you. There is a point in which you will need to let go of old thoughts and embrace change. While you are one of the signs that does not like failure or fears it, you need to realize that we truly never fail in anything, but it’s more about the lessons of life. You are becoming more powerful standing in your beliefs but you also need to share these visions you have with others. Most visionaries have action plans and put them to the test, so why are you holding back. Now is the time to take those initial steps forward so that you can see progress and realization. You will feel as if you have planted the seeds this month and it’s just a matter of time before you reap the rewards. If you are employed, a boss has been watching you and is very impressed with your work. Don’t be surprised if you receive a promotion or commendation.

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