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Spiritual Tune-Ups

When you think of cars you know that after several number of miles your vehicle is going to need a tune up and this could consist of new tires, oil change, etc. The same is true for our spiritual gifts. You see our vehicle is our body and the soul is what receives the tune up. This is often referred to as an attunement.

Why would we need an attunement?

Basically the universe is constantly evolving and within this matrix or consciousness new knowledge is available, sometimes these are referred to as “codes” and sometimes they are referred to as light energy. The names are irrelevant but what’s important is that your soul is constantly channeling from other realms and a higher power. Let me give you an example you have a cassette player and still listening to your cassettes but we now have CD’s. Most places have only CD’s available but you don’t have a CD player! Would you be able to listen to your cassette tapes on a CD Player? NO. You also wouldn’t be able to listen to any new music without a CD player or some smart device that has digital media available. The same is also true for our gifts. I’ll give you an example, you are a clairvoyant but lately you feel like your visions are not appearing easily. Now with an attunement you noticed another gift or Clair and that’s clairaudience. Now you can hear things in your mind telepathically after receiving an attunement. Ah-Ha!

So you’re saying that with an attunement I get a new spiritual gift/ability?

No! Your existing ability could be refined or strengthened or you could open up a new ability.

Can someone give me a spiritual attunement?

No! The attunement process occurs naturally and whoever is sending you healing energy for attunement purposes has to be channeling or a vessel that allows the GOD source or the source of all things to flow into you. So essentially the attunement is coming from the universe. In Reiki sometimes a Reiki master helps you with the attunement process and therefore you’re able to learn and accept it. Now attunements can also be done by ourselves without the assistance of a teacher. It’s a matter of you being able to connect with the one source of power.

How do I know if I received an attunement?

Just like symptoms of a spiritual awakening you may start to feel certain things days, weeks, or months after an attunement.

  • You might feel lightheaded.

  • Crown area (top of your head) may feel tingling, strong massive headaches may occur.

  • Uneasiness or uncertainty

  • Panic attacks/Anxiety

  • Dreams may be more lucid or you will receive more spiritual visitations

  • You may notice new gifts are now available to you whereas you didn’t have these gifts before.

  • You might notice any existing abilities you had are now strengthened and have are easier to access.

  • Tingles or body temperature changes.

(*It’s important to note if you have never had these symptoms you should not ignore this as something spiritual. Always seek out medical advice or get medical attention FIRST to rule out anything health related) If you have ruled out health related symptoms then it will most likely fall into the attunement process.

If you are not resistant to your gifts and in tune with the universe, you will more than likely find the attunement process is very rewarding and filled with love and peace. It will be uncomfortable at times but also a blessing.

Blessings in love and light.

-Raymond Guzman, Spiritual Medium

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