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Soul Agreements and Setting Boundaries

Have you ever noticed that during sleeping you have dreams and travel in your dreams to locations that seem very similar to where you live now or extensively different? Some people all this astral traveling or dimension hopping and the list goes on. Now why this occurs is because your soul learns lessons while awake here in the physical world but also learns and works while asleep. Let’s say you wear prescribed single vision glasses in your daily life because your eyesight is no longer 20/20. But in your dreams do you notice that you can see without the assistance of the glasses? Also you may see everything in color but be colorblind when awake. The reason for this is because the soul is perfect the way it is. We carry GOD within us (The DIVINE SOURCE) and therefore we are powerful spiritual beings, however, before we are born we have soul agreements often referred as (soul contracts, soul blueprints, etc).

The issue here is that sometimes our agreements have lessons we must be learned either in the awakened state (physically awakened) and sleep state (physically asleep). The problem here is that sometimes we may find as psychics, healers, and mediums that we often wake up more tired than before we went asleep. We may not recognize why we are going through this but if you haven’t established boundaries your soul is leaving to other dimensions while you’re asleep and causing this draining energy, etc.

How do you know if this is occurring to you? Well if you are dreaming but can’t remember the exact dream, or if you felt you were astral projecting or traveling and still remain lethargic and feeling of energy it’s because you have not set any boundaries to your soul agreements. There is a specific set of time on the earthly plane but you can opt to learn these lessons when you want to and how soon. You don’t always need to astral travel or dream to learn these lessons. Remember our physical body is a vessel in which we are able to learn and maintain health to stay living here on earth. Sleep time is the only time we get to rest our bodies and mind. So if you find yourself in a state where you fall asleep during the day, or just lack energy and feel pain all over and you’ve ruled out any medical conditions etc, then this could very well be attributed to spiritual travel.

Now as I have mentioned you do have the POWER to set boundaries within your soul agreement. You can simply state “I revoke spiritual access or any astral traveling. I revoke any spiritual influence during my sleep state.” This is a technique most developed mediums may choose before they fall asleep to stop spiritual visitations etc. It’s like shutting a door to the other sides and dimensions because there are different realities (dimensions) not just earth itself. How effective is this method? It may or may not work depending on how open you are and firm you are about revoking or setting boundaries. Spirits have to follow certain guidelines both earthbound and spirits who have crossed. Other things you can do is have an overactive house full of spiritual activity is to set up clear quartz crystals in all 4 corners of your bed or sleeping area or in all 4 corners of the room where you sleep in. There may be other techniques and explanations but this article was designed to just give you a little insight on probably causes and issues stemming from spiritual visitations, lucid dreaming, and astral traveling.

Blessings in Love n Light

-Raymond Guzman

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