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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. It’s very difficult to process and understand why we are sent to earth and then leave it. To understand this you must realize this earth is just like a school where we come to learn and study. Our studies are the experiences we have, the pain we endure, the happiness, the accomplishments, the helping and healing we give. I often get asked during medium readings if a loved one can hear them. The answer is YES! Your loved ones are around you and can hear you even if you can’t always feel them or see them. Since we are composed of energy, energy cannot be destroyed. Therefore, we only transcend into the spiritual realm which is our true home. Here’s some important things to know about the transition from a physical body to our spiritual self.

  1. Upon our passing, the soul is released and the feeling is like levitation. You are lifted up almost feels like flying.

You are usually greeted by loved ones or your spirit guides when you start to cross over. Someone is always waiting for you and you’re never alone.

Any health impairments, pain, suffering, anguish that they had before passing is gone and replaced with health and happiness. Our physical body feels pain but our spiritual body doesn’t!

A life review is done with our spiritual guides and angels and we see everything we just experienced in the life we had. Depending on our lessons and karma will depend how our soul progresses.

If your loved one showed a lot of anger towards you or hostility they only know love now. The spiritual realm is full of love and peace. Many depictions in movies or media show angry spirits but anger is a human emotion not spiritual emotion. Therefore they are sorry and learn the lessons they need to know.

They also have school and learn lessons for the progression of their soul on the other side, so they are always busy helping other souls or your family from the other side.

Any thoughts you have of them or if you speak to them. They can hear you. Spirit hears all, knows all, and sees all.

Spirit’s main goal is to ensure your happiness so although it’s difficult to go on without them, they want you to be at peace and happy.

Spirit can show themselves at any age and look, meaning they don’t have to appear in your dreams like they looked like before passing.

Spirit grows in the spiritual realm, so if you lost a child years ago, know they are probably an adult right now. They grow on the other side but it doesn’t take human years because spirit has no time.

Rainbows here on earth are glimpses of heaven and signs from our loved ones. Heaven is full of the rainbow spectrum.

Heaven has several dimensions or levels. So just like earth is not the only planet in the galaxy neither is there just one level in heaven. Think of a pyramid that’s similar to how the hierarchies in heaven are.

Our loved ones can hold the soul of a baby being born into your family before they come into this world.

We have the choice to reincarnate or stay in heaven. You are given the choice to learn your lessons in a place you feel comfortable and know or come back to earth. Most of us have been here several times before. Hence, the term old souls.

Spirit has no fear. Fear is a manmade emotion.

As a medium we are able to channel information from them and relay messages. Mediums have an inner light that is open to the spiritual realm and it’s connection is strongest when we are vibrating at a higher level. So know that your loved ones are at peace and grateful. I wish you blessings in love n light. Thank you. X – Raymond Guzman (Psychic, Medium, and Author)

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