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Stuck After Death

Many clients have asked me how do we know if we are going to stay earthbound when we transition into spirit. We have heard a lot about earthbound spirits not crossing over to the other side, but we sometimes never stop for a minute and contemplate what causes us to stay trapped here on earth as an Earthbound spirit. More importantly, what steps can you take to prevent from becoming earthbound? So, for those of you who may be reading this and think this sounds all like gibberish as you never have heard of the term Earthbound, I will explain.

An earthbound spirit is a human soul that was once living here on earth and has now died and instead of seeing the tunnel of light so many see, they have decided to stay here on earth because of unfinished business or other reasons I will go into detail with. This doesn’t mean that they did not see the light, many earthbound spirits in fact, have seen the light but fear it.

They fear judgment possibly for bad things they did here on earth and fear what they perceive to be purgatory or hell. They still remember their deeds and fear being held accountable but most of this punishment is self-inflicted and therefore they stay here on earth haunting people or wandering aimlessly in their familiar territories they used to live in.

As I’ve mentioned there are so many reasons they choose to stay earthbound but it’s not a permanent state. Eventually their angels and guides will forcibly remove them to the other side, so they can begin to heal and basically understand their decisions, choices, actions, and everything they have done here in the physical world.

Now what are the chances you will stay earthbound when you pass if that time should come? This is the tricky question but it’s quite simple! Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself.

  • Did I suffer any emotional, sexual, mental, physical trauma in my life and died without healing that?

  • Do I have any grudges, anger, resentment, that I have not released?

  • Do I have any secrets that I have never disclosed due to fear of being judged?

  • Did I cause anyone else pain and never made amends or asked for forgiveness from this person?

Living here on earth is not easy and let’s face it, not many of us will deal with issues that have happened to us in the same manner. Some of us have been served a cup of tea full of strife, emotional pain and sometimes therapy, counseling, and spiritual healing doesn’t always do the trick. Depending on how deep our wounds are. So, if you are worried about being stuck here after dying you need to take steps while you are alive and not wait until the last minute to address all of this. I know this may sound to some like I’m coming from a place of fear but it’s quite the opposite. I would like to think I am providing you with an awareness that will have you thinking about your current choices, decisions, etc. There’s no right or wrong answers.

Every case is different but for this article I want to provide you with some ways to fix outstanding issues. Many people who are terminal and their families can attest that often, it’s too late to say I’m sorry or make amends with everyone who you hurt or who has hurt you before we pass.

The following is a list of things to do to ensure you have a clear soul that isn’t filled with unfulfilled things.

  • Make sure you forgive those who hurt you even if you never forget but forgive them.

  • If you hurt someone and wanted to say sorry but this person has passed, moved away, or you have no clue where they are then write a letter to this person asking for forgiveness then burn it. This will send it to the universe and out of you.

  • You want to get everything you have been holding onto like regrets out and address those.

  • Continuously work on yourself and controlling your emotions.

  • Ask for forgiveness to anyone you feel you need it from.

  • Get rid of bad habits that only hinder your life or impact others here.

  • Tie up loose ends and always have a back up plan, if you don’t finish something make sure someone else can carry it out for you.

If you can do these things before passing, you won’t feel as if you have things that are left unfinished. The chances of you crossing over to the spirit realm is higher. Your soul will have known that it did it’s best and learned from it’s mistakes. Take the time you have here and now to make positive changes. When all is said and done, the money in your bank account, the house you and your family fought about, the will that never got found, and the secrets hidden will not matter. What will matter is the good deeds you did here on earth, how many people you helped, what you contributed as a living person here on earth. Use your time wisely and never lose a precious second living your dreams. If you first don’t succeed at something do not stop, instead keep trying to get ahead.

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