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Why Gifted People cannot read for themselves?

I often get asked this question and find myself having this issue where I cannot read myself. I can read most people but not myself. I did encounter some colleagues who have said well if you have tarot cards you can read for yourself. My whole issue here is that the level of information you could obtain for yourself would be limited. This is one of the reasons why many psychics get told often if you have the gift why aren’t you a lottery winner or rich?

My answer to that is our gifts were designed to help the greater good and also helping humanity but if we were privileged to such information for ourselves how likely would be to follow our spiritual calling and help others? How likely would we experience all the lessons, hardships, here in the physical world that we are meant to experience? The answer is that it’s not very likely. So while I’m pretty opened minded to receiving information from spirit and guides for myself and my own decision making is concerned. It’s sort of limited and they will only share what I need to know but not what I want to know. This is like a spiritual law. So while using tarot or other forms of divination for yourself may uncover or answer some questions the level and depth of them.

So for example if you were to ask Spirit if you are going to move soon and try your pendulum or tarot you may find mixed answers. You might get a yes but when you ask spirit how soon and start mentioning time frames your cards or otherwise may or may not.

Spirit doesn’t work like that and they are limited to telling you things that could alter your life path. Some people have found a workaround and that is accessing the Akashic Records. Because all of our blueprints and other life lessons are stored there psychics, shamans, and yourself can access certain or specific information about your life but again certain information is restricted.

This is why many gifted people turn to others in the psychic community for answers, because we all know about this unspoken rule. Remember if you’re needing guidance for yourself insight you can use different modalities to get answers or pray for signs or information to be revealed by your angels and guides but there may be resistance encountered. As their purpose is not intended for this. So if you are in doubt your best option may be consulting a psychic, medium, healer, etc.

Blessings in love in light x

Raymond Guzman (Clairvoyant | Medium| Teacher |Author)

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