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Twin Flames/Soulmates the Era of Complicated Relationships

This has been something that someone during a live session brought up and while I did cover this, I wanted to take some time to write an article discussing why we are seeing so many disruptions around love when love is supposed to be forever. While love is forever and has always existed both in the spiritual realm and earth, right now on earth we are seeing a lot of these soulmate and twin flame relationships going south. There is a lot of temptation, unions that provide healing, and some that last a lifetime.

The real question is why now? So, let me explain, we are all living in different level or states of consciousness. You can have someone who is living in the third dimension of consciousness. This type of person is still stuck in old though patterns, temptations and lust are very strong and in most cases these people will cheat on their partners, lie, and hurt them spiritually and emotionally. The impact of this is very severe especially if the other partner who is the victim is already living in the fourth or fifth dimension. The world is currently operating on a fifth dimension of consciousness.

This is a very evolved state in which there are more AWAKENED folks who are now aware of the bigger picture or their higher self. Those who are living in this dimension or state of consciousness are very aware of healing the world needs and will value their connections and relationships. There is a high level of loyalty, they will leave negativity of any kind behind. This includes relationships where they have tried to bring their partner to another state of consciousness and awareness. They do not tend to give up on their relationships easily and do not see failure as an option. They will try everything from traditional methods to untraditional like counseling, psychology, discussing, giving second chances, forgiving, reiki, crystal healing, magick, and the list goes on and on. However, once all options are exhausted a person living in the fifth dimension knows that their soul cannot continue to operate from a place of pain and will not continue to try to change someone who is still living in the third dimension. Therefore, a lot of people are separating more now than ever, or finding their partners struggle with communication and accepting their higher self.

A person still living in the third level of consciousness is not going to be able to discuss things more openly and will keep fighting their partners who are living in the fifth dimension. So, what keeps two people together even if they are on different levels of consciousness/dimensions? The answer to this is your free will. This is a higher power that you were given to govern your own life and co-create your reality that you wish to have here on earth.

What many do not realize is that while someone who is still stuck in the third or fourth dimensions can be helped to be brought into a higher state of consciousness. You are not doomed to continue