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Twin Flames/Soulmates the Era of Complicated Relationships

This has been something that someone during a live session brought up and while I did cover this, I wanted to take some time to write an article discussing why we are seeing so many disruptions around love when love is supposed to be forever. While love is forever and has always existed both in the spiritual realm and earth, right now on earth we are seeing a lot of these soulmate and twin flame relationships going south. There is a lot of temptation, unions that provide healing, and some that last a lifetime.

The real question is why now? So, let me explain, we are all living in different level or states of consciousness. You can have someone who is living in the third dimension of consciousness. This type of person is still stuck in old though patterns, temptations and lust are very strong and in most cases these people will cheat on their partners, lie, and hurt them spiritually and emotionally. The impact of this is very severe especially if the other partner who is the victim is already living in the fourth or fifth dimension. The world is currently operating on a fifth dimension of consciousness.

This is a very evolved state in which there are more AWAKENED folks who are now aware of the bigger picture or their higher self. Those who are living in this dimension or state of consciousness are very aware of healing the world needs and will value their connections and relationships. There is a high level of loyalty, they will leave negativity of any kind behind. This includes relationships where they have tried to bring their partner to another state of consciousness and awareness. They do not tend to give up on their relationships easily and do not see failure as an option. They will try everything from traditional methods to untraditional like counseling, psychology, discussing, giving second chances, forgiving, reiki, crystal healing, magick, and the list goes on and on. However, once all options are exhausted a person living in the fifth dimension knows that their soul cannot continue to operate from a place of pain and will not continue to try to change someone who is still living in the third dimension. Therefore, a lot of people are separating more now than ever, or finding their partners struggle with communication and accepting their higher self.

A person still living in the third level of consciousness is not going to be able to discuss things more openly and will keep fighting their partners who are living in the fifth dimension. So, what keeps two people together even if they are on different levels of consciousness/dimensions? The answer to this is your free will. This is a higher power that you were given to govern your own life and co-create your reality that you wish to have here on earth.

What many do not realize is that while someone who is still stuck in the third or fourth dimensions can be helped to be brought into a higher state of consciousness. You are not doomed to continue to live in this. Many of these souls have not been able to ascend into these higher levels or had a spiritual awakening because they do not understand what they are going through and just know what they are immediately feeling spiritually. If you are stuck in a relationship and you are living in a higher level of consciousness you can help your partner and I will list some ways. If you are both living in the third or fourth dimension these methods I provide below will also assist you to get to a higher state of consciousness.

Methods to ascending into a higher state of consciousness:

MEDITATION - Meditation is key and there is no right way or wrong way. Your eyes don’t have to be closed, they can be open. You just need to spend either 10-15 minutes practicing being alone and spending time alone with only yourself. Stare blankly at an object far away and keep your vision on it and just continue to breath. In your mind ask your guides and ascended masters to help you. You don’t need to mention any specific names or chant. Spirit is very aware. If you prefer closing your eyes, close your eyes and breathe and don’t think about anything going on in your life, just focus on the darkness or light you see. Do the same thing by asking your guides and ascended masters to step forth and help guide you. You might not see anything and think you are crazy. LOL Yes, it can be rather hilarious but with any technique it does require practice and practice does make perfect. Keep doing this and you can modify how many times you do this a week. The more awakened you are, the less meditation you will require per week. Three to four times a week in the beginning will help you.

DEAL WITH YOUR FEELINGS – Many of us cannot enter a new phase in our spiritual path because we are still clinging to past hurt. This could have been sexual, physical, or emotional abuse we endured in our life. This affects our souls. It’s easier to bury these feelings and not acknowledge that we haven’t dealt with them. This often, creates stagnation at the soul level and instead of being able to move forward, you are doing yourself a disservice and creating blocks. So regardless of anything positive that is happening in your life, you will always be pessimistic or negative towards the blessings unfolding before you. You will also notice you fear change, you have a certain outlook on life and expect that all people will judge you or have the same behavior of those who hurt you. Dealing with your feelings is not easy, it’s not something that you can fix in a week or month. Slowly, you need to open to someone you trust. If you feel you can’t open up to others, then just speak out loud or in your inner mind to your angels. It will be your own voice chit chatting with yourself because you might not hear your angels talking back to you or interacting with you. It’s okay. The hardest part is opening up to someone else but the moment you do, your soul will feel uplifted and you will feel lighter. The worst thing you can do, is to live with that spiritual congestion in your soul. By speaking about it and acknowledging you are no longer that person in the past and you are not afraid, you are dealing with the issues that are holding you back. Slowly as you let go of these past hurts, you will notice your intuition becomes stronger and that you are entering a new era spiritually. This is stepping into a new state of consciousness, you are now aware that these old thought patterns are no longer who you are, and they do not serve a greater purpose.

REIKI/PAST LIFE REGRESSION – These are spiritual tools that you can seek out and reiki focuses on energy healing at the spiritual level and releasing areas of those energy points in your body that are still blocked. This can be very effective to helping you achieve a greater sense and awakening. Some will also seek out past life regression and this is like therapy in the sense you deal with past life issues that have followed you into this current life you’re living now. You will be surprised how many of us still have past life fears, karmic issues that have followed us and hold us back. By going back in time and understanding your past life, you can benefit and release these blocks as well.

DOING WHAT YOU WANT – So many of us want to make our parents happy or live their dream for our perfect life. When this happens, we are not able to live our life on our own terms as it was intended to be lived. Many of us go into careers just because of the money or title thinking that it will bring us happiness but deep down you will feel unhappy and in most cases money cannot buy happiness. Therefore, at first it may be sunshine and like a honeymoon but after a few years in one career or profession many find stagnation or that these positions no longer satisfy them. It feels redundant and draining. The greatest purpose you can have here on earth is to work in a profession that brings you the most happiness and joy. If it doesn’t feel like a job and more like something you wake up and look forward to doing, then this is you experiencing your soul shifting and expanding. You will be entering a new level of consciousness. When you do what you want, you will find that money is also not a factor because spiritually you are guided and will find ways to expand your earnings or expand your business. A lot of our financial worries are centered around us not being in a job or position that truly makes us feel whole. Do what you want and what makes you happy. Don’t worry about what others think of you. Even if it’s a spiritual path, it will be rewarding. You don’t earn brownie points but you do earn angel wings. See, the work you are doing here on earth is far greater to your soul’s evolution and helps you move forward. Some of you may be reading this and thinking how does this possibly affect a relationship and what does it have to do with the third or fifth dimension? It has a lot of impact because relationships often revolve around financial struggles and which partner is bringing in the most money or who has more financial independence.

As you can see there are many shifts occurring in the world right now and it’s a joyous time to be living here in the physical world and living with your soulmate or twin flame and being in a state of awareness is momentous. If you are living in the fourth or fifth dimension kudos to you. If you are living in the third dimension do not give up hope, either you yourself are slowly moving towards that greater consciousness or your partner will try everything in their power to help you. It won’t be easy but you can do it. Value your relationships, know that no relationship is truly perfect even if you are living in a more evolved state of consciousness you will always find that there is going to be disagreements or arguments but they only make your relationship stronger because of the love you have is stronger than anything else. Hold onto LOVE like it is the life force you breathe.

Blessings in love and light x

Raymond Guzman

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