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The Haunted

I have not blogged in a while. It’s that time where I am being led by spirit to continue blogging and dropping pearls of spiritual wisdom. Since we are already approaching October which is a month where the spiritual veil is thin between the world of the living and spirit. This is a time where many of us may go on paranormal investigations or check out haunted houses. I’m not talking about the type of haunted houses that are full of props but the kind where people have died or abandoned locations that are rumored to be haunted. As most of you know I recently investigated the Yorktown Memorial Hospital which was ran from 1951 to 1985 by Felician Sisters and then converted to a drug rehab facility before closing it’s doors in 1991 although Wikipedia says 1992 that is incorrect according to the tour guide Eddie.

Most people think that spirit does not want you to disturb their peace if they have taken control of these haunted locations. While this may be true in some circumstances, when demons are present the equation is quite different. The place I investigated was chock full of demonic activity and trapped souls. The danger here is that while these investigations can be fun, most that go there are actually feeding the darker entities. What do I mean by feeding? Essentially what is happening is that demons feed off of fear and also can feed off your energy and aura. This is like a buffet so for them it’s actually a celebration when they have visitors. When you remove human life from the equation, they have nothing to feed on and dwell in this space feeding off the human souls trapped. Now by now you may be asking how do they trap human souls? Don’t human souls go into the light or cross over into the spiritual realm? While that may be the case in some circumstances, when someone dies in a violent manner at a hospital or died after being rushed to the ER they may not know they have died. Demons are known to lurk in hospitals because they love feeding off the loved ones who are their worried, fearful during an operation that their loved one won’t make it, or that loved one who is in the ICU in a coma. The factors are complex and one too many to explain but by now you get the gist of what I’m saying. When we visit a hospital and deaths occurred there, sometimes demons will intercept souls of those who were already in a low or negative vibration by blinding those souls from seeing the light, keeping them binded to them. It is believed that some who practice hoodoo while alive can collect souls of the living so when they die, they have power on the other side.

Demons who occupy haunted locations are usually waiting for the next prey. Think of a bat hanging upset down from the roof and asleep. Then all of a sudden they hear a noise or an alarm goes off and they awaken from their slumber. The same thing for demons who never sleep but they do see, hear and taste energy of others who are now in their domain. They smell you from far away. Most of all they can taste your fear and know who they can feed off of or harm. Provocation is only going to make things worse. Remember this is the world of the supernatural or paranormal. We do not have the same power, if you are weak of mind and body, you will be attacked in more ways than one. If you are protected you will still be attacked but it may be limited to them affecting your breathing as what happened with me. NO ONE is immune. The scary thing is that those who are weaker are the ones who are scratched. The location I visited has a lot of vortexes on site. The reason these portals or vortexes are open and existing is that many have wanted “proof” of the afterlife and have lighted Santa Muerte candles in a once holy place, they have tainted the atmosphere and location in their attempts to reach out to the spirit realm. Thinking they will make contact with spirits when in some cases like the place I visited, there are actually demons acting like humans and doing the communication. The more that join, the merrier for them. They get a full course meal of energy. While you get weaker, drained they feel more powerful and that will last them for a long time. The other thing that most do not realize. When we visit any location, whether it’s the store, a taxi cab, or hospital…our energy stays imprinted. Our energy carries a specific code, smell, taste, power, and presence. Demons remember that and this is why even after an investigation they can follow you home. They know practically where you live, who you live with, your deepest fears, and now they know your aura. Sensitives, empaths, psychics, mediums, and healers are very susceptible to something dark or negative following them home. This does not have to be a demon but could be a darker low-level entity. They now know where you live and will follow your scent of energy straight to you. No matter how many miles away you live, they will follow. Sometimes they do not follow depending on your protection and if you closed the “doors” to the other side properly. When people play the Quija they must close a session. When you finish an investigation, you must state nothing is allowed to follow you. You have to be firm in your beliefs and faith. You should always wash everything you wore and bless it with sage if you can. You should also do a sea salt or Himalayan salt bath to cleanse your aura. Burn Salo Santo, sage, frankincense, or myrrh. Pray always but show no fear if you are doing an investigation. Most of all do NOT go alone. While you may be a skeptic or don’t believe at all, you are putting yourself as prime target. If you go with others chances of you being targeted may be less because there are a lot of people and you may not be the one they target.

If you do go to a haunted location, never take any object or place any object or personal belonging of yours there. The reason is that if you take an object you run the risk of upsetting the spirits or darker entities and some can attach themselves to an object and again follow you home.

Listen to your own body and never push yourself past your limits or safety. If you feel sick, stop and get out for fresh air. If you are locked in overnight in a very haunted location, you may want to think twice. Again, very haunted locations can affect you in the weeks and months ahead. Always put your faith in a higher power and pray to Archangel Michael for protection and Metratron but above all GOD. While some may or may not believe in a higher power and divine being. There is a GOD.

May you all enjoy Fall as we soon enter it and stay safe. Blessings to each and every one of you.

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