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Energy Forecast for August 2017

So the energy this month is already intense if you haven’t been able to tell. We have many things affecting earth and our energy. We do have the partial lunar eclipse occurring today August 7th and tomorrow is the Lions Gate Portal which typically is at its strongest on 8/8. So, I will explain what this all means. This energy of the Lions Gate Portal is all about changes some will be good and others will be challenging. We are all affected differently depending on how spiritually strong we are in our path. The Lions Gate is an alignment of these energies. Specifically Sirius (star system) which deals with higher realms of communication, spiritual paths, and balance. The Lions Gate Portal opens between July 23 – August 22nd but the most powerful day is the 8th of August. Many of you during this time will be more spiritually awakened, you may be faced with the truths that you haven’t been able to deal with, some of your decisions could be painful. You may feel insecure a lot more than you have other months. This is more intense than a Mercury retrograde. You could also feel like communication is broken down and you might feel like retracting. On the 8th moving forward for the next 3 weeks it’s important to trust all intuition you receive from your guides or what you feel.

Health wise if you are working in the medical field you may notice more and more people come in sick from various ailments and you may notice yourself or others feeling under the weather or more immune to sickness this month. The energy can affect and while the symptoms are short termed, it all is about clearing up. Think of many of these situations as detoxifying the soul. So the soul knows how to purge itself of anything that no longer serves it. When we hold onto emotions or feelings and haven’t cleared it or balanced it, it can cause sickness.

This month you can also expect to hear of many scandals in Hollywood and around the world. You may notice your news channel has more and more cases of violence, etc. Many souls have signed up to leave already and some have chosen this month as an exit point. Be on the lookout to hear about souls who were in the entertainment or singing industry exiting this planet. Older generations are preparing the younger generations with stories and giving them strength. It is a month to cherish a lot of your family and your bond with them. This month has that energy to pull people back together to heal past wounds and reconcile. It’s a matter of how open you are to do that.

On August 12, we will have the Perseid Metor Shower and you can expect to see this around North America in the evening and shooting stars are possible. Shooting stars are symbolic of good luck and abundance. So if you happen to see one, this is the universe helping you out. This would be a good day for financial dealings etc.

The Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the New Moon begins on August 21st. While this is an event many people will want to see, it will be bringing a lot of more change in the world. Those who are not vibrating at higher levels and not living in their truth (higher self) are more prone to act erratic or do things that hurt others. This would be a time in which relationships could be affected, breakups, divorces, separations, and much more can take place. It will be important to be rooted in prayer and let go of what is causing your anxiety or hurting your soul. While this is not a necessarily bad eclipse, it will be purging a lot of the world and will be forceful in many ways and it’s the universe working at its finest. Everything happens for a reason and this is always the case, but this month you will notice things are more intense. Stay rooted in prayer and meditate.

Blessings in love and light to all x

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