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Antiques, Used Items, & Energy

Most of us have heard of psychometry and this is basically the ability for a person to tune into the energy of an object and tell you about who it used to belong to, years connected, etc. It's a great ability and does require practice but u less you have it developed most people who go shopping at garage sales, consignment shops, antique shops, or thrift shops often are unaware that whatever you buy still carries the energy of the previous owner....

It can be an object like a statue or an old book. Anything that was essentially owned by someone else carries an energy imprint. What's that? Remember we are all composed to energy so when we wear something like a necklace, t-shirt, a dress, or a hat, a piece of our energy stamped to that item. No matter how long it's been your energy is tied to it. So many times we can feel negative energy if that person was carrying negative energy. A good way to get rid of this energy is to Sage the items. You can also lay clear Quartz crystals on it or any Crystal of preference to clear the energy.

I am very Leary of used clothing and never buy used clothes for this reason. Not every piece that is used is negative but I don't take chances for this reason and because of past experiences. What if the item belong to a person who is now passed? The energy is still there and cannot be destroyed but it can be cleared. So I'm not saying you should be fearful and stop shopping at these places but be aware. If you're empathic or HSP be sure to tune into the item you're planning on purchase. How do you feel when you hold it in your hands and then how do you feel when you put it down? That's another good way of testing its energy.

Used objects like statues. My first paranormal experience was my father bringing an antique statue into our home and I saw spirit trapped inside of it. It was a mischievous one too and made all kinds of faces but only I could see it. When I told my mum she removed the object and the activity stopped. Hence why antiques also can be haunted or full of spirit. Use best judge me and again sage the item if you really must purchase it but not sure of the energy it contains.

Next time you give your clothes away to someone, remember you are also giving someone your energy! Blessings in love, light, & Harmony.

-Raymond Guzman (Psychic, Medium, & Author)

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