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Are you seeking insights and guidance from the spiritual realm? Our 5 Card Reading offers you the opportunity to receive clarity and direction in various areas of your life, including love, career, and personal growth. Our experienced and intuitive psychic medium will tap into the energies surrounding you to provide you with a personalized reading. Whether you have burning questions or just need some general guidance, our 5-Card Reading will help you gain a deeper understanding of your current situation and the opportunities that lie ahead. Embrace the wisdom of the universe with our 5 Card Reading and unlock the secrets that will help you navigate life's journey with confidence and purpose. Turnaround time is within 5 business days (this excludes weekends and holidays). Email Psychic Medium Ray your specific question, and photo to This is not meant to be a full psychic reading but rather insight into one situation in your life.  You will receive an audio file of your 5 card reading. 


Disclaimer: By booking a session with Raymond you are acknowledging that you are at least 18+ years of age and agreeing and understand Raymond is not a Medical Expert or Attorney and cannot give Legal advice or Medical diagnosis. Raymond will not be held responsible for any action or decisions you make pertaining to your life using your free will. Services are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. Raymond is not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of a service with him. Your consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation.

5 Card Reading

  • All readings are a digital service and Non-Refundable. Payment is due at the time of scheduling. If you cannot make your appointed schedule at the given time, Raymond does require 24-hour advance notice to reschedule. (Email Readings do not require an appointment). We also reserve the right to deny any service at any time. Pricing is also subject to change due to sales, seasonal, etc.

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