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Raymond Guzman

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Raymond is a 3rd generation natural born psychic medium and author who discovered his abilities at a very early age and this was his first encounter with spirits. Throughout his life he has had many experiences with the paranormal and spiritual realm. At the age of 3, Raymond had his first experience in which he saw spirit inside of an antique object. From there, many experiences continued well into his teen years. At the age of 31, he had a near death experience that allowed him to see life from a different perspective. This near death experience intensified his abilities. He is clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant among other spiritual gifts. He uses these gifts to help heal others and provide insight and messages. He is a International Clairvoyant and has clients all around the world. Raymond's world & celebrity predictions have been featured in the #1 Lifestyle Australian magazine 'That's Life!' His oracle deck Starseed Footsteps Oracle cards have been featured in Attune Magazine, & the Toronto Sun. He also has been recognized in the Top 100 Psychic Blogs. He is the author of Starseed Footsteps which is available now. Raymond is also an ordained minister, and certified Life Coach. 


Starseed Footsteps gives you insight into the world of spirituality. Psychic Medium Raymond Guzman answers the most sought out questions from clients all over the world and provides you with 5th Dimensional View into the world of clairvoyants, mediums, healers, and spirituality. We are living in a world with different energies and vibrations and Starseed Footsteps brings you straightforward consciousness and helps you understand the beauty of spiritual gifts, the essence of the soul, and awareness to be a better you. Each chapter is a doorway waiting to be unlocked and take those who are open minded and skeptic to better understand the mysteries of the universe. 

"This cool little deck is fun to read, simple to understand, and provides a fresh perspective when seeking answers about your daily concerns."

- Melinda Carver, Attune Magazine

Featured in That's Life Australian Magazine

Specialty Areas
  • Love and Relationships

  • Career and Finances: New Opportunities

  • Guidance on Current Life Issues and Future Insights

  • Past Life Readings & Mediumship

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