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2018 a Year of Lessons

I must say that 2018 was a blessing for me even if it came with it's own challenges. I was sitting here last night in my pjs and a cup of hot cocoa trying to reflect back on the entire year as a whole and what stood out for me the most. I would say that one of the greatest lessons 2018 taught me was about loving myself mind, body and soul. While I may seem that I have it together and I am living the perfect life, let me tell you that I'm human and just like each of you out there. I too worry about finances, health, and finding a true soulmate. While being single isn't something to be ashamed of at 36 years old I'm learning that I'm okay with that until the perfect man walks into my own life. When I read for others, I really do feel your pain,

I understand your struggles when it comes to relationships and love. We all want to be loved, we all want that person to wake up to and see their face, smell their cologne or perfume, we all desire to be hugged and to be told it's going to be okay. I was faced wth the reality of this in 2018 and it showed me what I want in a relationship and what I don't want in one. I learned some valuable lessons which I call pearls of wisdom. I had help from several close confidants who understood what I was going through and they had been in my shoes before. The main lesson I feel for 2018 for those of us who are still single is to not give up hope.

The right person is out there and they will be in your life but we must have our own issues worked out, we must let go of past baggage, codependcies, most of all love ourselves unconditionally. Many think because I'm a psychic or medium that I've mastered this when in reality, I'm also learning this and it's possible for anyone vibrating at the 4D/5D state of consciousness to revert back to 3D thinking/feelings. So again, I believe me when I say I know that it's a struggle but so worth it when you can realize you are truly beautiful and deserve nothing but the best.

I had conversations with friends who told me to do this or do that but while their own life experiences have served them, ultimately this is my journey and I'm responsible for making the best decisions for myself. So I have helped many this year and touched their life's. Please know that while I do give you spiritual advice, the future is not written in stone and our free will can change things. I wish all my clients and those of you reading this nothing but the best in 2019. If you are here subscribed to my website and reading this, this is no coincidence and I feel priveledged and honored that you support me or follow my journey. i hope I have touched your life in a positive manner in one way or another.

2018 also was a year of celebrations, I was published for the first time in a reputable magazine, I published my third book which sold out 3 times on, I also saw the greatest spike in my YouTube channel, I also gained courage to open myself to being more vulnerable and sharing more of my life with each of you. I'm unapologetically me and there is nothing more refreshing or powerful than someone who can just be themselves. I never put on facades, however, this year was also painful because I had to cut certain toxic people out of my life. I listened to that song by Jessie J. 'Masterpiece" and that was my theme for this year. I am a constant work in progress and my journey is far from over. I have some exciting projects lined up for 2019 and I pray that you will enjoy what is coming.

2019 is a year that will be transformational and life changing for me and many of you out there. Forgive anyone who hurt you and move on, let any pain go. It may not be easy and whille you may not forget at least you will forgive them for yourself so you don't walk around with that pain or regret which can form later. Be sure to express how much you love someone or care about them. Even if that person doesn't express it back to you. Give unconditonally and selflessly. Make 2019 a year of sharing your ideas, implementing your goals, and sticking to them. I often get asked how did you get so many clients, how did you become successful, the key is consistency. Whatever you do, you must be consistent and love it. Love your career and it won't feel like a job, it will feel like your life purpose that fulfills you.

Many of you often ask your life purpose in this world. What sets your soul on fire is the question you need to ask yourself? What gives you purpose? What makes you smile? Ask yourself these same questions when you are in your social circles. Who makes you feel complete and whole or healed? Who drains you? Who hurts you emotionally, mentally or verbally? Let those questions be the guiding force to make and implement change. Release all fears of not being good enough or more than enough for a person, place or thing. Embrace your inner GOD and inner Goddess and put that crown on and keep it straight. Lift your chin up high and look at the world in front of you. Magic is there.

Wishing you a Happy New Year xoxo

Love and Light always,

Raymond Guzman

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